Most Popular Demon Anime that You need to Watch Right Now

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most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now
most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now

If you are looking for the ‘most popular demon anime,’ then you are in the right place. So stay here with me till the end of the article so that you can learn more about them and add them to your watchlist. As we all know that demons are the scariest creatures who like to scare people. But do you know that all the demons are not that type? Most of the demons are not good people from the heart, but all of them ain’t that bad either. This good-hearted type of demon just wants to protect everyone just like heroes do and want to live a life that is normal like humans’ life. But what would happen if they did not get what they wanted? Not justice, right? So If you are interested to know what will happen next, then read the full article so that you can get the full information.

Like other evil powers, demons also want to reign the world with the use of their uncalculated powers. But some want to spend their whole life living in a small house. Amazed, right? Not everyone in the world is good or bad. Every single individual has his or her way of looking at things. So in this article, let’s look at the anime that give us a demon’s perspective.

As I know that you guys are interested to know about demons and all the most popular demon anime, so here is the list of all the most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now.

1. Black Clover (2017)

If I say that magic lies behind your expectations, will you believe me? No, right? So this anime is made to shatter all your expectations. Because you will see next-level magic, action and much more. Yuki Tabata is the author and illustrator of the manga series Black Clover. And this show revolves around Asta and Yuno as they climb the Order of the Magic Knights’ to become the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom, defying royal criticism. The rank, on the other hand, is only kept by one magician.

most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now
Black Clover | OtakuKart

This anime is one of the most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now. Black clover’s tale also concentrates on magic, action, and humor themes. Not only that, Black Clover will amaze you with the outstanding lead heroes and other characters’ transformational fights that you feel like the rhythm of musical notes.

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2. Seven Deadly Sins (2014)

Do you guys know about the Seven Deadly Sins? No, right? This one is one of the best examples of good and bad demons, and also, you will know about how they become seven deadly sins carriers. The emergence of devils in Seven Deadly Sins hits you square in the face. Demons are briefly described as entities who formerly appeared but were kept locked up, although they later reappeared to begin a full-fledged demonic conflict.

Meliodas is a devil and the head of the Seven Deadly Sins. He succeeded in keeping his flesh from being trapped in the demonic world, but he opted to keep his demonic part hidden and cherish his mankind. Is Meliodas’ refusal of his demonic abilities evidence that he is no more a devil? Is it a user’s lifeblood that transforms them into a demon? What do they do? What special abilities do they have? After watching the series, you’ll be questioning yourself about things such as these. But you will have the answers to all your questions.

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most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now
Seven Deadly Sins | OtakuKart

What about the performers? This series is in desperate need of a well-rounded team. The majority of the Sins are introduced during the first season. The next season then adds the most favorite guy of the series, Escanor, and the Monsters, but in a way that makes you feel like you’re receiving enough airtime with all of the new cast members. But like other animes’ seven deadly sins have a good fan base and the star of the show Escanor, who inspires you to become like him.

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3. Devil is a Part-Timer (2013)

What will happen if the Devil escapes from his land to the human world? Disaster will come to the human world, right? But in what situation will this not happen? The answer is this anime. One of the best anime of all time, which is going to receive a second season after almost eight years, Devil is a Part-Timer.

A series that enjoys messing with the category it is intended to represent in The Devil is a Part-Timer. With one of the most bizarre plots, this series depicts Satan, the demon god, as he leaves his mystical world amid a conflict just to wind up in the human realm. The Devil is a Part-Timer is anime that challenges viewers to consider what is genuinely evil and what is human; are they truly so distinctive? They may be two separate, closely related concepts. Sadao has more concern and cares for his employees and ordinary individuals he meets than the so-called “nice” men, to the degree that several people swap teams and join his party.

most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now
The Devil is a Part-Timer | OtakuKart

This series is funny and generally avoids romanticism. It understands what it’s doing and how to do it successfully. Why go off the beaten road if it’s working? Take a glance no more if you’re searching for a series that will entice you with comedy before stabbing you in the heart with individual development.

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4. YuYu Hakusho (1992)

Returning to the cute devils, Yu Yu Hakusho is among the great demon anime series of its time. From the type of attire to the humor and even the graphic designs, it’s a wonderful representation of the 1990s. This anime will blend your mind with the amazing stories and impactful role of the protagonists.

Yusuke Urameshi is a regular fourteen-year-old criminal who, in an unusual act of bravery, loses his existence to save a kid at the beginning of the episode. The Angel Of Death, on the other hand, informs him that it wasn’t his time to say goodbye and that if he chooses to live again, he must become a Spirit Investigator.

Black Clover
YuYu Hakusho | OtakuKart

Yusuke succeeds in enlisting the help of two devils on his first assignment, embarking on a crazy odyssey that takes him to the discovery of so. There is a slew of new monsters to contend with. Yusuke is even forced to participate in a Demon Tournament. This is the series to watch if you want to see numerous devils that you can recall or recognize. Especially their personalities may astound you! If you guys want to know more about this anime, then I recommend you to watch it once. Then you will know what is exactly this anime made for.

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5. Demon Slayer (2019)

Now it is the time of all-time record-breaking anime in the history of Japan, Demon Slayer. This anime made an outstanding record in the theatre during the peak of COVID-19, which just shows how popular the franchise has become.

Demon Slayer boasts one among anime’s greatest original perspectives on devils. Even though the series’s satanic history continues the theme of “monsters are wicked and anti-human,” the mythos and satanic figures are given meaning and significance in this anime. You’ll notice that the devils are more humanistic, sympathetic, brave, and intuitive than the “nice people” as you televise. You’ll ponder if, if these wicked people are the planet’s destroyers and a threat to all, the socio-cultural definition of “purity” deserves to be rewritten.

most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now
Demon Slayer | OtakuKart

This anime is one of the most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now. Demon Slayer revolves around the character Tanjiro Kamado who became a Demon Slayer. His family was murdered by demons when he was not at home. Only Nezuko survived, but she is no more a human anymore, which motivates Tanjiro to look for a cure for her. Maybe you’re seeking a series that depicts a happy and positive brother-sister/human-demon connection. If you don’t want to wrestle with existential dilemmas of “positive” and “negative,” maybe you’re seeking a series with stunning hand-drawn motion graphics. If these are the questions coming to your mind, then I would like to recommend you to watch Demon Slayer.

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6. Inuyasha (2000)

One of the long-running anime of all time is Inuyasha. This anime majorly gives you an idea of how positivity wins against negativity. Inuyasha made a good impact in the eyes of anime viewers. This anime feels like an ancient time demonic story but believe me; this anime is one of the best anime in the demon category.

Most viewers will recommend Inuyasha as a must-see demon anime. Kagome Higurashi meets a cast of people, both evil and normal, after accidentally falling through a hole that transports her five centuries into history. Even though a large number of the monsters they encounter have been corrupted by their bad feelings, the “positive” ones lift the entire series to a maximum standard.

Black Clover
Inuyasha | OtakuKart

There are notable and amusing demons in the core characters (Inuyasha, Shippo, Kirara, and Koga). However, Rumiko Takahashi’s attention to the dozens of secondary characters is amazing. It also leads you to think beyond Kagome’s adventure’s core storyline. This tv series leaves you wondering if coloring all monsters with the same paintbrush are the optimal choice or if evaluating someone based on their actions instead of their race is the better option.

Not to add that the Inuyasha story is a never-ending present; the follow-up, Yasha-hime, was launched in late 2020 and chronicled the exploits of the Inuyasha characters’ offspring. So, if you don’t want the explorations in Japanese history to come to a close, do not waste any time. Go and watch this anime; you would love it. And feel the strength of your favorite characters.

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7. Beelzebub (2011)

Beelzebub revolves around the Tatsumi Oga and Beelzebub IV. It is difficult to put up a father and son relationship when they are not related to each other. Beelzebub is kind of story like that.

Tatsumi Oga is the main attraction of the series. Tatsumi Oga is a first-year troublemaker at Ishiyama High School, where he is nicknamed “the strongest ogre”. And one day, after the fights with some delinquents, he found that a man was coming towards him floating on the river. Then the guy divides in two, showing a baby boy. This kid, Beelzebub, is the demon lord’s heir, and Tatsumi has been selected to rear him with Beelzebub’s demonic servant Hilda. Although the child is usually naked, Animax has altered the scene to represent Beelzebub donning a nappy.

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Black Clover
Beelzebub | OtakuKarrt

If you eagerly want to experience the unexpected relationship between a demon kid and a delinquent boy, then this anime is best for you to try out.

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8. The Misfit of Demon King Academy (2020)

What would happen if a Demon God gave his life and revived again? War, right? But this anime is different in this context because of a good-hearted demon god. Anos Voldigoad is the main attraction of the show, and the story revolves around him. For the sake of coexistence, the oppressive Demon King Anos Voldigoad gave up his life. He revived with his recollections preserved around two thousand years, only to learn that everything he had accomplished had been in vain.

Black Clover
The Misfit of Demon King Academy | OtakuKart

He enrolls in the Demon King Academy to unravel the secrets surrounding his former history’s tragedy. And this anime is the opposite story as we know about heroes and villains’ story. If you are interested to know that how Anos Voldigoad developed the scene behind the using the false god in the absence of him. And how he solved the history behind it. Then The Misfit of Demon King Academy is the perfect anime for you to watch.

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9. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (2018)

Think about it if you are in a place where you have nothing to do with until they tell you to beat others with the powers of Demon Lord. What will you do? Yes, you will use your demon powers to eliminate them. This anime is a story of a gamer, Sakamoto Takuma, who just spends his time on video games, but one day, he got transmitted into the games’ magical world.

most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now
How Not to Summon a Demon Lord | OtakuKart

Demon Lord Diablo is an unbeaten gamer in the MMORPG. Diablo beats every opponent he faces without taking any harm from others. He has the most effective magic powers, exquisite weapons, and an unmatched gamer rank. Sakamoto Takuma is a socially inept and completely closed off guy who dedicated his lonely life to building his character Diablo the most formidable in Cross Reverie. He is the man behind this fearsome character. Takuma is transported to a mystical place, where he possesses all of the Demon Lord Diablo’s powers and weaponry. Demons are a species in Cross Reverie’s magical realm. This demon anime is quite popular is a recommended watch.

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10. Black Butler (2008)

It must be painful when someone loses their family during their childhood and does not know how to survive against this malicious world. This anime will give you the vibe of a young boy who is struggling after their parents’ death. But a demon named Sebastian helped him to live with a smile.

most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now
Black Butler | OtakuKart

Cecil Phantomhive’s mom and dad were killed when he was a kid, putting him in control of one of England’s wealthiest families. The teenage boy strikes a deal with a demon in hopes of seeking vengeance and living in the ruthless realm he’s been pushed into. When everything is said and finished, the demon will serve as Cecil’s butler, fulfilling all of Cecil’s wishes in return for the kid’s life. Sebastian Michaelis is a ruthless servant who displays his worth regularly. He is perfectly embodied, whether it’s preparing the tastiest food or removing dangers from Cecil. Sebastian attracts viewers who see the series as he switches between the roles of loyal butler and perfect bad guy. This anime is one of the most popular demon anime that you need to watch right now without wasting any time.

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