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31 Best Korean Family Drama Series That Are A Must Watch!

Best Korean Family Drama
Best Korean Family Drama

Families are an integral and vital part of one’s life, especially in the matter of growth and development of an individual. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a small or a big family. It always feels great to spend time with the family. Isn’t it so? Though in every family, there lie some melodramas and issues. Also, many don’t get along much with their families. By talking about families, in this article, we shall discuss something related to it. Nowadays, Korean dramas are at their peak and have been popular lately. Be it’s a romantic one, or a family-oriented drama, the viewers enjoy it till the storyline of the drama is made superb. In today’s article, we shall cover 31 Best Korean Family Drama Series to watch. 

We shall talk about some of the very popular family Korean television series which will teach you lessons in some ways. Besides that, we shall also mention the names of the director and the streaming platforms of each. So, in case you have missed out on any, you can easily watch it on the said platform of that particular drama. Let’s find out how many dramas from the list have you watched to date. Last but not the least, if you are a huge Korean drama fan, you will surely enjoy this. Go ahead and check out more of these family dramas.

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1. My Father Is Strange (2017)

The drama is all about a middle-class family which comprises six members, residing in Seoul. The family includes a wife, husband, one son and three daughters. But there lies a twist in the plot. All of a sudden, a young, handsome celebrity comes and claims to be a part of their family. He claims to be one of their sons. What happens next? Do the family members accept him?

My Father Is Strange

Directed by: Lee Jae-Sang

Available on: Netflix

2. Ugly Alert (2013)

The series focuses on the leading character Gong Joon-soo who had a rough life in the early days. He takes the blame for a murder his sibling commits. This leads him to spend time in prison. There he learns to sew and acquires a trade. After coming out of jail, he starts to work for a fashion company.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Ugly Alert

Directed by: Shin Yoon-Sub.

Available on: Youtube

3. What Happens To My Family? (2014)

Plot: It is all about a widower who has taken care of his three children. Kang Shim being the eldest daughter, stops believing in relationships after failing in them. After she gets heartbroken, she decides to never marry in life. Kang Jae, being his eldest son, is an outstanding notable oncologist. He also has another son called Dal-bong. What happens in each of their lives? The bond they share is amazing and it will teach you several family lessons.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

What Happens To My Family?

Directed by: Jeon Chang-Geun

Available on: Netflix.

4. Once Again (2020)

It depicts a family of six members- husband, wife and their four children. One of the four children is a doctor and she works in the same hospital where her husband works as well. While the other two children have failed relationships and thus get divorced. Thus both of them live with their parents. The remaining child struggles a lot working as an intern in a company. Since it’s a family drama, it shows various family issues that the members face and also how they resolve them.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Once Again

Directed by: Lee Jae Sang

Available on: Netflix.

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5. Reply 1988 (2015)

The story shows the differences in beliefs between the teens and their parents. It also focuses on the struggles that the teenagers face during their growth and they can relate to.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Reply 1988

Directed by:  Shin Won-ho.

Available on: Viki

6. Smile, You (2009)

Seo Jung-in is the main character of the story, who is the third child of a wealthy family. Unfortunately, on the day of her wedding, she gets dumped by her groom. This rejection happens as the family of the groom finds out that her family goes bankrupt. With time, their family gets close to each other and becomes friendly.

Smile, You

Directed by: Lee Tae-gon.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

7. Five Enough (2016)

The drama shows the relationships of five couples who face several issues with their parents. The problems faced by them are all related to their love lives. What happens at the end?

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Five Enough

Directed by: Kim Jung-gyu

Available on:  Viki

8. My Unfamiliar Family (2020)

With the passage of time and age growth, people get themselves isolated from the real world and start to live their own lives. They meet someone with whom they become friends and share everything. During this time, what happens is the family becomes strangers and the strangers become family.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

My Unfamiliar Family

Directed by: Kwon Young-il.

Available on: Viki

9. All About My Mom (2015)

In the drama, we will see Jin-ae working hard to make money only for her family. But on the other hand, her mother San-ok shows love and affection towards her first son only. Jin-ae starts to feel for Kang Hoon-jae who is coincidentally the son of her boss. Later she marries him. But she starts to face difficulties with her mother-in-law. After experiencing different issues with her, she finally understands her mother for the very first time. The drama depicts several family issues, adjustments and many more. It’s a good drama for family lessons.

All About My Mom

Directed by: Lee Gun-Joon

Available on: Viki

10. Never Twice (2019)

The television series tells the story of some of the guests at Paradise Inn. It is located in Seoul. It depicts the relationship with the owners of Guseong Hotel.

Never Twice

Directed by: Choi Won-Suk

Available on: Viki.

11. My Golden Life (2017)

The drama centres around a woman who has a chance to rise in status but somehow fails. She finally finds a chance to seek happiness. On the other side, we will also see a man who tries to find happiness in her. Then the actual drama begins. What happens next?

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

My Golden Life

Directed by: Kim Hyung-Seok

Available on: Netflix.

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12. Marry Me Now (2018)

The series revolves around the life of Park Hyo-snob who is a widower. Besides that, he is a very loving father of four children- Park Sun-ha, Park Yoo-Ha, Park Jae-Hyung and Park Hyun-ha. After 36 long years, he finally meets his first love and his life changes completely.

Marry Me Now

Directed by: Yoon Chang-Beom

Available on: Viki.

13. You Are The Best (2013)

Fathers play a very vital role in the family. Being the head, there lie several responsibilities. In this drama, after the sudden death of the father, the remaining family members start to understand the real meaning of family and learns the meaning of true happiness and love. It’s a very heart-warming drama to watch.

You Are The Best

Directed by: Yoon Sung-Sik.

Available on: Viki.

14. My Husband Got A Family (2013)

The story revolves around the usual issues that happen between daughter and mother in law. It depicts a woman who marries an orphan. But later on, she found her neighbours to be her husband’s real parents. After knowing these, several other family issues emerge and that’s how the story continues.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

My Husband Got A Family

Directed by: Kim Hyung-Sik

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

15. Seo Yeong, My Daughter (2012)

The story depicts how a daughter take the hold of an entire family and she is none other than Seo Yeong. Her father gets separated because of his poor financial decisions. Seo Yeong stays with her sibling and her mother. She is a law student, studying in a high school in Seoul. When her mother dies, she takes the entire burden of the family on her own. She works hard to pay the required family expenses and also for her tuition fees. Even during her summer vacation, unlike others, she is busy with her part-time jobs to get extra money. It’s an amazing story.

Seo Yeong, My Daughter

Directed by: Yoo-Hyun Ki

Available on: Viki

16. Father, I’ll Take Care Of You (2016)

The story is about an old couple, Hyung-sub and Jeong-ae who decide to live for themselves. They have four children who come back to them all of a sudden. The drama depicts the relationship and bond between the family members.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Father, I’ll Take Care Of You

Directed by: Lee Dae-Young.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

17. Ojakgyo Brothers (2011)

The story is all about a family consisting of seven members- grandmother, father, mother and their four sons. The family lives in Ojakgyo Farm. Several family issues occur but they love their sons. You will be able to catch the real meaning of family through this series.

Ojakgyo Brothers

Directed by: Ki Min-Soo.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

18. Wang’s Family (2013)

The series is all about the daily challenges faced by The Wang Family. Wang Su-bak marries a wealthy person. After her husband goes bankrupt, she along with her family moved back to her parents’ house. Ho-bak, being another daughter also faces a financial crisis with her jobless husband. Another daughter Gwang-bak always dreamt of becoming a writer. So all of a sudden, she quits her job as a teacher. What happens to each of the daughters of The Wang Family.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Wang’s Family

Directed by: Jin Hyung- Wook

Available on: Youtube.

19. High Kick Through The Roof (2009)

Two sisters, Shin Se Kyung and Shin Shin Ae move from their village home to the big city of Seoul. The younger sister is more amazed at the lifestyles of the modern city people. As their father leaves them, they move into the home of Lee Soon Jae, who owns a food company. At his place, both the sisters work as maids. The owner has two sons- Lee Ji Hoon and Lee Hyun Kyung. So, what happens next?

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

High Kick Through The Roof

Directed by: Kim Byung Wook.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

20. A Hundred Years Inheritance (2013)

Min Chae-won is the leading character of the drama who marries a rich and decent person. She used to run her noodle shop.  But her relationship with her wicked mother-in-law isn’t good. She never gets along with her mother-in-law. After all these, she returns to her family’s noodle house and gets herself a divorce.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

A Hundred Years Inheritance

Directed by: Joo Sung-Woo.

Available on: Viki

21. Family’s Honor (2008)

The drama revolves around the two families. It focuses on the romantic relationship between Ha Dan-ah and Lee Kang-Suk. The former is the youngest granddaughter of the Ha family while on the other hand, the latter is the son of the Lee family.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Family’s Honor

Directed by: Park Young-Soo.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

22. My Only One (2018)

Heo Gap Dol is an unemployed student who has been failing the civil service exam for years. He is trying his best to pass while his longtime girlfriend Shin Gap Soon supports him.  She always has a hope of him to pass the exam and propose to her, taking her responsibility in the future. This series shows various kinds of marriage forms between couples.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

My Only One

My Only OneDirected by: Hong Seok-ku.

Available on: Netflix.

23. Our Gap Soon (2016)

Heo Gap Dol is an unemployed student who has been failing the civil service exam for years. He is trying his best to pass while his longtime girlfriend Shin Gap Soon supports him.  She always has a hope of him to pass the exam and propose to her, taking her responsibility in the future. This series shows various kinds of marriage forms between couples.

Our Gap Soon

Directed by: Boo Sung-Cheol.

Available on: Viki

24. High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged (2011)

It is the third sequel of the drama Unstoppable High Kick. This sequel shows the ups and downs of the Ahn family and how the members face and overcome their difficulties in life.

High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged

Directed by: Kim Byung-Wook, Park Soon-tae, Jo Chan-Joo, Kim Yeong-gi.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

25. Jang-Bo Ri Is Here! (2014)

The series revolves around Jang-Bo Ri who gets adopted by a poor family. When she grows up, she learns that she belonged to a wealthy family in real. After that, what happens?

Jang-Bo Ri Is Here!

Directed by: Baek Ho-Min.

Available on: Viki

26. Glorious Day (2014)

The series revolves around Han Song-Jung who is a mother of three children. She is determined to get their children married to a wealthy, sophisticated and decent man. But surprisingly, what happens, in the end, is Han Song-Jung herself marries a person. What happens at the end?

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Glorious Day

Directed by: Hong Sung-Chang

Available on: Viki.

27. Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

In the drama, we see Han Jeong-ho and Choi Yeon-hee to be a very rich couple. They are from a prestigious family. But because of their son, their reputation in society turns upside down. Han In-sang is their son who impregnates his girlfriend, who is from an ordinary family. She decides to isolate herself from her own family and also from the in-laws because of daily humiliation. On the other hand, Han In-Sang struggles between loving her and fulfilling his prestigious family’s expectations.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Directed by: Ahn Pan Seok.

Available on: Viki

28. Sunny Again Tomorrow (2018)

This drama shows how an average student changes her life and becomes a CEO of a fashion company. While she faces several issues and has to struggle a lot.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Sunny Again Tomorrow

Directed by: Eo Soo-Sun.

Available on: Youtube

29. Sky Castle (2018)

This drama mainly focuses on motherhood. Many mothers who are housewives, living in the exclusive Sky Castle are trying hard for their children to get a chance to study at Seoul National University.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Sky Castle

Directed by: Jo Hyun-Tak.

Available on: Netflix.

30. Shining Inheritance (2009)

The story revolves around Eun-Jeong’s kindness that leads her to fortune. But before that, she loses her father. Not only that, even her brother goes missing. During that period, she faces several issues alone but due to her kind nature, she gets a chance to enjoy happiness and fortune in her life. But how? What happens to her?

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Shining Inheritance

Directed by: Jin Hyuk.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

31. Unstoppable High Kick (2006)

The drama shows the relationship between two brothers Lee Yoon-hoa and Lee Min-ho, born a year apart. But the most absurd part is both of them are in the same class at school. Lee Yoon-hoa is a motorcycle freak and he is famous in school for his fights and his high kick. His brother, Lee Min-ho loves web blogs and spends a long time in that.

31 Best Korean Family Dramas to watch

Unstoppable High Kick

Directed by: Kim Byeong-work, Kim Chang-dong, Kim Young-ki.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

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