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Rosario Vampire Season 3 Update And Anime Overview

Rosario Vampire Season 3 Release Date Announced? And Anime Overview

Rosario Vampire is a Japanese series written and directed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi. The manga version of the series was written and illustrated by Akihisa Ikeda. There are ten volumes in the manga series and thirteen episodes in the anime television series, with Tsukune Aono as the play’s male protagonist, who fails to score good grades to get into any high school. In this article, we going to do a full Rosario Vampire anime overview and see whether Rosario Vampire Season 3 Release Date Announced or not.

This is a story about a strange high school, Youkai Academy, whose students are vampires who live as human beings. Students appear to be human, but they are bloodsucking vampires behind their masks. As our protagonist had not done well in school, his parents sent him to boarding school Youkai Academy. They were oblivious to the strangeness of the school. The series focuses on his life after he begins attending school. Rosario Vampire follows Tsukune’s life and his experiences after he joins the school in a supernatural romance. Let’s see a recap of seasonn1 and season2 of Rosario Vampire.

Recap – Rosario Vampire Season 1

Tsukune Aono, a teenager in this story, enrolls at the Youkai Academy boarding school after being rejected from prestigious high schools. His parents have tried everything to get him a good education, but this is his last chance. As a new member of the school, he has no idea what Youkai Academy is. It is a private school that allows monsters to coexist with humans. The only rule in that school is that monsters may kill humans if they encounter them.

In his first few days at the school, he discovers that he is living with vampires, bloodsucking creatures. Despite being terrified of living there, he decides to stay for the sake of Moka Akashiya (the main female character). In the course of their friendship, Moka Akashiya becomes his best friend. She finds him to be friendly and enjoys the taste of his blood.

Rosario Vampire Season 3 Release Date Announced? And Anime Overview

Rosario Vampire Season 1

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Moka’s outer self disappears the moment Moka’s Rosario is removed, revealing her inner self. The Rosario, given to her mother when she was little, was accidentally removed by Tsukune during a fight with a school bully, transforming Moka into a vampire. The boy befriends many of his classmates and soon joins the newspaper club. After joining, they face much bullying from students and teachers.

In the process of their battle, they have to face an evil group called the ‘Anti-schoolers’ who threaten the wall between the human and monster worlds. As a result of their fight, the school is temporarily closed as a result of damages. Tsukune returns home with a heavy heart and is surprised to find Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore in his room. The season comes to an end.

Recap – Rosario Vampire Season 2

Moka’s half-sister Koko Shuzen enrolls at Youkai Academy. Soon after, Ruby, Mizore, and Koko join the newspaper club. While traveling to Mzore’s homeland, Mzore learns about a team named ‘Fairy Tale’ that attempts to destroy humanity. In Hong Kong, they learn that Muka was infused with First Ancestor blood by her mother and that she struggles with switching her personality. This is because she cannot return to the seal enclosing her inner personality. So they decide to visit China to have her Rosario replicated. Aqua kidnaps Moka, thinking Moka can revive the First Ancestor. She brings her to a fairy tale land.

Rosario Vampire Season 3 Release Date Announced? And Anime Overview

Rosario Vampire Season 2

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During the fight between Tsukune’s team and the Fairy Tale team, Moka is mortally wounded, and Tsukune transforms into a First Ancestor vampire to remove all the holy locks from her. Tsukune fights with his friends against the First Ancestor Vampire, Alucard. Tsukune uses Moka’s Rosario to awaken Akansha temporarily. She tells Alucard to give up on fighting. Thus the fight ends there. Following this battle, humans are aware of vampires’ existence, which complicates the coexistence process. However, Tsukune and his friends are confident that they will succeed.

Rosario Vampire Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the anime series Rosario Vampire was released on January 3, 2008, and the second season was released on October 2, 2008. After watching both seasons, anime fans are currently anticipating season 3. Most anime television series is renewed within five years; if more than five years have passed, season 3 is probably not planned.

Rosario Vampire Season 3 Release Date Announced? And Anime Overview

Moka and Tsukune from Rosario Vampire

However, nothing has been heard about the series in nearly five years, and not the latest update announced. We believe that Season 3 of Rosaro Vampire will not be returning anytime soon. When the official date of Rosario Vampire’s season 3 is out, we will inform you, so keep in touch with Otakukart.
Rosario Vampire Season 3 Release Date Announced? And Anime Overview

Characters of Rosario Vampire Anime

Main Plot of Rosario Vampire Anime

Rosenario To Vampire is an animated television series about an ordinary high school student named Tsukune Aono. Tsukune had below-average grades, so he was unable to enroll at any of the better high schools around his city. Even though the boarding school was remote and secluded, Tsukune’s parents were able to enroll him there. The private school’s name was Yokai Academy, and it had a dark secret.

Yokai Academy was an institution for monsters. That is to say, every student was either a monster, a witch, or a supernatural creature. Tsukune was the only human student at the academy without being aware of this secret. It was taught to the students of Yokai Academy how to coexist with human beings. However, if human beings were spotted, the monsters would kill them if sighted. It was at this academy that Tsukune first met his best friend, Moka Akashiya.

Despite being a student at the Yokai Academy, Moka was also Tsukune’s first friend there. Moka was a vampire and was extremely powerful and protective of her friend. The plot of ‘Rosario To Vampire’ unravels as Tsukune, his girlfriend, and the others confront various obstacles while slowly falling in love with him. As the friendship between Moka and Tsukune came to pass, Tsukune began to make new friends, and all of them were something supernatural. The idea of the harem is perfectly highlighted in this animated series.

Where to Watch Rosario Vampire Anime

There are so many platforms where fans can stream Rosario Vampire anime like Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Funimation.

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