BTS Proof Tracklist CD 3 Releases, Contains Demo Versions

The final tracklist for BTS’s new album Proof is finally out and ARMYs just can’t hold on to their excitement. BTS Proof Tracklist CD 3 is also out. Their wishes have been granted as the tracks include demo versions of songs like Spring Day, Jump, Tony Montana, and many others. 

Proof will be out on 10th June 2022 so mark the date and stay tuned. 

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BTS Proof CD 3 Tracklist Revealed

On 10th May 2022, KST midnight Big Hit Music released the final tracklist of BTS’s upcoming anthology album ‘Proof’. Like the tracklists in the other two CDs, CD 3 consists of a brand new track along with some very special surprises for the ARMYs. The list of songs are Jump (Demo Version), Young Love, Boy In Luv (Demo Version), Quotation Mark, I Need You (Demo Version), Boyz With Fun (Demo Version), Tony Montana ( With Jimin), Young Forever (RM Demo Version), Spring Day (V Demo Version), DNA (J-Hope Demo Version), Epiphany (Jin Demo Version), Seesaw (Demo Version), Still With You Acapella and For Youth. 

BTS Proof
BTS Proof CD 3 Tracklist

We’re finally getting the demo versions of these songs with the brand new track For Youth. Tracks like Young Love and Quotation Mark will not be available on streaming platforms and are only constricted to CDs. The tracklist is just so beautiful and we’re even going to witness an acapella version of Still With You.

Also, how can we forget there is Tony Montana with Jimin. The entire fandom has been waiting for this for so long and finally, it is happening. ARMYs are on their ninth cloud and why not the tracklists are adorned with amazing songs. However, it seems except for the song ‘For Youth’ the other tracks will only be available on CD. 

To take the excitement a notch higher, the Rap line contributed to the production of ‘For Youth’. Now, BTS’s songs inspire a wide range of audiences without the difference in age bars. However, their songs especially impact the youth and with a song titled ‘For Youth,’ it is to see what message they give. 

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