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18 Most Amazing Persephone Cosplay To Watch Out For

18 Most Amazing Persephone Cosplay To Watch Out For
18 Most Amazing Persephone Cosplay To Watch Out For

The following article is about the 18 most amazing Persephone cosplay to watch out for. Those who are familiar with Greek Mythology should have come across the name Persephone. Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, and her biological father is Zeus. Seeing her for the first time, Hades, the God of Underworld, fell in love with her. Later she was abducted by Hades, with she lived as the Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone has always been one of those characters whose cosplay is very popular. Due to her characteristics and her pink skin, she is seen as a challenge by professional cosplayers. So without further delay, let us see some of the best cosplay of Persephone available on the internet.

1. Allipugs

Cosplayer Allipugs has a page on Tumblr. Her cosplay of Persephone is quite natural. The hair, skin, and costume everything match the character. The background is also beautiful.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Allipugs

2. Ciria Cosplay

The devilish kind of look on the face of a Goddess is unique. The Persephone cosplay may be questioned due to the skin and dress, but her expression of Persephone hides that. Ciria’s cosplay of Persephone rightfully earned a place on the list.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Ciria Cosplay

3. Foxy Cosplay

The cosplay of Persephone is very sweet. Before becoming the queen of the underworld, Persephone was a nice little girl. That girl can be found in Foxy’s cosplay.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Foxy Cosplay

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4. Imagin Matrix

The cosplay of Persephone is done so well that her cosplay was shared by Lore Olympus’s page on Reddit. Starting from the eyes to the dress, everything is detailed. Hades might be coming soon to marry.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Imagin Matrix

5. Kiruru Power

Cosplayer Kiruru Power has the experience to give a sexy touch to any cosplay. Persephone cosplay is not an exception either. The flowers on the head have turned purple from pink, the effect of staying in the underworld. She collected all the information about the cosplay beforehand.

Persephone Cosplay: Kiruru Power

6. Lithe Cosplay

In the previous cosplay, the flowers on the head turned purple, but in this case, they turned black, just like her dress. The crown of a Goddess is also present there in the cosplay. Lithe Cosplay could have been placed higher, but only half of the cosplay is visible.

Persephone Cosplay: Lithe Cosplay

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7. Peachy Seed Cosplay

Those who follow cosplayers should know that Peachy Seed Cosplay is new on Tumblr and is young. Due to her being young, she did a good job in cosplaying a young Persephone. The pink background, skin and hair color, jewelry, and flower make it a lively cosplay. It is also the first time that I am seeing Persephone pouting.

Persephone Cosplay: Peachy Seed Cosplay

8. Persephonaae

Persephonaae’s page on Tumblr is based on Persephone, so she is ought to be included in the list. Even though Persephone is known to have long hair, her cosplay has done well in covering all the details.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Persephonaae

9. Quartz Turtle Cosplay

The majestic look of this cosplay is too great to describe. It is like a shrine. The beautiful crown with the white gown and the pearl necklace is eye-blinding. Cosplayer Quartz Turtle is a beauty in any cosplay.

Persephone Cosplay: Quartz Turtle Cosplay

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10. Rebel Scum Cosplay

The cosplay is pitch-perfect from every angle, and we would all like to see the full picture. But sadly, this is all. The only thing that is a little off is the background. The dry forest is a good choice, but a garden is a better background for cosplaying Persephone.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Rebel Scum Cosplay

11. Seer-Of-Heart Cosplay

Currently, Hades is on his way over her. A beautiful cosplay is done by Seer-Of-Heart. Her unique idea of cosplaying is the sole reason for having so many followers on Tumblr. I could not place her in the top three just because of the background and the lower half of her body missing.

Persephone Cosplay: Seer-of-heart cosplay


12. Shae Underscore

Let us talk about the negative thing first. Shae Underscore is a good cosplayer, no doubt, but in this cosplay, that dress is a bit undeserving. Persephone always dresses properly. Now coming to the positive things, the background, the pose, hair, and everything is perfect. Even her full body is visible, which has been missing in the last few cosplays.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Shae Underscore

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13. Sinystra Sunshine

For those of you who do not know, Hades fell in love with Persephone after seeing her in the garden picking flowers. Sinystra Sunshine portrays the same situation through her cosplay.

Persephone Cosplay: Sinystra Sunshine

14. Thecheshiresmiles

Thecheshiresmiles’ cosplay of Persephone can shut the mouth of her critics. She is a professional cosplayer, and it can be well understood. The choker and the crown are a witty inclusion. The dress and eyes require a special mention.

Persephone Cosplay: Thecheshiresmiles

15. Toughtink Cosplay

I am being overwhelmed by all this beauty. The innocent pink face, different color flowers, and the veil on the shoulder are top-notch. On a personal level, she is the best cosplayer of Persephone till now.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Toughtink Cosplay

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16. Vris Cosplay

Vris Cosplay is a page on DeviantArt. She cosplayed the cute side of Persephone. A little bit of editing is done, which is the reason why she is not placed higher. Natural beauty is always preferred over-editing.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Vris Cosplay

17. Yakamo Chicos Cosplay

The idea of the background is new, and I have not seen anything like that before. Coming to her cosplay, she is someone who has a lot of experience in cosplay, but it could have been better. The dress gave the cosplay a naughty side, which is cool.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Yakamo Chicos Cosplay

18. Zstedjas

Always save the best for the last. This is something which I follow. The name of the DeviantArt cosplayer may be kind of gibberish, but her cosplay is completely the opposite. This cosplay has everything that is required in a Persephone cosplay. Zstedjas will be the best choice if a live-action Persephone movie is ever made.

Persephone Cosplay

Persephone Cosplay: Zstedjas

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