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31 Best Adventure Korean Dramas To Watch

What are the 31 Best Adventure Korean dramas To Watch? Korean dramas and movies have created their own space in this industry. They are rising tremendously among the young generation for their dynamic concepts and eccentric genres. They have genres like thriller, action, crime, comedy, romance, adventure, and horror. Filmmakers have been using different angles to design their stories. There are times when you feel the need to binge-watch these episodes even after completing them.

However, The best part of Adventure Korean dramas is their compelling nature. Writers and directors always keep their focus on public attention. When you closely notice it, you’ll know that this is a very interesting phenomenon. In this article, we’ll explore popular adventure Korean dramas to date. These dramas can stir up innumerable emotions in our minds. Their characters, soundtracks, and backstories give it a meaningful track.

Moreover, Each Korean drama has its unique story, as there are no repetitive events in their concepts. Popular Actors and Actresses play a very important role in garnering top ratings and reviews. They prefer shooting most of the things in beautiful historical places to attract tourists to Korea. Moreover, In other words, people in Korea have huge respect for their culture, and they depict it through their dramas. So, let’s check out the Top 31 Best Adventure Korean Dramas To Watch.

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7th Grade Civil Servant

This drama was released in 2013. This revolves around two detectives trained to become NIS agents. This story revolves around Joo Won and Kang Hee, and the best part is that they have to hide their identities from each other. This drama is the remake of the 2009 series ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent. The best part about this drama is that it covers up mystery and action. It’s really interesting to watch their ways of completing their duties of being NIS agents. This is one of the Best Adventure Korean dramas.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

7th Grade Civil Servant.

You’re All Surrounded

You’re all surrounded is based on a group of detectives coming together to solve a mysterious case that happened 11 years ago. It was released in 2014. This drama takes place in Gangnam’s police station. The series had around 20 episodes in total. Do watch this drama to explore more about the mysteries.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

You’re All Surrounded.

Neighbourhood’s Hero

Neighbourhood’s Hero was released in 2012. The story revolves around a secret agent who hides his past from the people around him. He runs a bar in his neighborhood so that he can live his life normally. But one day, he happens to meet a young man, who aspires to become a police officer, so he trains him to become a successful officer to fight with the bad people. This is one of the Best Adventure Korean dramas.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Neighbourhood’s Hero (Local Hero)

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Pied Piper

This South Korean television series revolves around solving cases with strong communication without violence. Moreover, They have to deal with sensitive cases related to homicide, suicide, and terrorist attacks. This is to solve many situations before they turn out to be catastrophic. Will they be able to deal with the problems and provide the right help for these situations.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Pied Piper

Strong Girl Bong Soon

This was one of the most popular dramas in 2017. The story revolves around a woman who’s known for her mysterious yet unnatural strength. The CEO of a gaming company hires her to be his bodyguard. She always had a huge dream about creating a video game with her as the main character. Despite everything, she always wanted to become a delicate and elegant woman to impress her crush. It’s really fun to watch her tackling evil people.

31 best adventure korean dramas to watch

Strong Girl Do Bong Soon.

Legend of the Blue Sea

Hold on to an adventurous ride about a mermaid’s journey to the human world. This was Lee Min Ho’s popular drama in 2016. Will she be able to cope up with all the changes that occur around modern people? Moreover, this story is inspired by the classic historical tales of Korea from the Joseon period. This drama became very popular among the youngsters. Their chemistry forms a really strong rating for this drama.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Legend Of The Blue Sea.

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The Bride of Habaek (Water God)

This story revolves around a rude and narcissistic Water God, who visits Earth to acquire sacred stones to ascend the throne in his heavenly realm. But he meets a young psychiatrist and falls in love with her. Moreover, This story is a complete blend of romance, adventure, and action. Will he be able to get his love? What will happen if he has to return to his realm? This story welcomes a lot of adventures when Habaek explores the place he’s living in.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

The Bride Of Habaek ( Water God)

Queen For Seven Days

This story revolves around a woman who will ascend the throne for seven days. She will be dethroned as a Queen after the seven days are done. Furthermore, She has to fight with many political rivals to maintain her place as a Queen. This drama was released in 2017. Watch this drama to find out about her triumphs to become a Queen. This drama really captured the public eye with its strong characters.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Queen For Seven Days.

Are You, Human?

This drama was released in 2018. It revolves around the creation of a robot to enact a young man who was poisoned to fall in a coma. However, He gets into this situation because of internal corporate fights. To protect his position, this robot has to take his place. For this plan to be successful, they have to find out the internal rat who’s trying to kill him for his position.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Are You Human?

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Sisyphus: The Myth

Sisyphus: The Myth talks about an intelligent engineer named Han Tae-sul. He tries to disclose the reason for his elder brother’s death. Moreover, he always stumbles upon an unidentified woman named Gang Seo-hae. Her abilities enable her to travel through time. Through this, she helps him and the world from coming into danger.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Sisyphus: The Myth


This drama was released in 2019. It revolves around the medieval Joseon era. It was adapted from the webcomic series, The Kingdom of the Gods. The crown Prince has to explore the reasons behind this mysterious plague that has filled his country. Will he be able to find the real reasons behind this deadly disease and save his people from lifelong suffering?

31 best adventure Korean dramas


Six Flying Dragons

This story revolves around Yi Bang Won. It is about ambitions, conflicts, and success. It was set in the Goryeo dynasty and the Joseon period. All the characters share the same dream of creating a nation that would last for more than 500 years.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Behind The Scenes of Six Flying Dragons

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Doctor Stranger

This story revolves around a young man who was tricked and sent to North Korea. He became a Cardiothoracic Surgeon in North Korea. But after his father’s death, he escapes back to South Korea and finds a girl who looks exactly like the person he met in North Korea.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Doctor Stranger


This story is about a Grim Reaper’s gets punishment for breaking all the rules. Because he had an affair with a human, moreover, He fails to fulfill his afterlife duties, and now he has suffered huge consequences for the same. This drama is really popular, and its contrasting storyline makes it even more interesting. This is one of the best adventure Korean Dramas.

31 best adventure Korean dramas



This Netflix drama revolves around a fighter who’s posing as a night courier. He takes up a responsibility to protect a tabloid journalist from getting assassinated. Ji Chang Wook’s code name is Healer in the drama. Moreover, It’s interesting to watch the right blend of action and mystery with adventure. The Healer is considered to be a fighter with strong fighting skills.

31 best adventure Korean dramas


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Vagabond reached a higher viewership rating within a day of its release. It was one of the most searched Korean dramas. Dal gun loses his nephew in a plane crash due to structural failure but soon realizes that this wasn’t a coincidence. It was a planned malfunction. Dal gun finds out about this through a passenger who was in the plane crash.


Descendants of The Sun

This story is about the doctors in a war zone of Urk. This drama even includes a blooming love story between surgeon Kang Mo-Yeon and Yoo Shi-jin. Both are skilled in their work field. Descendants of the sun are about their struggles to overcome all problems in their personal life as well all the professional issues related to their field.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Descendants Of The Sun.

My Love From The Star

Do min Joon arrived on Earth in 1609. While he was protecting a person, he missed his chance to return to his planet. Years later, he’s still living on Earth, and he has changed his identity numerous times. But his life soon takes a turn when a beautiful actress steps into his life, and the two fall in love.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

My Love From The Star.

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Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Kim Shin is turned into a Goblin and cursed to live his life, with his sword pierced into his heart. He has to see all his loved ones die. Kim Shin can only go back to peace if he finds his Goblin bride to pull out his sword. But what would happen if he met her and fell in love with her?

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Guardian: The Lonely And Great God.


This story is about young reporters who won’t be able to tell the truth because of the Pinocchio Syndrome. This show revolves around the importance of news reporters in this world. As things will change a lot of they spoke the truth through their news reports.

31 best adventure Korean dramas


W – Two Worlds Apart

A young and man woman live in two parallel worlds. The story is about a young and intelligent man who’s sharp with his shooting skills. He gets stuck in a webtoon world that his father created. Apart from all this, he gets entangled in a murder mystery. The question is whether he will escape this alternate universe or not?

31 best adventure Korean dramas

W- Two Worlds Apart.

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Hotel Del Luna

This drama is about an ill-tempered CEO who has to run a hotel that only invites ghosts as their guests. She’s stuck in this duty because of a serious crime that she committed in her past life. She doesn’t remember any of it. This hotel is located between Seoul. This was one of the highest-rated Korean dramas of 2019 in cable television history.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Hotel Del Luna

The King: Eternal Monarch

The King revolves around Lee gon, who discovers an alternate world to Korea, and he aims to stop all atrocities of his half-uncle Lee Lim. He’s the reason behind this portal. Lee gon has to end him and close the portal that leads to the Corea Dynasty. This drama became very popular in 2020 because of its characters, storyline, and amazing transitions. It was the No.1. show in the Wavve charts for eight consecutive weeks.

The King: Eternal Monarch.

I am Not A Robot

Kim Min Kyu is suffering from a severe skin problem. It occurs whenever he has skin contact. He lives a lonely and isolated life. Since he wants a person with him, he looks for a robot that can stay with him as his ally. The story takes a turn when he finds out that the robot is a real girl. He breaks his relationship with all his friends because he was betrayed by them. After all, Kim suffers from a severe allergic reaction that nearly kills him.

I am Not A Robot.

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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox

This story is about a nine-tailed fox – A Gumiho who’s searching for his love. He fell in love with a woman Ah-reum. Lee Yeon is waiting for her reincarnation. One thousand years passed, but he still couldn’t find her. Lee Yeon gave his fox bead as a mark when she was reborn. Then one day, he meets a woman who looks exactly like Ah-reum.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Fox.

The Tale of Nokdu

This story is about a man who disguises himself as a woman to find out secrets about the events that happened around him in his past. He enters a village that only allows women. Through which hen could figure out many things. The millennials were huge fans of his show. It became one of the top-rated shows.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

The Tale Of Nokdu.

Zombie Detective

Kang Min-ho discovers that he has turned into a zombie and forgot all his memories from the past. Since then, he has begun his training to talk and walk like human beings. He covers up his scars with make-up and pretends to be a detective to find out things about his life. Gong Sun-Ji is an ex-journalist, and she’s hired as a part-time assistant at his agency. She discovers his zombie secret. So both of them solve his mysteries together as a team.

Zombie Detective.

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This story is about lawyers who die in different worlds. They inhibit new bodies with Abyss – a powerful resurrection stone. Now it’s time to find out about the reasons behind their death. This is a tale of two friends who died mysteriously. This show also focuses on the fact that desirable people can get a lot of things done.


Arthdal Chronicles

This drama is about a mythical land called Arth. This is the old city of Arthdal. This city suffers from a lot of struggles related to power and position. Some find love in their lives. While some of them have to work hard to get their tribe’s position back. It was recorded as one of the highest-rated dramas in cable television history, with more than 250 million net views. This is one of the Best Adventure Korean dramas.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Arthdal Chronicles

The Uncanny Counter

This story is about four ghost hunters who chase evil spirits. So that they won’t escape the afterlife to seek immortality. They look for normal people and possess them to live the life they missed. These evil spirits try to kill these people to cause harm. They pretend to be Noodle workers and use their restaurant as a hideout.

The Uncanny Counter.

Empress Ki

This story is about the triumph of a young girl who wants to become an empress. Despite all the restrictions from the ancient period. She ascends the throne of the Yuan Dynasty and sacrifices everything, including her first love to attain her ambitions and political respect. This drama received the Golden Bird Prize Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards. This is one of the Best Adventure Korean dramas.

31 best adventure Korean dramas

Empress Ki.

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