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20 Harry Potter Facts You Did Not Know

10 Harry Potter Facts You Did Not know ja
Harry Potter

Here, we have brought you 20 Harry Potter facts that you might find very surprising even though you may know the series a lot. Sounds quite funny for the Harry Potter fans as we know you have watched Harry Potter hundreds of times and even read the novels, and here the heading says facts that you don’t know. Even if you have watched the Harry Potter series hundred times, there are still some hidden and unknown facts that the eyes could not catch, and here we did that for you. Harry Potter has been a phenomenal series, and we have avid Harry Potter fans.

People have followed Daniel Radcliffe from being a child to an adult throughout the years. But do you know Haley Joel Osment could have been our Harry Potter instead of Daniel Radcliffe? Likewise, there is a perfect reason why Dolores Umbridge is named Dolores Umbridge. And do you know what the meaning of her name is? We guess a very handful of people might know it but not all. There are countless Harry Potter facts that you still don’t know. Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon written by controversial writer JK Rowling. The writer is considered to be one of the richest writers in the world. Here in the article, we will cover the lesser-known facts about Harry Potter.

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20 Harry Potter Facts You Did Not Know

Harry Potter Facts always excite the fans, whether you are a hardcore fan or not. We grew up watching Harry Potter and certainly connect with every character. Here in the article, we will talk about the 20 Harry Potter facts that you didn’t know.

10 Harry Potter Facts You Did not know

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint as Hermione, Harry, and Ron

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1. Meaning Of Dolores Umbridge

The meaning of her name exactly shows her character. Dolores means “Sorrow,” while Umbridge is taken from umbrage, meaning offense. Her name reflects the character she portrayed.

2. Dumbledore Was In Love With Grindelwald

JK Rowling revealed in an interview that she created Dumbledore as gay in the movie. Although, throughout the movie, he is seen alone, he falls in love with Grindelwald.

3. Actors Were Not Allowed To Play Contact Sports

In an interview, Oliver Phelps revealed that they were not allowed to play contact sports. The only game they were allowed to play was Golf.

4. Steven King Called Dolores The Greatest Villain

In an interview, Steven King revealed that with that girlish style, clutching, and stubby figure, Dolores Umbridge is the greatest villain ever created.

5. Quidditch Was Created After Rowling Had Fought With Her Boyfriend

If you have watched Harry Potter, you might know about the game-called Quidditch. But do you know, it was created after JK Rowling had a massive fight with her boyfriend. After the fight, she went to the pub and created the game.

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6. Snape’s Character Was Based On JK Rowling’s Chemistry Teacher

JK Rowling created the character of Professor Snape after being inspired by her chemistry teacher. Her Chemistry teacher helped her mother to get a job in school, and also he helped them in their worst time. In honor of her chemistry teacher John Nettleship, Rowling jotted this character.

7. Harry Potter Books translated into 80 Languages

We guess it won’t be very surprising for fans if we say the Harry Potter books were translated into 80 different languages. There are around 500 million copies of the books that were sold in these years, and following the popularity and demand from the people, the books were translated into the 80 languages.

8. Daniel and Rowling Share Birth Month

The leading man in the Harry Potter series Daniel Radcliffe and the writer of the mysterious novel JK Rowling share the same birth month. Both were born in July. Radcliffe was born on 23 July 1989, and as of now, he is 32, while JK was born on 31 July 1965. She is 56 now.

9. Rowling Wrote The House Name On Vomit Bag

It sounds weird and funny at the same time, but in 2017, JK Rowling revealed that she jotted down the name of the famous houses of the Harry Potter (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff) on the vomit bag. When she was traveling in a plane, she wrote those words on the vomit bag and later used them in her novel.

10. The Movie Has Its Separate Animal Production Team

This is very interesting when we talk about Harry Potter facts. You might have heard that there is a separate production house for actors and actresses, but Harry Potter producers even have a separate production team for animals.

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11. Harry, Ron, And Hermione Have A Unique Meaning In Their Name

JK Rowling is known for naming her characters with some hidden meanings in them. Dolores’s name suggests her personality; likewise, there is a deeper meaning for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The name Harry is inspired by the name Henry, a more popular name for English Kings. As Harry was the leader of the group, his name was inspired by that of the kings. “Ronald” is taken from old Norse “Rognvaldr.” For the unversed, Rognvaldr is the title given to the Ruler’s Advisor, and here Ron is Harry’s best friend. Hermione comes from Shakespeare’s The Winter Tale. It means to be clever, something that suggests her personality. The writer is known for giving names to her characters that reflect their personality.

Harry Potter's Facts

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint as Hermione, Harry, and Ron (still from the Harry Potter)

12. Harry’s Scar

Harry Potter fans knew that Harry had a scar on his head. But do you think the scar in the movie is different from the one in the books? Harry has a scar in the center of his forehead in the books, while in the movies, the scar is off the center.

13. Ron’s Death

In one of her interviews, JK revealed that when she was not in a happy place, she thought of killing Ron. Ron was almost killed, but in the end, she changed her mind.

14. Hermione’s Buck Teeth

Those who have read the Harry Potter books know that Hermione has buck teeth in the novels. Nonetheless, initially, the production used fake buck teeth for shooting, but when they realized that Emma Watson was having problems speaking with buck teeth, they removed them.

15. Daniel Shaved His Leg For The Movie

In the second installment of Harry Potter, there was a scene where Harry’s socks were missing. Do you guys know that to film that scene, Daniel Radcliffe had shaved one leg?

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16. Daniel Has A Crush On Emma

During the initial days of filming, both Daniel Radcliffe, who played the character of Harry, and Grint (Ron) accepted in an interview that they had a crush on Emma Watson (Hermione).

17. Harry’s Eyes Are Green In The Novel

The writer JK Rowling wanted to create the character of Harry to somewhat resemble his mother. Harry’s character in the books has green color eyes. However, in the movie, they are blue. The production team tried to use green-colored eye contact, but Daniel had a bad reaction, and they dropped the plan. Even though they tried to edit the green color contact lens, however, that also did not work.

18. The Actress Who Played Moaning Myrtle Was Not A Student

Shirley Henderson, who played the character of Moaning Myrtle, was 36 when she started filming for the movie. Nonetheless, in the movie, she was shown as a teenager. She played the character beautifully, and it hardly looked like she was not a student.

19. The Actors Were Asked To Write An Essay On Their Characters

Once, the director Alfonso Cuaron asked Emma, Daniel, and Grint to write an essay on their character. Likewise, their character Harry wrote one page, Watson went on writing ten pages, while Rupert Grint did nothing.

20. Why Weasleys Hair was Red?

Colors have a very important role in Harry Potter’s world. Red represents goodness, and green is associated with negative events. Gryffindor’s Robes were red, while whenever there were some negative events, it was shown in green color. Remember when Harry saw the green flash and his parents died. Weasleys represent goodness, so they have red-colored hair.

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