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Uncensored Anime That You Should Definitely Watch in 2022

Ecchi and Harem anime
Uncensored anime to watch

A great deal of Harem and Ecchi animes in 2022 are uncensored and known for violence, profanity, and sexuality-packed scenes. A blurred screen or a ray of white light across a character’s “naughty” parts is a common sight. It is natural that these genres, in particular, would encounter a lot of heavy censorship. As unfortunate as it may sound, it is a required compromise within the anime industry. For reasons very obvious, explicit scenes cannot be aired recklessly. Additionally, profound language is as big of a concern as the scenes themselves. A bleep censor, to an Otaku, is as infuriating as car horns to a person stuck in traffic.

However, as hard as it sounds, every Otaku is used to censorship when they see their favorite mangas turned into anime. As the language is altered and the scenes are omitted, it often becomes extremely difficult for the watcher to connect the story. This often results in the story drifting off track. One can do nothing but scream in frustration or might as well cancel their Crunchyroll subscription.  To save you from the agony, here we present you a list of uncensored anime to watch in 2022 which will make you go YAMETE KUDASAI or NANI within a span of seconds:

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist.

The autocratic Japanese government forces all the citizens to wear high-tech devices called Peace Makers in order to prevent unethical activities. Tanukichi Okuma joins the nation’s elite “School of Public Ethics” to reunite with his lover and student council president, Anna Nishikinomiya. On the other hand, the leader of a terrorist organization named SOX and Tanukichi’s second love interest named “Blue Snow” is introduced into the story. As a form of regulatory protest, Tanukichi creates and distributes sexually explicit material across the city.

 President of SOX, Blue Snow

Shinmoneta SOX

All the members of SOX cover their upper bodies with sheets and wear their underpants over their faces as a mask. Evidently, the anime features highly sexually explicit and borderline pornographic comedy at times. It also includes rape and nudity.

Redo of Healer

The anime requires extreme censorship as Keyaru, a healing magician, is repeatedly exploited and sexually abused by other magicians. He manages to convince himself that healing magic is the strongest class in the world. Regardless, of his despair, by the time he realizes that, he has lost everything.

The Healing Hero, Keyaru

I am a Pacifist!

However, he manages to go back four years using his healing magic and enhancing its power with the usage of the philosopher’s stone. Further, he decides to redo everything and get a payback from everyone who happened to exploit and abuse him in the past.

It features torture and multiple sexually explicit scenes, including rape. The uncensored version of the anime even contains picturizing buttocks and bare breasts. It also comprises thrusting & other graphic scenes.

Shinmai Maou No Testament

This uncensored, action-fantasy harem anime revolves around Basara Tojou studying at Hijirigasaka Academy. His life turns upside down as his father remarries, and they start living with his step-sisters, Mio, and maria. After his father leaves for overseas, he comes across the fact that Mio is a demon princess and maria, her right hand.

The Testament of Sister New Devil

Mio Onesama

Furthermore, he discovers that they left the demon realm and are actually a part of the demon clan. After moving in, they establish a master-servant relationship with Basara; Mio being the master, Basara: the servant, and Maria: Basara’s servant. Basara makes it his life’s motive to protect his sisters from other demons who are after Mio’s heritage.

A lot of scenes in the uncensored version are extremely sexual. They are closely related to softcore porn and are enormously graphic. It even features a full-on orgy.

Elfen Lied:

Elfen Lied focuses on a newly mutated human-like species called the “Diclonius”. The Diclonius fixated highly on making humankind perish and making a world dominated by their own species. The story revolves around Lucy, a Diclonius, managing to escape an experimental facility. She seeks vengeance against humans by slaughtering them. She develops a split personality disorder after Kouta and Yuka, two cousins, find her.

The Diclonius


They end up taking her to the maple house and looking after her.  In a flashback, Lucy kills Kouta’s father and sister while they both were young. Meanwhile, people after Lucy turn out to be as much of a threat as Lucy. The anime ends with a cliffhanger.

The anime features extremely graphic animated violence. It depicts entrails and vital organs and severed body parts. A scene pictures puncturing a man’s eye with a pen that comes out from the back of the head. Additionally, a man’s heart is punched out. Children are dismembered, and several people are cut in half at once. It also pictures a woman torn in half and her intestine flying. The entire series is said to have above 60 onscreen deaths.
To quote ADV films, it was one of their best-selling and “most notorious” releases of 2005. The opening sequence of the uncensored anime itself is off the charts gory and extremely unsettling.


A man named Guts calls himself the black swordsman and enters a small town demanding to fight with its ruler. The Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group, takes Guts in, and he continues to explore the world.

He develops close relationships with the group’s leaders, Griffith and Casca. Griffith, then, puts himself in a situation where he sacrifices his followers in order to become one of God’s hands and rule his kingdom. Only Guts and his lover Casca are able to escape the “Eclipse” ritual. Marks attract evil, restless spirits, and other demons and beasts cover their bodies. Guts harden his will to defy such a gruesome fate of death. He takes up the strong and mighty blade Dragonslayer and embarks on a journey to kill Griffith.

The Black Swordsman


The story depicts multiple disturbing appearances, including rape attempts at Casca and demons eating people. A nobleman abuses young boys. Furthermore, a man’s eyeball is impaled. Guts were born out of a woman’s corpse and were raped as a child is suggested. The uncensored version of the anime is extremely gory and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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To save a drunk man’s life, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato jump on a subway track and invite their own death. As a result, Kurono and Kato are transported to the interior of an unfurnished Tokyo apartment. Wherein, a few moments later, they encounter Joichiro Nishi, a Gantz veteran. “Gantz”, a black sphere placed at one end of the room. They hunt aliens as a part of their mission to survive. New members replace those who die on a mission.

Kei Kuruno


This anime features sadistic violence and grotesque appearances. It also includes drinking, smoking, dismemberment, and decapitation. In addition to this, A character’s lower back melts due to an acid attack. There is a vivid picturization of graphic sex scenes and rape.  The uncensored version of this anime is an extremely rare find. It is actually more unpleasant than the manga itself.  The message that “humanity is flawed” is repeatedly conveyed to the watcher.

Prison School

Hachimitsu Academy, one of the strictest girls’ academies in Tokyo, undergoes various reforms after appointing a new chairman of the school board. It decides to admit 5 boys into their system named Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito  Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji Nezu, and Reiji Andou. All 5 boys participate in voyeurism by peeping in the school’s bathroom.

Meiko Shiraki

Vice President, Meiko Shiraki

The underground council arrests the boys and issues them an ultimatum to leave the school or go to the school’s prison compound. The five of them then decide to go to prison for a month. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi discovers that all the other boys are masochists who take pleasure in the punishment given to them by their supervisors.

The uncensored version of this anime series attributes strong and frequent sexual innuendos and graphic nudity. On top of that, there are numerous punishment scenes that involve blood.

Terra Formars

During the 21st century, humanity took up an endeavor to colonize Mars. After coming up with a cost-effective plan; cockroaches and algae were sent to Mars. The process included cockroaches molding the surface to trap sunlight in it. Additionally, the insect corpses would serve as manure for the mold. However, species adapted remarkably to the environment.

Terraformars vs annex team 1

annex team 1

Humankind sends its first manned ship to Mars in the 26th Century. Taken aback, they encounter giant mutated humanoid cockroaches with extraordinary strength called “terraformars”. Cockroaches manage to kill them. Nonetheless, they manage to send a transmission back to Earth warning them about their existence. A team, Annex team 1 is sent to Mars to exterminate the cockroaches and save humanity.

It depicts extreme violence, gore, and profanity. The monsters use the spine to chop off people’s heads and rip them apart. Mild sexuality plays along.


Nana Osaki, a proud, euphoric punk rock singer fostered in the countryside, harbors a desire to become a professional singer. In the pursuit of her dreams, she boards a train to Tokyo. Consequently, she puts her career with a popular band and her passionate relationship with one of the group’s former members behind her. On the other hand, Nana Osamu is a temperamental and naïve 20-year-old who wants to leave her hometown and find her true calling. Easy to love and often clinging to those around her, she boards the same train primarily to follow her boyfriend, Shouji Endo.

Nana Osamu

Hachi San

Fate brings together two young women with the same name who end up boarding the same train. Their meeting sets off a chain of events leading them to move in together and stick together through good and bad times. As a result, they end up becoming an important part of each other’s lives.

This anime is primarily a love story but calls for censorship as it features infidelity, and a highly toxic, dominating, and abusive relationship is portrayed between Nana Osamu and her love interest.

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High school of the dead

A group of high school students and the school’s nurse try to survive through a deadly pandemic that turns humans into zombies, known as an “outbreak”. “They”, the zombies infiltrate the school premises.

The Zombie Apocalypse

The Outbreak

Meanwhile, the group comes across unwanted situations like requiring to do something immoral or going as far as killing their own acquaintances. The students travel through the whole town in search of their family and friends. They skim through their houses, the mall, police station, looking for survivors stumbling upon a dog and a little girl. The group finds itself taking rescue in a safe zone at an elementary school.

This horror-thought-provoking, uncensored anime portrays rape, nudity, and erections and is brimmed with massive amounts of bloodshed, graphic gore, and profanity.


The undead carries on, creating a ruckus inside the blind alleyways of England and all across the globe. Sir Integra discovers that the remnants of a Nazi organization known as Millennium, nonetheless, exist and are laying the groundwork for reviving Nazi Germany by creating an army of vampires. Hellsing, an organization led by Sir Integra, aims to search and destroy all the supernatural forces threatening the queen’s existence and the country. Her right hand is her family butler, Walter C. Dornez, and her left is Alucard, the most powerful vampire. Furthermore, Alucard swears his loyalty to the Hellsing family.

The uncensored version of the anime primarily revolves around a clash between Millennium, Hellsing, the Vatican section XIII Iscariot, and Alucard. Packed with action, drama, and supernatural elements, this anime is absolutely unmissable.


Alucard, the First Vampire

The First And The Strongest


In Japanese fairytales and fables, a “tsukumogami” is an object that has picked up a soul and gained consciousness. “Tsukumogamis” are of two types. One is “tsugumomo,” that comes to life because of a long, harmonious relationship with its owner. Another, “amasogi,” spirits that are only born to grant the treacherous wishes of certain individuals. Kazuya Kagami, after his mother’s demise, has never stepped out without her orb. One day, he finds himself nearly killed when an “Amasogi” attacks him. However, to his surprise, his mother’s orb transforms into a beautiful girl named Kiriha. Kiriha happens to be a Tsugumomo. She makes it her life’s purpose to protect him.

the white cherry blossom obi, Kiriha

Kiriha and Kazuya

Kagami life’s turns upside down after he enters a world complete with a harem of beautiful women after Kiriha’s arrival.

The uncensored version of this anime is laden with nude females and strong language, which subjects it to various controversies.

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