Top 10 ‘Mystery Anime’ To Watch In March 2022

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Mystery Anime
Top 10 Mystery Anime to watch in March 2022 Cr: OtakuKart

Who doesn’t love stories with a hidden mystery and lots of conspiracies that make us question our thoughts and opinions? The kind of stories that makes you question your existence. The kind of stories that you think you know but end up being speechless because what you used to think how things work is not how things end up in those stories. The unexpected twists and turns leave you in a state that which you can’t even process how to react.

We all know that an unexpected mystery is a perfect spice to any story. So, here’s a list of Top 10 Mystery Anime that you can watch this month. Get ready to be amazed because these Mystery Anime are going to leave you open-mouthed. Expect the unexpected fellow Otakus and get ready to be a part of these Mystery Anime where you’ll lose and find yourself at the same time.

 1. Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin)

Even though it’s not that long but still it feels like every fan has been waiting for the final season of Attack on Titan for a long time. The perfect story where nothing is certain and everything is a mystery. It started as a regular anime but ended up becoming an anime where one can never expect what might happen next. After facing a horrific personal loss at the hands of Titans, Eren Yeager dedicates his life to erasing the existence of every titan by enlisting in the survey corps.

Along with Mikasa and Armin, they join a brutal war against the titans only to find out that titans were never the problem. It was humans all along. It was supposed to be a story about fighting titans but now it is so much more than that. Whatever problems humanity faces in real life, it is all described in this anime in a way that makes everyone question everything.

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Mystery Anime
Shingeki no Kyojin

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2. Tokyo 24th Ward (Tokyo 24-Ku)

24th ward is a man-made island inside Tokyo Bay. Shuuta, Ran and Kouki who were childhood best friends were the inhabitants of the 24th ward. But everything changed after a deadly incident. After a year, they reunited again. This is where the mystery begins, or at least that’s what we are made to believe. They receive a phone call and on the other end was a familiar voice. The voice of a friend who was supposed to be dead. Is that friend still a friend? Or is there a reason for someone to turn from a friend to an enemy? Smells like a lot of mystery.

Mystery Anime
Tokyo 24th Ward

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3. Love Of Kill (Kuroshi Ai)

What to expect when two assassins from different organizations who were supposed to become enemies end up developing feelings for each other? But it’s not just that. Chateau has a past that tangles her to her organization and Ryang Ha’s involvement with her past will only mess things up for the two of them. Her past and the future he’s trying to make don’t know what mystery lies in their present. Falling in love with the enemy never ends up well. But that sure makes a love story mysteriously interesting.

Mystery Anime
Koroshi Ai

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4. Requiem Of The Rose King (Baraou No Souretsu)

Richard, the third son of the House of York, believes that he’s destined to eternal darkness. He believes that he’s doomed ever since he was born. But, whatever he thinks he is fated for, fate has different plans for him. This mystery anime is based on an early draft of Shakespeare’s Richard iii. This dark fantasy shows the man who could be the king who can either draw the line between worlds, classes, and separate good and evil, or he could become the sole reason for its destruction.

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Mystery Anime
Baraou no Souretsu

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5. The Girl From The Other Side (Totsukuni No Shoujo)

This anime is about a world that is split between the inside and the outside. Those who live in both realms are warned never to cross over to the other side, otherwise, they’ll be facing a curse. Shiva, a little girl lives on the other side with a demon-looking guardian. Can a demon be someone’s guardian? That’s one part of the mystery of this anime. Shiva calls the demonic guardian ‘sensei’/’teacher’. Both are forbidden to touch each other yet their bond is thicker than blood. Light starts falling upon the mystery when Shiva decides to leave sensei’s side to find her grandmother.

Mystery Anime
Totsukuni no Shoujo

6. Eien No 831

Suzushiro has a mystery that he can’t reveal to anyone. And the mystery is that he can stop the time around him. Being this unique sounds so lonely. But, what if there’s somebody else who’s just like you, who shares the same power. Not so lonely anymore. That’s the other part of the mystery that Nazuna, a girl with the same power, but she and her powers are being used by someone else for bad purposes. Suzushiro decides to reach out to her to get her out of this mess. But, life isn’t that easy. These powers are not the only mystery in this anime.

Mystery Anime
Eien no 831

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7. The Case Study Of Vanitas (Vanitas No Carte)

In nineteenth-century Paris, a young vampire Noe is hunting for the book of vanitas. After getting attacked by an insane vampire, Noe was rescued by a human who intends to heal all the vampires. Now that Noe owes his life to this human, this human uses Noe’s vampiric strength and power to find the book of vanitas to cure them all. Vampire fighting another vampire. Humans use a vampire for their purposes. Sounds like a mystery.

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Mystery Anime
Vanitas no Carte

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8. Saiyuki Reload: Zeroin

This mystery anime is about the time when a monstrous Gyumaoh was defeated by the god of war Nataku Taishi, a peace era that began in Togenkyo. But we all know peace never lasts forever. So, after about hundreds of years an attempt was made to unleash a plague upon the world by resurrecting the Gyumaoh. The negative power generated by this attempt drove Youkai to the brink of insanity. To prevent humanity from getting slaughtered, Kanzeon Bosatsu sends Son Goku, Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai, and Genjou Sanzou to the west to stop Gyumaoh from rising again.

Mystery Anime
Saiyuki Reload: Zeroin

9. Sabikui Bisco

When a masked guy appears, we all know there has to be a mystery under that little mask. And this era is way further in the future, where the place suffered from a huge mushroom explosion. And the explosion resulted in creating a new disease where people suffer from rusting. Because of that explosion mushrooms are considered illegal and forbidden. But at the same time, these mushrooms are the only way to find a cure for this rusting.

What’s poison is also the cure? Whoever caused the explosion are considered terrorists but are they, terrorists? Or did they have a reason to do so? Why did this place end up the way it is? And is this masked guy a terrorist or a hero? Or both? Everything’s connected and everything’s a mystery.

Mystery Anime
Sabikui Bisco

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10. Shenmue

Do you believe in destiny? Destiny itself is a huge mystery. And this anime is it. When a Mysterious Chinese gang barges at the door of Ryo Hazuki in search of some mirrors of mystery that he finds out is related to his father, for which his father had to lose his life right in front of him, Ryo decides to take the burden of his father for which he lost his father. What if what happened in front of Ryo wasn’t some consequence of his father’s past actions, but it was all meant to be just so that Ryo can reach where he was supposed to be in the future? What if it was his destiny to lose what he had just so he can finally be what he was meant to be?

Mystery Anime

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