Best K-Pop Boy Group Lead Vocalists: BTS Jimin, EXO Suho & More

Best Kpop Boy Group Lead Vocalist
Best Kpop Boy Group Lead Vocalist

Here we have prepared the list of the best K-Pop boy group lead vocalists who have stolen millions of hearts! With the growing K-Pop industry, more fans are becoming aware of different groups. Be it from second-generation or fourth-generation, each group has the main vocalist(s) and lead vocalist(s). Some new K-Pop fans may get confused with these group positions. The main vocalist(s) is the member with the best signing technique skills and gets the difficult vocal part. Meanwhile, the lead vocalist(s) is the member with the second-best singing skills.

Besides, the lead vocalist usually sings before the main vocalist. However, fans sometimes assume the lead vocalist’s position from negative views or consider it less important, which is entirely wrong. After all, the K-Pop group unites when they have a perfect balance of the main and lead vocalists, matching the team’s dynamic. Furthemore, the lead vocalist can sing chorus parts. However, it’s necessary to have a good lead vocalist who can lead the flow of the music flawless while harmonizing with each member. Also, the following list may not contain all lead vocalists. Thus, we have selected a few best lead vocalists from K-Pop boy groups who shine brighter on the stage!

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8. N from VIXX

Cha Hak Yeon, better known by his stage name N, takes a spot on the list of the top-ranking K-Pop boy group lead vocalist. Although N is a leader and dancer of VIXX, he doesn’t shy away from showing off his powerful vocal skills. As for his solo work, N has released only singles until now. Cactus, Stress Come On, and Ojingeo Doenjang are some of his music pieces.

However, listeners are more fans of his voice in W OST ‘Without You.’ That OTS should be on your playlist. Even though he has not focused on his solo work, the group tracks shine more colorful with his honey-coated voice. Even the panelist of the Korean variety show King of Mask Singer had praised his singing techniques. His soothing but clean voice makes each lyric more beautiful and angelic to listeners’ ears. Furthermore, there is no doubt that N is also well-known for his distinct vocal tone that can melt anyone’s heart!

7. Jeonghan and Joshua from SEVENTEEN

The thirteen-member group SEVENTEEN has two lead vocalists, Jeonghan and Joshua. Being part of the vocal team, the vocalists stoop out from the crowd. However, blending with the teammates’ range is not an easy task. Nevertheless, Jeonghan and Joshua have done it wonderfully, making their tracks more delicate and perfect. As for their solos, Jeonghan has released his first digital single, Dream, in Korean and Japanese. 

Best Kpop Boy Group Lead Vocalist
Joshua and Jeonghan

As for Joshua, he has not released any solos yet. However, considering their rising polarity, the day is not far away when Joshua also releases his first solo. Hopefully, soon, an opportunity knocks on their door, and we get Jeonghan and Joshua sub-unit. There is no doubt that their unit work would be a blessing to fans’ ears!

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6. Daesung from BIGBANG

Daesung debuted as a member of BIGBANG in 2006. Although it took two years, Daesung finally released his solo music piece Look At Me, Gwisun in 2008. Until now, the singer released two studio albums, D’scover and D’slove, and three EPs, Delight, D-Day, and Delight 2. Furthermore, he has shown remarkable vocal skills in various singles such as Wings, Lunatic, Cotton Candy, Baby Don’t Cry, etc.

Best Lead Vocalist In Kpop Boy Group Band

Besides, his tenor voice suits Japanese tracks more. Almost all of his solo works are released in the Japanese language. There is no way one wouldn’t like his Japanese singles. That’s why he even has the Japanese stage name D-Lite. Not to mention, all of his Japanese singles are chart-toppers. Therefore, due to his wonderful tenor and stable vocal, Daesung deserves to be on the top K-Pop boy band lead vocalists list!

5. Donghae from Super Junior

Super Junior’s Donghae is also one of the top K-Pop boy group lead vocalists that fans have been admiring since a long ago. After debuting with Super Junior in November 2005, the singer has been actively working on improving his singing and songwriting skills. He is also a member of the sub-units Super Junior-M and Super Junior-D&E. Eventually, in 2020, Donghae released his solo single, Harmony, making fans swoon over him. How can they not fall in love with his voice? After all, Donghae’s soft yet stable vocal can work out well even with the toughest chores.

After Harmony, his next digital single, California Love, and promotional singles such as Happy Bubbly (with Kyuhyun), Watch Out (with Bobby Moon), and Perfect (Cadillac X Donghae) are some of the examples that have shown how wonderfully his voice blends, leaving his own impression on listener’s minds.

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4. Changsub and Hyunsik from BTOB

We all know that BTOB is well known for having a strong vocal line, and thus, it is not surprising that BTOB has two lead vocalists, Changsub and Hyunsik. After BTOB’s debut, both Changsub and Hyunsik did a great job as lead vocalists shining on the stage and stealing fans’ hearts with their golden vocals. Also, Changsub is a member of subunits BTOB-BLUE and BTOB 4U. He has released two albums, You Inside My Memories and At the End. His singles and drama OSTs are also popular among fans, such as Sorry, After Time Passes, For You, Goodbye Sadness, Bye Bye Love, etc.

Best Lead Vocalist In Kpop Boy Group Band
Hyunsik and Changsub

As for Hyunsik, he is also a part of BTOB-BLUE. Hyungsik has released a mini-album Rendez-vous including various singles such as First Love, Ambiguous, Rainy Apgujeong, Swimming, and Dear Love. Excluding their solos, Changsub and Hyunsik’s vocals harmonized very well with the rest of the vocal line, making each song more heavenly to listeners’ ears. Hence, there is no way we can skip such beautiful voices while making the best K-Pop boy group lead vocalist list.

3. Moonbin and Sanha from ASTRO

ASTRO has not just one but two lead vocalists. There is no denying that Moobin and Sanha complement each other’s vocals flawlessly. Therefore, after debuting with ASTRO, the company also made a sub-unit of only these two called Moonbin & Sanha. Sanha’s sentiment melody wonderfully blends with Moonbin’s dynamics. Thus, it is not surprising that ASTRO members Moonbin and Sanha have made it on the top K-Pop boy group lead vocalists list!

Since they also have their own sub-unit, Moonbin and Sanha have released two mini-albums, In-Out and Refuse. Their singles Bad Idea, Ghost Town, and Who are often praised by fans. As for their solo works, Moonbin had collaborated with Weki Meki’s Ji Su Yeon for Language Test. On the other hand, Yoon Sanha also teamed up with Bily Acoustie for Because I’m a Fool and with AOA’s Chanmi for One More Chance. Considering their sub-unit work, it’s not unexpected that Moonbin and Sanha’s vocals lead ASTRO’s songs flawlessly with their heavenly melodies!

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2. Suho from EXO

The second rank of the best K-Pop boy band lead vocalists is taken by EXO’s leader Suho. After debuting in 2013, Suho started working on his vocal skills. He is also a member of EXO-K. Some may think he is underrated, but he is not. Besides two EPs, Self-Portrait and Grey Suit, Suho has showcased his excellent singing technique by giving numerous singles, and OSTs. Starlight and Curtain are examples of his outstanding vocals, and thus there is no denying that these tracks were made for him!

Saving Sants, Made in You, Starry Night, Let’s Love, For You Now are some of the tracks that will make you fall in love with his divine voice. Not to forget, his stable high note and strong command over his vocals, even during the hardest chores, make him a versatile singer!

1. Park Jimin from BTS

BTS member Park Jimin has topped the list of the best K-Pop boy group lead vocalists. Although he has the least training period among the members, Park Jimin has showcased excellent performance since their debut. After debuting with BTS members in June 2013, the singer has given various stunning music pieces. Park Jimin even has been praised for his various singles that will leave goosebumps. After all, how can one not fall in love hearing his beautiful effeminate tone? His solos, such as Lie, Serendipity, and Filter, have been loved by fans.

Not to forget Park Jimin’s recent collaboration with Ha Sung Woon for Our Blues OST ‘With You.’ The OST even topped the Billboard Chart. Besides his solo work, Park Jimin has contributed enormously by delivering excellent vocal and singing high notes that hardly any artist can reach. Some of the songs such as Magic Shop, Let Me Know, Boy in Love, Spring Day, Dimple, etc. highlight his angelic and outstanding vocal, making him one of the top lead vocalists in K-Pop!

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