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What Anime is Stay With Me from?

what anime is stay with me from

Hello people! Does everybody love music? We know you guys will say ‘yes’ for sure. But when it comes to anime opening and ending songs. which one do you like the most? Yes, right, ‘Stay with me’ song. What anime is Stay with Me from? Yeah, you guys are curious to know about it, so stay here till the end of the article so that you will get your answer.

Stay With Me is one of the best songs of all time, and everybody loves it. Everyone knows that music is one of the major attractions besides the concept of Anime. Anime is mostly a manga adaption that presents the events in the manga beautifully in front of its audience.

Stay With Me is also a beautiful representation as a theme song in the anime. Most people love to enjoy how beautifully the song is sung by Hitomi Shimatani. She did a great job with the song. The lyrics of the song make everyone flow with it.

Stay With Me is an ending song of a popular anime. It attracts the attention of the audience until it’s over. As anime lovers, we would like to suggest everyone who has not heard of it, to go listen to it once. You will love it.

what anime is stay with me from

Stay With Me song from anime | OtakuKart

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What anime is Stay With Me from?

Stay with me is from the anime MAJOR. This anime is an adaptation of the manga series MAJOR DREAM. It is based on Baseball’. The manga series is written by Takuya Mitsuda. A total of 78 Volume long manga received the 41st Shogakukan Manga Award in 1996. With a special OVA, one and the last volume 78 released in the middle of 2010. This concluded the end of one of the best manga series of all time. But we later got the anime adaptation of the manga.

what anime is stay with me from

Goro Shigeno with his teammates during club match | OtakuKart

NHK and Studio Hibari worked together to develop an animated adaptation of the show. It is a total of six seasons long anime. The show premiered on November 13, 2004, and ended on September 25, 2010, after the completion of six seasons. MAJOR: The Winning Shot of Friendship, an animated movie, was launched on December 13, 2008, and follows a story in between the first and second seasons. The Major League Arc was ignored in the Television series, so two OVAs were released on December 16, 2011, and January 18, 2012.

As the manga series of MAJOR DREAM, the anime series MAJOR is also quite interesting to watch. MAJOR anime has one of the best ending themes, which is Stay With Me. Stay With Me is the ending theme of the fifth season. And this song is followed from episodes 105 to 120. Stay With Me covers the whole fifth season of MAJOR.

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Story and Main Characters of MAJOR

As we already know that every story starts with a character. MAJOR’s story starts with the protagonist Goro Honda. Everything revolves around him from his childhood to adulthood. Goro only focused on becoming one of the best baseball players who will never defeat in baseball. The story is about the development of the character, how he became the finest baseball player.

Goro Honda and Kaoru Shimizu are the hero and heroine in the story. Goro Honda was renamed Goro Shigeno after the second marriage of his mother. As a heroine, Kaoru Shimizu always had a crush on Goro. And she got married to him and had two children.

what anime is stay with me from

Major 2004 TV Series | OtakuKart

But every story is incomplete until there is no antagonist. So here are three rivalries who wanted to beat him no matter what. First, Ken Mayumura, when Goro enrolled in Kaido Academy. Ken became his pitching rival. Second, Joe Gibson, one of the major antagonists in the series who was also the reason behind the death of his father. Third and last, Joe Gibson Jr. was the son of the major antagonist of the series, Joe Gibson. He followed the same track that his father did against Goro.

Differences in Manga and Anime

As we already know that the Manga and Anime always had some differences. So according to this, MAJOR also has some differences. In Manga, its title name is MAJOR Dream, but in Anime, its title name is MAJOR. They also changed the names of the teams like “Yokohama Marine Stars,” which became “Yokohama Blue Oceans,” and “Tokyo Giants,” which became “Tokyo Warriors”.

In the manga, Mayumura and Enomoto both were not on the field when Toshiya’s home run in the 7th inning. But in the anime, Mayumura, and Enomoto both were part of the game where Toshiya’s home run changed into a solo run.

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Where can you watch MAJOR?

After knowing about one of the best anime songs of all time ‘Stay With Me’ and the anime where this song came from the MAJOR and first time launched as an ending theme. You guys are curious to know about the top and best anime sites where you can watch this anime: Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix.

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