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31 Best Horror Korean Dramas To Watch

Best Horror Korean Dramas
Best Horror Korean Dramas

31 best horror Korean dramas to watch: Well! Spooky season is round the corner, and it’s mandatory that we binge watch one of our favorites scary movies and dramas. This pandemic has made it too difficult for us to enjoy our time outside our houses. But, house arrest can be interesting if we get to spend Halloween with psychological thrillers and spine-chilling horror dramas. Halloween is possibly one of the most interesting things in our lives. Dressing up in spooky costumes is dangerously beautiful! Well, this year you have to spend most of your time at home. So let’s get on with a Korean horror marathon!

Korean dramas are really engaging and captivating. Its existence has changed a lot of things in people’s lives. It’s highly addictive, once you start to watch these dramas, there’s no going back! People spend most of their time watching different series and movies. Most of the time, we don’t want it to end. We get so infatuated that we tend to find more stories like that. Today, I’ll let you know about a spooky season genre that includes the 31 best horror Korean dramas to watch! Let’s move on with all the different stories about serial killers, ghosts, and demons!

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1. A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey is also known as Hwayugi. It is the story of Son Oh Gong and Ma Wang’s huge disagreement because they’re constantly putting efforts to look for light from in the darkness. But it’s too difficult to get through this situation because evil lives in every corner. Twenty-five years ago, they made a critical pact with a girl named Jin Seon Mi so that she could ask for help from Son Oh Gong whenever required. This is an oath that he has to follow no matter what because she set him free. Call it fate or coincidence, they meet each other again. Her ability lures many vicious entities, and now, for a lifetime, Son Oh Gong has to fulfill his promise of protecting the same little girl he met years ago. 

31 best horror Korean dramas

A Korean Odyssey

2. The Master’s Sun

The Master’sSun explores everything about the life of Joo Joong-won and Tae Gong-Shil. He’s known as the rude and cold-hearted CEO of an enterprise. It includes a restaurant and a really popular department store. Everything goes on pretty well until he encounters Tae Gong-Shil, a mysterious girl. One day she gets into a huge accident and develops a bizarre ability wherein she can see ghosts.

Since then, she has been in a lot of trouble because these spirits are not friendly with her. They cause her constant troubles with their unusual needs. Even her personal and professional life became too problematic. Gong-shil’s meet with Joo Joong-won changed the course of her life entirely. Because whenever they got into any kind of contact, the ghosts vanished into thin air.

31 best horror Korean dramas

The Master’s Sun

3. Sweet Home

Cha Hyun Soo’s life went downhill after his family went through a terrible accident. So he left everything behind at his house to forget about his past. Moreover, he moved away to a new apartment, taking a pair of clothes and his computer. Gradually things started to move on for him. But one day, mysterious monsters made their way into Earth, and their main goal was to destroy the human race. There’s no place to go because these creatures are present in every nook and corner. The city is full of different kinds of monsters looking for human bodies to consume to fill their cravings. Everything is in a state of chaos. Can Hyun-Soo save himself from these blood-sucking monsters?

31 best horror Korean dramas

Sweet Home

4. Strangers From Hell

Strangers From Hell talks about the story of a young man named Yoon Jong Woo’s bizarre encounter with ambiguous neighbors. He left his country life to move into Seoul because his friend Jae Ho offered him a job. While he was busy looking for a place to spend some of his days, he came across an inexpensive hostel named Eden Gosiwon. This was a preferable option for the time being as Jong-Woo had to share a common kitchen and bathroom with all the other people living there.

Jong-Woo was not at all fascinated with his lifestyle or other residents because his main aim was to adjust for six months. Until he stumbled upon Seo Moon Jo, his next-door resident, he’s a captivating professional dentist. However, Jong Woo decides to ignore it for a few months. But before things could fall on the right track, strange things started to happen around him. Gradually Jong-Woo begins to get scared of everyone staying next to him. 

31 best horror Korean dramas

Strangers From Hell

5. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed is about the popular urban legend of the nine-tailed fox, popularly known as the Gumiho. As many mystical beings are hurting the mortals, Lee Yeon had to move along with the human beings to protect them from all the supernatural entities in a human form. His job is to eliminate these mysterious beings from the human world. But deep down, he wants to look for first love. She was born again, and now he has to look for her. The story takes a different turn when they introduce Nam Ji Ah- a television producer. Her job is to cover topics related to different legends.

Ji Ah is an aspiring producer. But after her parents disappeared mysteriously in a car accident, she’s heavily depressed, but at the same time, she’s also Interested to solve these mysterious myths. At a wedding, Ji Ah spots Lee Yeon, and she suspects that he is connected to her past. Lee Yeon’s half-brother is Lee Rang. Even though he is a half-human, he despises the mortals. He would attract human beings with his charismatic beauty and lure them into his magic only to make them pay a heavy price for their wishes. 

31 best horror Korean dramas

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

6. Bring It On Ghost

Bring It On Ghost is a horror comedy-drama series that explores the story of a high school girl named Kim Hyun-Ji. Five years back, she died in a mysterious accident, and her spirit is roaming the Earth’s surface. The story takes a different turn after the introduction of Park Bong-Pal- an exorcist who’s got unusual powers through which he can communicate with the spirits. Bong-pal wanted to use his powers for his daily income, so he worked as an exorcist to remove ghosts. One day, he gets into a fateful encounter with Kim Hyun-Ji’s ghost. Soon, Bong-pal discovers that he can see the past of the dead ones. As time moved on, the duo grew closer to each other, and together they unfolded unusual mysteries.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Bring It On Ghost

7. The Guest

The Guest talks about the story of Yoon Hwa Pyung, a young boy with spiritual powers. Born into a shaman family, he learns various psychic abilities through which he discovers the secret of a powerful demon named Son. Through his influential powers, the demon influences other demons. His malevolent desires are to possess weak-willed people. They drive them crazy and force them to kill their families and themselves in the end.

Hwa Pyung and two others named Choi Yoon and Kang Kil Yeong come together after their families were killed by the same demon. As the killings started again, these individuals used their powers to help possessed people. Hwa Pyung is a taxi driver, his job is to fetch them to Yoon- a priest and, lastly, Kil Yeong, who’s an experienced detective.

31 best horror Korean dramas

The Guest

8. Lovely Horribly

This rom-com horror drama explores the story of Yoo Philip and Ji Eul Soon. This drama is related to a writer who can turn his writings into reality. The ghosts are very frightened by him. His life goes on monotonously until he stumbles upon Eul soon. Unfortunately, their happiness and bad times are connected oppositely. If one is happy, the other person faces huge problems and vice versa. They work together for a drama, but whatever he has written in the script is happening subsequently around them.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Lovely Horribly

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9. Goedam

Goedam is a spine-chilling horror anthology series about such people that face the spirits lurking in the dark. At nightfall, these undead creatures wake up from their sleep to fulfill their thirst. Each episode is pretty short, which makes us even more interested in all the mysteries involved. This is a psychological thriller with a collection of horror tales. It includes different stories of different people, each person has to face their fear to get through it.

31 Best horror Korean Dramas


10. Kingdom

The Kingdom revolves around the story of a mysterious disease that circulated the entire village. Their king is severely sick for ten days, this disease is none other than a mysterious plague. The palace members have given their statements about the king’s health, and as per them, he’s okay. But people from the capital started spreading rumors about the king’s death. Since Prince Lee Chang could not visit his father, he would roam around the palace halls, and suddenly he noticed a strange thing.

He noticed a dark entity in the palace. His awful smell was the reason they got to know about it in the first place. After stealing the medical journal, they decided to look through it to find some information and visited a physician in Dongnae. The hospital was completely damaged, and they found multiple dead people under the building. Only one medical staff survived this catastrophe, they found her and finally asked her about all the details. Immediately she informs them to take precautions because the undead will soon rise and kill everyone.

31 Best horror Korean Dramas


11. Black

This psychological horror drama Black talks about the story of a grim reaper that possessed a detective. While he was looking for his runaway partner, he unraveled many secrets, which included severe murder cases from 20 years back. Since he is a grim reaper, he failed in his main position because investigating these murders is something that he shouldn’t be doing. He failed to get many spirits to their afterlife mainly because he fell in love with a human. This is a serious offense, and now he has broken all the rules of heaven. Even though he has broken all the supernatural laws, he will still get involved with human lives.

31 Best horror Korean Dramas


12. Possessed

The drama Possessed revolves around a detective and a psychic named Kang Pil Sung and Hong Seo Jung. Pil Sung is terrific with his investigating skills, even though he procrastinates a lot, he’ll still work hard when he has to. On the other hand, Seo Jung is known for her strong spiritual abilities, but instead of using them, she keeps them away from the world. Because of her psychic powers, she’s always left alone without any friends.  One day while Pil Sung was busy analyzing a case, he stumbles upon Seo Jung. Since she is very different from other women, he instantly becomes interested in her. But, soon, he discovers her capabilities, and together they unravel many secrets.

31 Best horror Korean Dramas


13. Nightmare Teacher

The drama Nightmare Teacher talks about Han Bong-Gu- a temporary homeroom teacher at Yosan Private High School, as the actual one got into an accident. Since the first day itself, the students found his actions to be very strange. Even though he’s not enlisted in the teacher’s list, all the other teachers still reflect on him too much. Han Bong-Gu uses his mysterious methods to entice the children and lure them into an imaginary and illusionary world created by him.

31 Best horror Korean Dramas

Nightmare Teacher

14. The Ghost Detective

This horror mystery drama Ghost Detective revolves around the story of Lee Da-il- a private investigator. He has been looking for different ways to dig up the reasons behind Yeo Wool’s sibling’s death. This investigation led him to a woman in red. Surprisingly, she’s present at every crime scene. Now his main aim is to find out about her significance in every crime scene. Throughout his journey,  Jung Yeo-Wool helped him as his assistant. Together they unravel numerous hidden mysteries.

31 best horror Korean dramas

The Ghost Detective

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15. Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective

This supernatural horror drama talks about Yoon Cheo Yong. Since a very young age, he has been able to communicate with spirits. He was once known as the best officer from the crimes unit, but seven years back, he had to face a tragic incident wherein he lost his family. This made him so depressed that he left his job. After that, he started working as a district officer. Since he’s lonely, he’s not interested in anything related to people. Suddenly one day, while he was working, he stumbled upon the spirit of a young high school girl. From there on, he gets emerged in her case. Soon, Cheo and his assistant started working on different mysteries with the girl’s ghost. 

31 best horror Korean dramas

Cheo Yong

16. Arang And The Magistrate

Arang and the Magistrate are also known as the Tale of Arang. Eun Oh is a cold and ruthless man. When he was a young boy, he lost his mother because of his mistake, and since then, he has been looking for her around the kingdom. Apart from this, Oh Who can communicate with spirits, and he has been used to it since he was a child. This, in turn, made him strong and confident whenever he confronted them. While he was busy roaming the capital, he encounters the ghost of a woman named Arang. Many days pass by, and they become good allies, that’s when she tells him about her murder. Arang requests him for help because Eun Oh is the only person that can get her to attain her revenge.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Arang And The Magistrate

17. Priest

This horror drama is about a young and experienced priest named Oh Soo Min, he’s very passionate about his work, and he is a member of a group named 634 Regia. These members are known for unofficially conducting exorcisms. His mother was possessed by a demon, and he lost her because she couldn’t get her exorcism done on time. Since then, he has been wanting to work with such groups to help people who are rejected by the church. Through Priest Moon Ki Sun, he learned the knack for exorcisms. Apart from this, this drama is connected to such personalities who want to save the lives of people. Ham Eun Ho became a doctor after she lost her family in an accident. She never believed in ghosts until she met Oh Soo Min. 

31 best horror Korean dramas


18. The Cursed

The Cursed talks about a reporter named Im Jin Hee, she’s always concerned about the truth. One day she got into a case that involved an IT company named Forest. Jin Jong Hyun is the chairman of this company, and he’s a huge believer in spiritual things. Moreover, Im Jin Hee learns about a spiritual firm connected to Forest. While she was busy digging into the secrets of Jong Hyun, she stumbles upon So Jin, who is possessed by a ghost.

31 best horror Korean dramas

The Cursed

19. The Village: Achiara’s Secret

The Village: Achiara’s Secret talks about the story of a peaceful village that never encountered any crime. Everything was going well until a teacher named Han So Yoon discovered the body of a woman. Things began to get complicated, and the people started doubting each other. Moreover, The case moved forward with the identity of the corpse. Higher officials were involved in this case, and two police officers were appointed to dig out more information. As time went on, they unravelled many secrets and mysteries of the village.

31 best horror Korean dramas

The Village: Achiara’s Secret

20. Sell Your Haunted House

Sell your haunted house revolves around the story of an exorcist and a conman named Ji Ah and In Beom. Ji Ah is well known for her strong psychic capabilities, and she earned this from her mother. She even owns a company name Daebak Realty which is known for selling haunted houses. Moreover, Ji Ah is a beautiful woman, but she is very short-tempered. Her impatient behavior makes her violent before resolving issues with tolerance. As time went on, Ji Ah stumbled upon a conman named In Beom. He betrays people with fake exorcisms. One day he approaches Ji Ah with an offer to work along with her. He promises to help her with selling these houses. Will they ever get along together?

31 best horror Korean dramas

Sell Your Haunted House

21. Save Me

Save Me talks about the story of a father’s business loss. After suffering from these problems, he moved to Muji-gun along with his family. His daughter Sung-Mi is pretty upset because they have no friends or relatives to talk to. As time went on, she encountered four young men. They quickly become good friends and spend their time together. But soon, Sang Mi’s family faces a lot of problems, and a Father named Baek Jung Ki offers them help. Little did they know that they were getting stuck in a really bad deal for a lifetime.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Save Me

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22. Who Are You?

Who are you talks about the story of a woman named Yang Shi On, she mysteriously gained a psychic ability to see dead people. This happened six years after she woke up from a coma. On the other hand, Cha Gun Woo is a man who never trusts any situation without proof.  Together they help these spirits that are attached to certain objects at the lost and found center. Throughout this drama, you’ll come across a perfect blend of romance and horror. The bond between humans and spirits are depicted with the help of these detectives.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Who Are You?

23. When The Devil Calls Your Name

When the devil calls your name talks about the story of Ha Rip’s face-to-face encounter with the devil. He became one of the most popular songwriters in the entertainment industry. But how did he achieve this amount of success? Apart from putting in efforts, he made the biggest sacrifice of his life. Ha Rip was a hardworking artist, and things never worked for him in his way.

But when Ha Rip thought about giving up, he found the devil, and he offered him everything he ever wanted, but for a hefty price. Since he was very excited and needy about his success, Ha Rip decided to give in and offer his soul to the Devil. But, since it’s been 10 years, the Devil is back to get his soul.  So, to keep his success alive, he attempts to make another deal with the devil. But will it pay the debt of his life?

31 best horror Korean dramas

When The Devil Calls Your Name

24. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter is the story of four people that specializes in hunting demons. They made this group together, intending to destroy malevolent spirits that seek humans for life. They disguise themselves as normal workers from a noodle restaurant. So Moon is the youngest member, but he is the main one among the Counters.

Do Ha Na has the strongest ability wherein she can sense the presence of spirits even if she is far away from them. She can read the minds of anyone that she desires. On the other hand, Ga Mo Tak is a man with tremendous endurance and strength.  Chu Mae okay is filled with a lot of healing abilities, and Choi Jang Mool is the oldest of all, he looks after their budget and expenses. 

31 best horror Korean dramas

The Uncanny Counter

25. White Christmas

White Christmas talks about the story of eight different individuals and their fear. They received an unidentified letter, which had things written about their death. These students belonged to Susin High School. They decided to spend their holidays at their school, and a teacher decided to accompany them too.

A man named Kim Yo Han decides to stay with them after he gets into a severe accident, and he is a psychologist by profession. Because of a heavy storm, he is forced to spend the rest of his days too. While every other student is busy celebrating their Christmas holidays, these eight students are scared to death because the letters they received were from an anonymous murderer on the loose.

31 best horror Korean dramas

White Christmas

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26. Mirror Of The Witch

Mirror of the witch talks about various angles like curses and black magic. This drama talks about a Queen’s desire for kids. One day she realizes that she is infertile. So, she decides to use black magic to conceive a baby. In an attempt to get pregnant, she steals babies from a shaman’s body. Her attempts become successful, and she conceives two healthy babies at once. But she has to pay the price for her mistake. Even though she is blessed with children, they were cursed with a short life. Now she has to stop this curse, as time moves, she proceeds to transmit this curse from different princes and princesses.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Mirror Of The Witch

27. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna talks about the story of a woman named Jang Man-Wol. She has to maintain an old hotel to pay for her mistake. Currently, she is the CEO of Hotel del Luna. Along with this, Jang is known for her amazing beauty, but deep down, she’s ruthless and cold-hearted. Along with this, she has to work with a person named Koo Chan-Sung. He is the young and talented assistant manager of this hotel. Comparatively, these two people have completely alternative personalities. Together they have to work and maintain this hotel.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Hotel Del Luna

28. Extracurricular

Extracurricular revolves around four high school students. They got out of there to engage in various crimes to earn money. Because of this, they get into a lot of unusual problems. Ji-soo turns into a criminal from a good student. He carries on to commit many crimes without thinking about the consequences. Along with him, many other students get entangled in different criminal activities since they have to keep their mouth shut and become a partner to his crimes.

31 best horror Korean dramas


29. Goblin

Goblin is the story of a Military general from the Goryeo dynasty named Kim Shin. He’s killed awfully, and one day he wakes up with tremendous strength and invincibility as a goblin. His curse makes him see all his loved ones die in every birth. So he is waiting for the arrival of the Goblin Bride. The only mortal being that can pull his sword and give him eternal peace.

Kim Shin meets Ji Eun Tak and learns that she is his bride. She can see ghosts and talk to them. But her only purpose is to free the goblin, or else she’ll die. They fall in love and decide to live through this. But suddenly, Eun Tak discovers a malevolent spirit of Park Joong Hun. He is the reason behind Kim Shin’s death. But what will they do if they realize that Kim Shin’s sword is the only way to kill him?

31 best horror Korean dramas


30. Mouse

Mouse talks about the story of different psychopaths. It revolves around the thoughts of these serial killers. Do they ever feel guilty for their actions? Followed by the lives of two police officers named Jeong Ba-reum and Go Moo-chi. Their lives completely changed after they encountered a psychopath. Their main aim was to unravel the reasons behind psychopathic personalities. They came across different sets of questions. What will you do if you are bearing the child of a psychopath? And are these killers born or made?

31 best horror Korean dramas


31. Strange School Tales

Strange School Tales talks about the experiences of a young girl who lost her parents, and now she’s all grown up. So she decides to find out all the reasons for her parents’ death. To find out more about it in detail, she decides to visit her old house, wherein she spent her entire childhood. The Korean mini-series drama will entice you with its spine-chilling storyline and jump scares.

31 best horror Korean dramas

Strange School Tales

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