Top 8 Books Recommended by BTS’ Suga You Must Know Of!

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Suga is known for being the most laid-back and introverted member of the South Korean boy group BTS. But once he gets into writing and composing tracks, he turns out to be the most passionate and hard-working one. Guess where does his inspiration for writing such amazing songs comes from! It definitely comes from his keen interest in reading books of a variety of genres! Over the years, he has expressed his love for books enthusiastically during the variety shows and live streams and has even suggested his favorite ones. Here are the top eight books recommended by BTS’ Suga that might help you to know your idol better.

We already know that the group’s leader RM is hooked to reading quality fictional books and has even recommended us quite a few from his bookshelf. Although Suga’s taste in books is somewhat different from RM, they are equally interesting and enjoyable for Non-Armys as well who are only interested in getting good book recommendations.

8. About Her (2008)

Author: Banana Yoshimoto

Another novel recommends right from Suga’s bookshelf is the Japanese author, Banana Yoshimoto’s About Her. The story revolves around two cousin sisters, Yumiko and Shoichi who were close in their childhood but went on their separate paths upon being adults. However, when Shoichi’s mother dies, Shoichi decides to get back with her sister Yumiko who had witnessed a major tragedy in her childhood of which she has no recollection. However, it still holds a major impact on Yumiko’s life.

About Her
About Her

The novella is a tale about healing from a troubled past which reveals the darker sides of family relationships. It focuses on the fact that spending your lifetime on a single achievement while ignoring the beauty of life will leave you with regrets and will be vain. Aiming to discover beauty in one’s life without any research of shortcuts make living worthwhile.

7. Life Lessons (2000)

Authors: Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Genre: Psychology

Back in December 2017, Suga was spotted holding a book by Elisabeth Kubler Ross and David Kessler titled ‘Life Lessons’. If you are interested in psychology or the theme of life and death, it is a must-read book for you. If you are left only with a few days to live, you might have a whole new outlook on your life. From the author of the classic book, ‘Death and Dying Lady,’ ‘Life Lessons’ showcases how human beings face death and then realize the real meaning of living.

Life Lessons
Life Lessons

It’s only then that they understand the lessons on identity, loss and fear, love and relationships, power, time, tolerance, surrender, guilt, happiness, and creativity. Definitely a life-changing book, ‘Life Lessons’ can teach a soul to embrace your inner wounds and enjoy life while it still has an existence.

6. Slam Dunk (1990)

Writer: Takehiko Inoue
Genre: Comedy, Coming of age, Sports

Suga never fails to express his enthusiasm when it comes to his favorite coming-of-age sports manga series, ‘Slam Dunk’. The story centers on a high school student and gang leader turned basketball player, Hanamichi Sakuragi, the protagonist of the story, and Suga being a basketball enthusiast has always praised it in BTS variety shows. In fact, he has memorized some of the pages of the book by heart! When Hanamichi Sakuragi comes across a girl named Haruko Akagi in his high school, his life takes a sharp turn as he reluctantly joins the basketball team of Shōhoku High School in order to impress her.

Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk

However, with time he falls in love with sports and makes them a part of his life. The manga series has had a huge impact on the Japanese culture as it stands out as an act that pushed forward the first wave of basketball around the nation. In 2005, ‘Slam Dunk’ received an anime adaptation which ended up garnering huge popularity in Japan.

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5. The Courage To Be Disliked (2013)

Authors: Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga
Genre: Psychology

Another philosophical book recommended by BTS’ Suga is Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga’s ‘The Courage To Be Disliked’ which he was captured reading in ‘BTS In the Soop 2’. The authors have beautifully analyzed the theories put forward by Alfred Adler, one of the biggest psychologists of the 19th-century who have justified that the happiness of an individual lies in his own hands.


Just because a certain someone or something has ruined their past, it doesn’t mean their future must be full of darkness. It is all about having the guts to let go of the past traumas and free yourself from the invisible boundaries set by you. The book became an instant bestseller in Japan and gradually, a global phenomenon that might change the lives of the readers.

4. Reinventing Your Life (1993)

Authors: Jefferey Young and Janet Klosko

After filming the 2020 online concert of BTS named ‘Bangbangcon 2020,’ ARMYs noticed Yoongi with the Korean version of ‘Reinventing Your Life’. Written by two American psychologists, ‘Reinventing Your Life’ is a book you must read to put an end to self-destructive thoughts and behaviors that keeps us from living our lives to the fullest. Feeling anxious all the time, panicking when someone close to us threatens to go away or feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and undeserving are the signs of a negative mindset. The book provides eleven important principles of cognitive therapy that helps an individual recognize and change their wrong mindset.

Reinventing Your Life
Reinventing Your Life

3. Almond (2017)

Author: Won Pyung Sohn
Genre: Psychological Fiction

Back in 2020, not only was Suga spotted with this Korean novel but also was BTS’ leader, RM, during the ‘BTS In The Scoop’ reality program. The writing debut of author Won Pyung Sohn, ‘Almond’ centers on a young boy named Yunjae who has been suffering from a rare brain condition called Alexithymia since birth which prevents him from easily processing certain emotions like anger, fear, and compassion. His mother and grandmother take care of him in their own exclusive way but a tragic incident shatters Yunjae’s sweet home.


As he strives to make himself a room in this world, he comes across a teenage boy named Gon who happens to suffer from a troubled past as well. Despite starting out as enemies, the two establish a strong and unlikely bond of friendship with each other. The novel does an amazing job at exploring the vast universe of emotions one feels in their adolescence and highlights the impact one can have from love and friendship.

2. Interpretation of Dreams (1899)

Author: Sigmund Freud

One of the most significant works of Freud, ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ is another most loved book recommended by Suga that you should add to your reading list immediately. The book specifically introduces the theory of subconscious feelings what we refer to as dreams. What we see in our subconscious state of mind are nothing but our unconscious wishes. ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ didn’t get the fame it deserved in the initial years of its publishing but ended up becoming a best-seller!

In his V Lives, Suga has mentioned that although he is fully aware that some of the claims made by the author in this book have been refuted by modern science, he is glad to know about the origins of these theories. Freud has also released an abridged version of the book called ‘On Dreams’ for those who have been skipping it for the length and complexity of the book.

Interpretation of Dreams
Interpretation of Dreams

1. The Alchemist (1988)

Author: Paulo Coelho
Genre: Quest, Fiction, Adventure

‘The Alchemist’ is the absolute favorite book of BTS’ Suga written by one of his favorite authors, Paulo Coelho. It follows the adventurous journey of a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago who dreams of a treasure hidden in an old wrecked church. After a fortune teller tells him that it might be a prophecy and he might be able to find treasure in the pyramids of Egypt, Santiago sets out on a quest. Along the way, he comes across several people who guide him to find his destiny, dodging various hurdles in the way.

The Alchemist
The Alchemist

The main philosophy of the book is the belief that if someone aspires hard to get something, the entire universe conspires to fulfill his wish. In 2020, Suga’s fanboy dream come true when he receives the signed copy of the Korean version of the novel, ‘The Alchemist’ along with the other BTS members. Paulo Coelho himself took to Twitter to share a picture of seven copies of the legendary book.

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