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15 Easy Cosplay Ideas For Beginners To Start

The following article is about the easiest cosplay ideas for beginners. Millions of people love to watch anime, play games, or watch television series. Most of the time, they think about how cool it would be to be in this world of anime, games, or the things they prefer, just to have the powers. In reality, it is not possible to be there. But there is nothing wrong with imitating. The internet has different shopping platforms where the costumes of our favorite characters are available. We can buy and pretend to be them.

It is like supporting a football club, buying a jersey to imitate the players. This is called cosplaying. Several people have chosen cosplay to be their profession and are very good at it. Comic-con and Anime Expo are one of the best places for cosplay. But few are new and have no idea about what to wear. To help them decide we writing this article. So let us get right into the topic and see 15 of the easiest cosplay ideas for beginners, which you can try.


Everybody knows or heard the name of Superman. One of the most common superheroes that rival a God. Superman is one of the easiest ideas for cosplay. The blue shirt with the ‘S’ in the middle is available almost on every shopping platform. There are not many details to cover except for the blue and red combination. For a beginner, it is one of the best choices.


Cosplay: Superman

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Speaking of superheroes, it is rude to mention one from DC and ignore Marvel. Just like Superman, Wolverine is also fairly easy to portray. With a cigar, a white vest, and jeans, it is the easiest Marvel cosplay. The only thing that requires a bit of work is the claw. It is readily available on Amazon.


Cosplay: Wolverine


The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most popular anime, if not the best. Every boy in his life has tried to become a Super Saiyan at least once in their life. The amazing transformations are a feast to the eyes. To cosplay Goku, the main thing required is a blond or blue wig. As for clothes, you can go shirtless, with a pair of orange trousers.


Cosplay: Goku


No, do not get hungry. The topic is about cosplay, not burgers. Ronald McDonalds, or popularly known as McDonald, is an out-of-the-book character to cosplay. But it is fairly easy. The only thing you have to do is dress as a clown with a yellow jumpsuit with red stripes.


Cosplay: McDonald’s

Assassin’s Creed

The Assasin’s Creed franchise has several heroes. Ezio, Altair, Connor, etc., are a few of the popular ones. With a single blade on the wrist and a hood, cosplaying an Assasin’s Creed character is not that difficult. Not to mention we tried that several times in front of the mirror.


Cosplay: Assassin’s Creed


Probably the easiest cosplay idea of the lot. Skeleton does not stick to any single category. Several anime, games, comics, and television series have a skeleton in them. Even though it is not Halloween, but it is still a cool idea. Moreover, not only online shopping platforms but also markets have skeleton costumes.


Cosplay: Skeleton

Captain Jack Sparrow

Easy to cosplay does not always mean that the costumes are easy to get but something people know about. Cosplaying Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies may be a bit tiresome, as it requires many things. But cosplaying him is one of the best ideas for a beginner. It is better to add that the costume is more popular and easily get due to its popularity.


Cosplay: Captain Jack Sparrow


Does the name ring any bells? No? well, maybe if I try L from Death Note, then it might ring. Lawliet cosplay idea is a fairly easy task—a white full-sleeve t-shirt with a pair of black trousers. A wig may be required. Let us all agree that we can only cosplay the costume and not the intimidating personality.


Cosplay: Lawliet

Scooby Dobie Doo

All the members of Monster Inc. have massive popularity all over the globe. They have a basic 80s costume which is very easy to get. Although later in this list, you are going to get another character from the cartoon.


Cosplay: Scooby Dobie Doo

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Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is one of the strongest characters from the Naruto franchise. She is pretty and has pink hair. The wig, along with the costume, is very common. Her costume can be made at home with a velvet color shirt piece.


Cosplay: Sakura Haruno


The muscular character from our childhood is a very easy cosplay idea for beginners. No time and energy are wasted in this cosplay. A muscular body is all you require. Go shirtless with a brown skirt and a sword, and there you have it.


Cosplay: He-Man

Harley Quinn

A lot of heroes on the list, but it is time for a villain entry. Harley Quinn is one of the lovable villains of all time. Her love for the Joker is unparalleled. She is also an easy idea. Just color your face white, wear a colorful t-shirt and skirt, a blonde wig, and a baseball bat. You got yourself a homemade Harley Quinn.


Cosplay: Harley Quinn


Velma is the easiest one to cosplay from the Scooby Dobie Doo cartoon. A skirt, orange sweater, and a pair of glasses will do. If possible, get a Velma haircut.


Cosplay: Velma


Do not laugh, but Pikachu is the cutest anime character ever. You can say whatever but will not change my opinion. Just buy a yellow jumpsuit and put a pair of yellow rabbit ears on top with a small tail. After cosplaying, try to say “Pika Pika.” It will be the cosplay ever.


Cosplay: Pikachu


It is like ending on a good note with a villain. But remember, Mystique did play a few good characters also. Painting your whole body blue and wearing a deep orange wig is more than enough to make you Mystique. Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence.


Cosplay: Mystique

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Hi, I'm Priyanko. Currently I am student of Economics. I love watching anime and series. All the geek and nerd stuffs are my genre. Reach out to me at,

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