BTS MBTI Personality Test Results: Find Out Who You Resemble!

MBTI personality types of BTS
BTS take the MBTI Personality Test

Have you ever taken a quiz online to find out which BTS member you are like? Well, here’s another way to confirm, as the BTS recently took the MBTI Personality Tests. The boys recently tried taking the MBTI test to figure out what their personality types are in 2022. The video that was released on youtube was a rather fun segment in which the members also revealed their lead single in their upcoming album proof. The track is titled “Yet To Come” and will be one of the three new songs on the album.

Now onto BTS MBTI personalities; the MBTI or the Myers-Briggs personality test is a popular self-assessment tool. According to this test, human behavior can be classified into 16 broad personality types. Based on your interests and way of answering the specially designed questionnaire, MBTI allocates your profile into a specific personality type. Here are the results of the BTS MBTI personality test. You can take the test yourself and compare your results with the BTS MBTI personalities!

BTS MBTI Personality Test Results

It was quite surprising to see that five out of seven of the biggest icons in the world test positive to show signs of introverted behavior. We might not fully know our idols after all! Nevertheless, these results were proof that there is always more than what meets the eye. This applies even when a large chunk of your life is exposed to the world as a part of the celebrity lifestyle. Let us dive right in to determine what were the MBTI personalities of BTS.

1. Kim Namjoon (RM)

The leader of the group fell into the category of ENFP. This particular category also referred to as the Campaigner, indicates a free spirit. Persons falling under this segment are said to be outgoing, open-minded, and avid explorers. In short, they are often the life of the party! However, what truly sets them apart is also their thirst for an emotional and meaningful connection with themselves and those around them. That definitely screams RM, don’t you think? Some other famous celebrities known to be campaigners are Robert Downey Jr and Will Smith!

Kim Namjoon

2. Kim Seokjin and Jeon Jungkook

It was truly a delight to see the oldest member of BTS and our golden maknae share a personality type. The two of them were categorized as INTP, which is quite a rare type in the BTS MBTI personalities. An INTP classification essentially indicates an introverted and intuitive personality. They are also known as logicians owing to their unending curiosity and unconventional approach to life. However, they are also known to radiate confidence and creativity in a way that helps them stand out in a crowd of people. This convinced us of the accuracy of the BTS MBTI personality test result! Some other renowned people also in this category are Bill Gates and Albert Einstein!

BTS MBTI personalities
Jin and Jungkook

3. Park Jimin

It was no surprise when our mochi fell into a rather extroverted bracket. Park Jimin tested as an ESTP. These individuals are the entrepreneurs of life and are known for their willingness to take risks. Conversations with them are often bustling with energy with a slight dose of witty humor. Moreover, They are full of passion and conviction, always inspiring others! Well, what can we say? That is an easy definition of Park Jimin! Madonna and Jamie Lannister are a few other ESTPs in the entertainment world.

BTS Jimin
Park Jimin

4. Jung Hoseok

Who would’ve thought that our sunshine, whose energy is almost contagious, is secretly an introvert? That’s right, J-Hope is classified as an INFJ in the BTS MBTI personalities. INFJ, also known as an advocate, is the rarest personality type to exist. Upon reading about their tendency to seek meaning in life through their ambitions and goals, we were convinced that it is a perfect fit for J-Hope. Moreover, they are also known for their desire to help others! Some other famous people who share this personality type are Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa!

BTS Hoseok
Jung Hoseok

5. Min Yoongi

If you ever doubted the accuracy of such online tests, stop! Because Min Yoongi’s result is spot on! He is an ISTP or a virtuoso who is characterized by his observant nature. Virtuosos find joy in producing something with their own intellect. Moreover, they have an individualistic mindset with their goals as their driving force and not any external connections! Some other celebrities of the same type are Micheal Jordan and Tom Crusie.

mbti personalities of bts
Min Yoongi

6. Kim Taehyung

Lastly, we have Taehyung falling under the category of mediator, aka INFP. They are literally characterized by their ability to live perfectly in their daydreams. In addition to this, they are imaginative and have a soul connection with various forms of art like music and nature. However, this personality is also quite rare, which sometimes makes them feel lonely. Despite this, some other celebrities who fall under the same category are Johnny Depp and William Shakespeare!

Kim Taehyung

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