Who Is Mochi In Kpop? Who Is The Cutest Baby Mochi In The World?

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Who Is Mochi In Kpop
Who Is Mochi In Kpop?

New fans must be wondering who is called Mochi in the kpop industry? Well, those who have known the kpop music for a quite time should know the answer. After all, each member of every kpop group gets various nicknames based on their personality, stage persona, physical appearance, and so on. For instance, BTS. Each BTS member has numerous endearing names given by their fans, ARMY. The BTS leader RM is known as a God of Destruction, Joonie, Rapjoon, Moonie, etc. But let’s not take the God of Destruction in a negative way. Although he has a magic hand since the things don’t last in his hands, he always becomes careful with his action figures or any other task so he won’t break the things. He is such a sweet man!

Like RM, the other members also have endearing nicknames, such as Jin is known as WWH (World Wide Handsome) for his breathtaking beauty. Suga is often referred to as a Cat (Meow Meow) due to his lazy but lovable nature. J-Hope is called Sunshine for his cheerful and brightest persona. Jimin is named Chimmy for his cute squishy cheeks, while Taehyung is called TaeTae, Bear, or Baby Tiger. Lastly, our youngest member Jeon Jungkook is knowns as Golden Maknae, Baby Star Candy, Googie, etc. So if each BTS members have different nicknames, who is Mochi in kpop? or who is the cutest Baby Mochi in the world? Is it someone from BTS or another kpop group?

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Who Is Mochi In Kpop?

Some fans may be confused with Mochi nickname. Mochi is actually a Japanese sweet. It is made of rice cake with various stuffings such as ice creams, fruits inside the soft, chewy, and sweet rice dough. So now that you know about such a sweet yummy Mochi, who do you think of? The first kpop idol comes to your mind. Well, the answer is BTS member Park Jimin is called Mochi in kpop!

Who is the cutest mochi in the world
Park Jimin and Mochi

Like the sweet and chewy rice dough of a Mochi, Park Jimin is known for his sweetest and most caring persona. His charming and gentle nature that can light up anyone’s darkness is another reason for calling him Mochi in the kpop world. Besides his endearing personality, there is another reason Park Jimin is called Mochi, which is his adorable chubby cheeks! His pale plumpy cheeks turn a lighter shade of red when he gets shy or due to cold. Thus, his pinkish cheeks resemble the squishiness of a mochi. Then there is his cute pout and him doing aegyo that can melt anyone’s heart!

Therefore, there is no denying that no one can resemble Mochi other than BTS’ Park Jimin. Like the sugary and soft Japanese sweet, Mochi Jimin is what we all need in our life!

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The Cutest Baby Mochi In The World

Now we know that BTS member Park Jimin is knowns as Mochi in kpop but do fans even call him baby mochi? Well, yes. It started in 2020 when BTS members were invited to The Late Late Show with James Corden. In BTS Carpool Karaoke, James Corden mentioned that Jimin is called Mochi by AMRY, making the boys burst out laughing. However, their teasing led to the birth of Baby Mochi and Papa Mochi.

After RM explained what a Mochi is, James Carden pointed to Jimin, telling him, ‘Mochi is like ice cream inside and rice on the outside.’ Thus, Jimin immediately responded by saying, ‘You are Papa Mochi. I miss you, Papa.’ Since then, Park Jimin has been named the cutest Baby Mochi in the world, while James Corden is his Papa Mochi!

baby mochi and papa mochi
Cr: The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

There is no doubt that Park Jimin deserves to be called by such an endearing nickname. He has been working hard since day 1 to chase his dream and to be loved by his fans. During various concerts, interviews, and television show appearances, Park Jimin mentioned how much he cares about his fans and their happiness. Indeed there is no such an angel as Park Jimin. So without hesitation, ARMY also loves and supports him.

Finally, the time has come since BTS will be making a comeback on 10 June 2022 with their new album PROOF! Thus, don’t forget to shower the cutest Baby Mochi Park Jimin with your love and support! 

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