Warming Up to You is one of the Hallmark features that recently premiered on the network. The film features an exhaustive amount of breathtaking scenery that serves as the backdrop for many scenes throughout the movie. The saccharine tone of the film and the beautiful views perfectly complement each other. Another thing that Warming Up to You do is, raise the audience’s curiosity as to where was the movie filmed

Fresh out of the binge, many viewers take to the internet to find where the shoot of the film has taken place. It’s understandable seeing how the picturesque shots of the movie engulf you in awe. If you’re one of the curious ones and seeking the answers, you’re at the right place. We have dug up the locations that the film has used for its lovely backdrops. To learn more about where Warming Up to You is filmed and what the film is all about, read on!

Hallmark Russell Cindy warming movie
Kate takes a wellness retreat at the Silver Springs Resort & Spa

All Scenic Filming Locations Where Warming Up to You Is Filmed

Warming Up to You is filmed in Canada in its entirety. The film showcases a number of beautiful locales and landscapes throughout its run. The scenic beauty perfectly complements the sugary and cutesy romantic back and forth between the two protagonists. A lot of scenes involving Kate and Rick’s fitness exercises and routines have the beautiful lakeside as the background. The backdrop in numerous scenes, whether it be in the more natural landscapes or ones surrounding the resort and spa, are splendid and serene.

The filming locations for Warming Up to You are within Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The region provides some of the best filming locations, thanks to its extremely scenic landscapes. Replete with majestic valleys, mighty mountains, and lakeside views directly out of a Bob Ross painting, Vancouver is one of the most sought-after places for many film productions. Thanks to the place being rife with beautiful landscapes, the film industry in the region is quite active.

Cindy Busby Christopher Russell hallmark movie
Kate and Rick working out together by the lakeside

The cast and crew, including director Christie Will Wolf, have shared several photos of the scenic locale that served as the filming locations for Warming Up to You. Wolf had shared several pictures of the beautiful scenery near the Gold Bridge town, British Columbia. Latonya Williams, who plays the supporting character of Sasha, also shared the BTS photos of the film during the principal photography.

Who Stars in the Film?

The main cast of the feature includes Cindy Busby, who plays the lead, Kate Wolfe. Christopher Russell plays the other lead opposite Cindy as the Hollywood megastar Rick Steele. The two actors have played opposite each other a total of three times before this feature. Both of the actors are not strangers to Hallmark features, having starred in numerous films by the network. Caitlyn Stryker plays the supporting character of Liza Calhoun. The cast also includes Dolores Drake (Minnie), Devon Alexander (Jared Munroe), Al Miro (Nigel), and Latonya Williams (Sasha).

Cast of warming up to you
The main cast of Warming Up to You

What Is The Hallmark Feature All About?

Warming Up to You follows an enemy-to-lovers relationship between two individuals. While the two main characters aren’t exactly enemies or anything intense like that, they do initially have a cutesy at-odds dynamic that slowly blooms into a cutesy in-love affair. We start with Kate, a fitness instructor who has left Los Angeles for a job somewhere else. This elsewhere is her best friend’s wellness retreat. However, another person is arriving at the retreat as well. It’s Rick Steele — a Hollywood A-lister that the studio has assigned to Kate. Rick’s got the looks, the charms, and the whole shebang. However, he’s a little out of shape for his next movie portrayal.

That’s where Kate comes in, and it’s now her job to help Rick get into the particular shape. The fitness workouts commence, and while Kate is focused on turning the slacking, out-of-shape star’s body into the fit state it was in before, Rick is focused on making the experience fun for them. Slowly, the personal trainer and the Hollywood star develop a romantic relationship. However, just when things start getting all cute and lovey-dovey, a third person’s arrival threatens the blooming romance. As it turns out, the studio assigns another A-lister — Liza — to Kate as her second fitness client. Will Liza’s entry jeopardize the development Kate and Rick have got going on? That’s for you to find out by tuning into the Hallmark channel and watching the movie.

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