Will Gol D Roger Die in One Piece?

will gol d roger die in one piece
Gol D Roger

Will Gol D Roger die in One Piece? This question seems difficult for those who have not watched One Piece yet. But still, if you are looking for a clear answer to his death, then you are in the right place. Do not worry, as we will help you to know about his death, appearance, personality, and powers. So stay here till the end of this piece.

Gol D. Roger, also nicknamed Gold Roger, was a famous pirate who held the position of Pirate King and possessed the historic treasure called One Piece. He was the leader of the Roger Pirates. He was also the real dad of Portgas D. Ace and Portgas D. Rouge’s dear. Gol D. Roger was raised in the East Blue city of Loguetown. Roger lived up in a terrible environment.  And he had a strong dread of losing his dear ones.

Roger was known as the man who accomplished the impossible. He conquered the Grand Line and accumulated a massive fortune. He is a part of that anime that has crossed 1000+ episodes in 2021. One Piece is one of the topmost long-running anime of all time. There are so many records this anime has already broken, and many more will be broken in the future.

Will Gol D Roger die in One Piece?

Yes, Gol D Roger will die because of the execution. Roger divided his gang before giving himself in to be hanged, believing he would die soon of an incurable illness. Roger’s public hanging was supposed to prevent piracy, but his last statements had the reverse effect. He added that whoever finds his treasure will be eligible to collect it. As a result, Roger was solely responsible for the beginning of the Great Era of Piracy.

will gol d roger die in one piece
Gol D Roger | OtakuKart


Roger was a big, tough man with a lot of muscle. His curved dark mustache, a big ferocious smile, and bulgy eyes were his greatest distinguishing physical qualities. His neck was shorter and wider, and he had heavy black hair. He donned a crimson captain’s lengthy coat. He had a golden waistband around his midsection and a blue shirt underneath his coat. Gol D Roger was dressed in dark azure colored pants and black sea shoes, with a white necktie around his throat. Over a rufous colored scarf, he donned a pirate cap. He wore a dark-azure-colored sweater with a golden waist-belt, during the Edd War. He was last spotted wearing a bracelet around thirty years ago. Roger donned the straw hat in a throwback to his initial interaction with Rayleigh.

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Roger was believed to be courageous, and many people who watched his death said that he grinned shortly before he died, and Roger was shown with a bright smile in all of his throwback episodes. People who knew him described him as having an attitude that was comparable to Monkey D. Luffy’s. Portgas D. Ace disclosed his ancestors to Whitebeard, who observed that Ace’s character differed greatly from that of his dad. They did, however, possess a stubborn refusal to flee from the fight. Roger just wouldn’t flee from an adversary to defend his people, according to Monkey D. Garp. They possessed many of the same characteristics.

will gol d roger die in one piece
Gol D Roger | OtakuKart

Roger was a person who enjoyed huge, dazzling items and took pride in his position as Pirate King. When he was enraged, he could be a cruel foe. Roger was easily enraged, and he would react to something as trivial as an affront to his team, no matter how minor. Roger was a modest man, considering his arrogant and confrontational demeanor. He was also willing to share his thoughts with others, and he enjoyed socializing with his opponents. He was also spotted holding Kozuki Hiyori when she was a newborn, indicating that he had a soft spot for kids. Gol D Roger was equally friendly with kids of other species, as when he naively requested the mermaid Shyarly for some sortilege with a sweet grin.


Even after his death as Pirate King, he continues to hold the top rank among all pirates on the planet. The seriously large bounty he had before his execution was a total of $5,564,800,000. The other four were Luffy, Shirahoshi, Poseidon, and Oden. Roger was one of the only five known beings who could listen to Sea King’s voice. Luffy, Kozuki Oden, and Kozuki Momonosuke were the other three known figures in the anime who could listen to Zunesha’s voice.

Even though he was tormented by an incurable illness, Roger retained incredible stamina and power. He was able to dominate the Grand Line with the help of Crocus’ medicinal abilities. He even managed to combat Whitebeard for three days and three nights till the battle ended in a tie.

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