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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Muzan Vs Kokushibo: Who Will Win?

Muzan Vs Kokushibo
Muzan Vs Kokushibo Who'll Win? Cr: OtakuKart

That’s a good question indeed. Kibutsuji Muzan, the creator of all demons Vs Michikatsu Tsukiguni (Kokushibo), the Upper Rank One of the Twelve Kizuki. Even though both these characters did not have a lot of screen time but still they both managed to strike fear among the Demon Slayer fans. If any of the Hashiras ever had to face any of these two, what might have happened? The worst nightmare of course.

But, what if Muzan and Kokushibo had to face off? That is the question of the century. We know fans think that how could any demon ever defeat the father of demons. Muzan made Kokushibo who he is, so how is Kokushibo even getting close to defeating Muzan. For some fans, this is a stupid question as it is too obvious for them, who’ll win. They may be right. They may be wrong.

But, some fans also believe that if not to kill Muzan, at least Kokushibo might be able to make Muzan sweat. Who knows might even get him for good. To get the answer to this question, let’s analyze the facts and find out ourselves, who would win. Muzan or Kokushibo?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

To compare Muzan and Kokushibo, all we need is Yoiichi, the youngest brother of Michikatsu (Kokushibo). Both almost died at the hands of Yoriichi. They both were nothing in front of Yoriichi, yet who was weaker? Using the thirteenth form of his Sun Breathing Style, Yoriichi beheaded Muzan and sliced up all his twelve brains and hearts in one fell swoop. The God of demons was nothing in front of Yoriichi. Even though Yoriichi made sure that Muzan’s head was not attached, still he managed to survive and get away with his life.

Whereas when Kokushibo faced Yoriichi off, Yoriichi was about to kick his bucket. Yoriichi was very old, but Kokushibo was in his prime in addition to that he was a demon. Kokushibo always wanted to surpass Yoriichi but never was close enough to defeat him. When he was human he was never even close to putting a scratch on Yoriichi. That drove him crazy and made him want to become a demon so that he would grow stronger and finally be able to defeat his younger brother. But even after becoming a demon, not to mention the Upper Rank One demon and Yoriichi turning old and gray, he still was unable to defeat him.

Yoriichi rarely needed to put any effort to beat Kokushibo all over again. He did not even have to use any breathing form to make Kokushibo realize that the next attack from Yoriichi might be the end of him.

muzan memories

Yoriichi In Muzan’s Memories

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Battle Comparison In Both Cases

Yoriichi had to use the thirteenth form of his sun breathing technique to slice Muzan, whereas he did not even have to use his breathing technique to beat Kokushibo on top of that Yoroiichi was very old. This clearly shows how weak Kokushibo is in comparison to Muzan.

Kokushibo and Yoriichi had a huge difference in nature which became the reason why Yoriichi was stronger than Kokushibo. Kokushibo just wanted to win from his younger brother. The desperation to win made him turn into a demon. He thought doing so would make him stronger but he was nowhere closer to beating Yoriichi. On the other hand, Yoriichi never wanted to against his brother. He only focused to get better and improve himself so he could protect others. And that is what made him stronger, whereas Kokushibo remained right where he always was.

demon slayer

Face-Off Between Muzan And Yoriichi

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Strength Comparison

For once we can still believe that Kokushibo might be able to behead Muzan. He might be able to give Muzan a hard time in a battle, but defeating Muzan is just not his cup of tea. Even Yoriichi failed to finish the job. Even if we know Yoriichi was stronger and still, Muzan survived that kind of death blow, how is Kokushibo be able to bring Muzan down.

Sure, being the older brother of Yoriichi, Kokushibo should be able to behead him once. But that is it. Muzan will never give him the pleasure of a second chance.


Muzan’s Final Form

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Age Comparison

Kokushibo, the first demon slayer to turn into a demon was more than 460 years old. Whereas Muzan is more than 1000 years old. That is a lot of years of age difference. This shows how much more of an experience Muzan has than Kokushibo.

How is a kid supposed to defeat his father when the father is still in his prime. Surely, Kokushibo is the kid here, and Muzan the father. And in the world of anime, age matters. Maybe in the real world, old people are weak, but by the laws of the anime world, the older the person is, the worst possible nightmare he might be. All other anime are evident enough to prove this fact.

Demon Slayer


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Battle IQ Comparison

Kokushibo, during his human times, fought like a demon slayer, so he had a lot of experience in fighting against a demon. After turning into a demon he gained a lot of experience fighting like a demon. But, does that affect Muzan in any way? Does  Muzan even need something like battle IQ to defeat Kokushibo? No matter how many years of battle experience Kokushibo might have, he’ll never be able to defeat the Demon Lord.

He lacks what Yoriichi had. Yoriichi never fought with hatred. He only fought with the thought of protecting the helpless. He had a kind side. But, Kokushiba never had that. He was always envious of Yoriichi that even if he was younger than him how come he was more powerful than him. His jealousy and hatred made him weak. Whereas Yoriichi’s strength was defined by his will to protect his close ones.

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Power Comparison

Kokushibo created his breathing style technique, that’s the Moon Breathing Style, the opposite of his younger brother’s technique. In addition to that, his blood art technique, as a demon is the strongest among all Twelve Kizuki. But again, is it enough to defeat Muzan?

Muzan is the one who created all the demons he must have a power far beyond Kokushibo. Other than that, Muzan also has the power to absorb as how he mentioned absorbing Nezuko when he came to know that Nezuko is the first demon to survive the sunlight. If he wanted he could have devoured Kokushibo too. Also, there were moments where it was shown that Enmu, a lower Kizuki ingested Muzan’s blood to get stronger. Too much blood could be fatal. This proves that there is no way Kokushibo could get stronger than Muzan without ingesting his blood. And that is never going to happen if they were to face off.

More importantly, Muzan could destroy his creation whenever he wants, from wherever he is. So, all this comparison becomes void if we just focus on this fact. In the beginning, when any of the demons tried to even call out Muzan’s name they all got annihilated within moments. So, there is no way Kokushibo could survive if he was to battle it out against Muzan.

muzan rage

Kibutsuji Muzan

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After analyzing all these facts, we know who’d win. Kokushibo might have a chance but that is a once-in-a-trillion chance. And we are not going to argue on that fact further that he might or might not be able to defeat Muzan then.

Yoriichi was a good enough reason to prove the fact that Kokushibo is nowhere close to Muzan. There is a huge age difference, strength difference, and power difference. Muzan survived after facing a near-death experience from Yoriichi whereas Kokushibo had to make sure that Yoriichi was dead for his survival. In the words of anime, Kokushibo is 1000 years too early to even dream about defeating him.

The final answer, Kibutsuji Muzan wins, and Kokushibo loses.

muzan vs kokushibo

Muzan Vs Kokushibo

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