Anime Similar To Sabikui Bisco That You Will Like To Watch

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Sabikui Bisco
Sabikui Bisco

Sabikui Bisco, also called Rust-Eater Bisco, is a fairly new release of 2022. There have been several novels receiving an anime adaptation, and Sabikui Bisco is no different. The novel is written by Cobkubo Shinki and was released in 2018. It gained popularity within no time and was finally released as an anime in November 2021. It is produced by Studio OZ, and currently, it has 10 Episodes. As per the official announcements, the series will contain 12 Episodes in total. Now that Sabikui Bisco is about to end, here we have brought you some anime that are similar to it.

The anime showcases a post-apocalyptic world, with a perfect mixture of sci-fi and adventure. The whole story revolves around an alternative Japan that’s mostly destroyed due to the rusty wind. The plot gets even more interesting with each episode. Now, after watching good sci-fi and post-apocalyptic anime, most of the fans look up similar content. And that’s exactly what we’ll do today. Here are some of the most interesting anime similar to Sabikui Bisco.

Plot Summary

Japan has been battered by the Rusty wind that took over everything. This plague-like outbreak is believed to be caused by mushroom spores. The story focuses on Mushroom Guardians who eventually get executed one by one as it’s believed that it’s part of their fault. But in reality, the mushrooms were helping to reduce the effect of this rusty wind. Our protagonist Bisco Akaboshi is also a Mushroom guardian and happens to be a criminal. Unfortunately, his teacher catches the rust leading to Bisco setting off on his search for the Mushroom called Rust eater, which will cure his teacher.

Anime similar to Sabikui Bisco:

1. Fire Force

Due to the mysterious condition of Spontaneous Human Combustion, the world has turned upside down. This Plague turns random people into a weird mindless creature called the Infernals, causing them severe pain. But fortunately, some gifted individuals can control their flames without actually burning. These individuals are called the Pyrokinetic. To prevent more cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion, a special fire force was formed.

Fire Force -Sabikui Bisco
Fire Force

An eager young man, Shinra wished to be a hero and joined the Fire force. He can travel at high speed, like a rocket. But the things weren’t as he thought they would be. The whole system is in a deep mess with increasing cases of human combustion.


Both the series form a plot around the post-apocalyptic world. They both involve a plague-like issue that terrorizes the whole of Japan. Similar to Sabikui Bisco, people eventually start forming groups and collecting gifted individuals who are tolerant of the problem at hand. Additionally, there’s a perfect mix of adventure and mystery in the Fire Force as well as Sabikui Bisco.

2. Dorohedoro

It’s about a slum where humans are treated like insects, they live in fear of being brutally abused by Magic-Users. This city of misfortune is known as Hole, which is a fitting name as it’s dark and sinister. The city is like an outcast without any rights or law. The Hole is used by Magic users as their testing ground. These users show no mercy, and all they do is experiment and murder people without any hesitation.

Dorohedoro -Sabikui Bisco

Caiman, a person with a reptilian head and severe amnesia, murders these sorcerers together with Nikaido. Caiman has immunity to magic which makes him invincible against combat with Sorcerers. They both are more like a cop for The hole as they patrol the city to defend it from the Magic users.


There is a semi-post-apocalyptic setting in Dorohedoro. Just like Sabikui Bisco, numerous people are dying every day, but instead of a plague, it’s magic users destroying the whole city. Other than the plot, they both have similar bizarre energy with a perfect blend of Mystery and Action.

3. Mushoku Tensei

The story starts with the death of an unknown 34-year-old NEET. Due to the anxiety of being a successful or happy person, he starts thinking that his life is pointless. But in his attempt to do something noteworthy, he gets into an accident and awakens in the body of a baby named Rudeus Greyrat. He figures out that he’s been reborn in another world, one with swords and magic. Because he fails in his last life, he promises himself to be successful in this new life. He develops good skills as a magician and becomes a student of Roxy Migurdia, who is also called the Demon magician.

Mushoku Tensei
Mushoku Tensei

Later on in the story, the land is hit by a mysterious mana calamity. However, Rudeus is teleported to the Demon continent. There he teams up with new people and sets off on his adventure to come back home and protect them, to make sure that he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes in this life.


The protagonists of both the anime set off on some sort of adventure and face various enemies along the way. While Mushoku Tensei is more Isekai and fantasy-themed, it has satisfactory action and thrill. They both are set to be in a deserted environment.

4. Deca-Dence

The story takes place in the 2400s when air pollution has reached the level where it started to cause humans to go extinct. Along with the toxic environment, people are also facing problems due to the existence of Gadoll. Living beings are responsible for taking out 90% of the human population. To face them off, Some Big corporations created cyborgs that act like humans. As for the remaining humans, they were kept in another continent where they lived inside a large dome, which is governed by a mobile fortress Deca-dence.

Deca-Dence  -Sabikui Bisco

To enforce the defenses for the remaining people of the island, some groups went above the ground to fight Gadolls. Natsume dreams to be a warrior just like her father, who died because he got attacked by a Gadoll. But even though she’d rather be in the front line, her request wasn’t approved. But her will is as strong as ever.


The biggest similarity among the two is the representation of a Post-apocalyptic world. In both cases, people get together to fight off the trouble and bring a change once and for all. They both are over-the-top action, adventure, and thrill anime. Plus, they both give almost the same vibe as the atmosphere itself becomes inhabitable.

5. Trigun

The story starts in the 32nd century and focuses on Vash the stampede, a man who has a bounty of $60 billion. This is due to his cruel acts of destroying anything and anyone that comes his way. He is known to be a villain that wipes out an entire city just for his amusement. However, that’s what people think. In reality, he is a humble person, claiming that he has never taken a life.

Trigun -Sabikui Bisco

Eventually, after the rumors started getting more bizarre, Milky Thompson and Meryl Strife were sent to Bernadarii Insurance Co to keep an eye on Vash. But to their surprise, Vash was a simple donut-loving helpless man. While they were spying on him, they noticed that there were many people after his life, but Vash always fought them off without taking their lives. But behind his free-spirited personality, there lies a dark past.


The protagonists of both series give off a similar vibe, and additionally, they both are declared to be a criminal with a heavy bounty on their heads. While the truth is that they are good individuals that were misunderstood by the world. There are also some dark mysteries surrounding the protagonists, which make the plot interesting.

6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann also takes place in a futuristic world, where Earth is ruled by Lordgenome. He is a merciless being, forcing people to live in isolated and underground villages with no contact with the outside world. Being an underground village, there are constant earthquakes that’d cause mass destruction. To avoid this, the villagers have to dig deeper underground. The two brothers, Simon and Kamina were born in this underground village. Simon is a weak and timid boy, while Kamina is a cheerful and lively character with high ambitions.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

They both became diggers. However, Simon is more of an outcast, with his brother and best friend being the only exceptions. Kamina allowed Simon to be a part of his gang that aspires to visit the surface again. On a certain day, Simon picks up a key called the Core Drill. Within a few minutes, a giant Gunman falls from the ceiling and starts attacking the village. But with the help of the Core drill, Simon destroys the gunman and breaks out to the Surface world along with Kamina.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as well as Sabikui Bisco, display a world that’s facing a huge disaster. In both cases, Humans are treated like insignificant things. However, there are always people who rebel against these forces that destroyed the world. In this story, that role is played by Kamina. The main protagonists are accompanied by talented and knowledgeable companions that often act as a guardian. Additionally, Gurren Lagann bends towards the mecha genre, but that doesn’t reduce its action pack.

7. Nanbaka

Nanbaka is a rather interesting story as it includes prison, which implies a jail-break setting. The story follows Four men that are sent to the world’s most frightening prison called Nanba. The prison is specifically built for notorious criminals that made trouble in their previous prison. These four men, Jugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico, were assigned the same cell. Jugo is a Lock specialist that tried to escape prison before but ended up getting caught. Uno is a gambler with peculiar interests, as he usually likes gambling with women. Rock loves getting into fights, but he is also a big foodie. And lastly, Nico is a helpless otaku with strange reactions to drugs.

Nanbaka -Sabikui Bisco

All four of them form a bond within no time, even though they are usually seen arguing. Their Cell soon became a place that felt like home. However, the Building Supervisor suspects that they’ll try to break out the first chance they get. Making him quite paranoid and troubled. Instead of a dark and depressing prison story, Nanbaka follows a bright theme with hilarious scenes and day to day life of the prisoners and the Guards.


Nanbaka, as well as Sabikui Bisco, have similar art styles and animations. Besides, the comical elements are also similar, even in a desperate situation, there are funny scenes followed by serious action scenes. The female side characters are almost similar and strong. Even their OSTs are equally badass. While they both have many similarities, the Core plot of both anime is unique.

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