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Most Coolest Demon Lords From Anime

Muzan Kibutsuji
Muzan Kibutsuji

‘Demon Lords’ was a scary term once but not anymore. It now signifies a strong, supernatural being with a neverending thirst for blood. It is not something to be afraid of, right? Just kidding, this can terrify anyone. But the Demon lords are now quite bored of blood and eternal life. They have to accomplish some catastrophic-level deeds in a way that also looks cool! Sorry if you can’t relate to what we are saying, and welcome to the world of anime.

Today, so many anime related to demons are present to watch. Fans always want to see something new coming at them. So the artists are also trying their best to give them what they want. Roaring demons with brains equivalent to a Walnut are not in fashion anymore. The new highly intelligent and powerful Demon Lord is the public demand. That’s why we made a list of the cool the coolest demon lords of the anime history. Top 10 most attractive and coolest demon Lords that ever existed. Find out who they are? Is your favorite demon one of them? We hope you like it!

10. Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer (One of the Creepiest Demon Lords)

How can Muzan Kibutsuji not be on the list of the coolest Demon Lords? We mean, he easily satisfies the minimum requirements. He is smart, intelligent, and, is living in the shadows for over 1,000 years. Even the strongest hashiras are nowhere near the power level of Kibutsuji Muzan.

Muzan Kibutsuji - Demon Slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer

This badass monster is afraid of only the user of the Sun breathing technique, which only Two people were able to master in 1,000 years. Manufacturing demons with just a spill of his blood, he is one of the strongest and the coolest Demon lords in anime history.

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9. Sirzechs Lucifer – High School DxD

Lucifer is an interesting character due to his different personality in different situations. Sometimes he is lazy, working at his own pace and terms, but when things get serious, he is one of the fearsome characters in the entire series. Beholding the position of Satan and being born as a demon, he got many inherited powers. Superhuman strength, powers of destruction, teleportation, and many others.

Sirzechs Lucifer - High School DxD

Sirzechs Lucifer – High School DxD

He is so powerful that he has blasted many powerful monsters in just one blast of his energy. His cute looks and strong-willed character make him one of the coolest demon Lords.

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8. Anos Voldigoad – The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Anos is feared throughout the world because he is the reincarnation of the Demon King of Tyranny. As he was named The Demon king, he is credible to appear in this list but is he cool enough? Yes, of course, he is. Anos’s high ego and confidence are justified by his overwhelming powers but do not match with a high school demon kid. Imagine a person, one’s a legend, sitting between high school kids, an amusing sight to see.

Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad

He was the man who, with his power, divided the world into four parts. His characteristics surely make him a Misfit for the Demon King Academy but also the coolest demon lord on the list.

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7. Albedo – Overlord

Next comes Albedo from the Overlord. Her appearance is alone capable enough to make her one of the coolest demon lords, but there is much more to her than that. She is one of the strongest characters in Overlord. There are many incidences noted where she doesn’t even have to use her magical powers to concur with the enemies. Blessed with super-strength, intelligence, and magical power, she is a nightmare for her enemies. Fighting in the full battle armor suit and with a black ax is the coolest thing you will ever see!

Albedo - Overlord

Albedo – Overlord

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6. Diablo – How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Another intriguing character from an interesting anime, Diablo, is the username for the protagonist to play in the game he made. The character he played was the Demon king named Diablo and, of course, the strongest character in the game. What would you do if you were given ultimate access to a game which makes you the strongest player? You will crush others. The same is done by Diablo. With his superior sets of power and skill, he holds back against other characters and still defeats them. The fact that he made it on this list is because his unrivaled character is very fun to watch!

Diablo - Demon Lords


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5. Meliodas – Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the current king of the Kingdom of Liones. Such incredible power condensed into a humble-looking boy gives chills to the spine. He is the husband of Elizabeth Liones, and seeing her endless cycle of life and death makes him more humble and soft. But the inner monster is released whenever it is required given the fact that he is the strongest character besides the Demon King.

Meliodas - Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas – Seven Deadly Sins

It is charismatic to see him fight. The mixed emotions of courage and humbleness make him a cool character as a whole.

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4. Mephisto Pheles – Blue Exorcist ( One of the Magical Demon Lords)

Mephisto Pheles is an Exorcist and one of the eight Demon Kings. He is the second strongest among the eight Demon Kings. But that’s not all that vouches for him, he got many tricks up his sleeves. He is one of the best-supporting characters you have ever seen.

Mephisto Pheles - Blue Exorcist - Demon Lords

Mephisto Pheles – Blue Exorcist

Always so amusing, this trickster is fun to watch. Here is an interesting fact about Mephisto Pheles, he got several students who haven’t killed him yet only because they can. He is that strong!

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3. Baby Beel – Beelzebub (Cutest Among All the Demon Lords)

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, yes that’s his name! is the son of Beelzebub III and Iris. Basically, he is a baby demon but not any demon. He is the reincarnation of the Demon Lord. He is not on this list because he is powerful or cool. Of course, he is powerful, but the real reason is seeing a demonic entity as a baby is something else.

Baby Beel - Beelzebub

Baby Beel – Beelzebub

It was prophecized that he would destroy the world one day, but he is not anywhere far behind in doing that so now.

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2. Satan – Devilman Crybaby

Satan is the primary antagonist of the anime Devilman Crybaby. He made his place on this list only on the bases of his pure brutal strength. He got an insane amount of powers, both physical and magical. His abilities to regenerate and manipulate human minds and the ability to reincarnate are some of many. He planned to launch a demon march on the planet to annihilate the human race from existence.

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

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1. Hakuto Kunai – Demon Lord, Retry!

Just like Diablo, Hakuto Kunai was the creator of the game Infinity Game. He was also sucked into his own game and found himself in the body of the Last Boss Hakuto Kunai. Outside the gaming world, there is nothing special about him, but in the body of Hakuto, he is a true Demon Lord.

hakuto kunai - Demon Lords

Hakuto Kunai

The shy protagonist, Akira, now roams the land taking on knights and monsters alike after inhabiting the body of his gaming avatar. With his powers equivalent to God, he is one of the top contenders on our list and one of the most badass Demon Lord of all time.

Demons with neverending stamina and power make the perfect opponent for the protagonist to concur. Raising the standards of demons and making them look cool makes the heroes shine even brighter. Demons were coming, are coming, and there are more strong ones to come. Don’t fear because we are here! Delivering you the latest content related to every anime first. Also, read the content given below.

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