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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Muzan Kibutsuji Facts From Demon Slayer That You Need To Know

Muzan Kibutsuji Facts From Demon Slayer
Muzan Kibutsuji Facts From Demon Slayer

With Demon Slayer Manga having ended years back. The anime adaptation is the only one growing the franchise’s fan base with the recent Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba entertainment district arc adaptation. Immediately after it ended, another anime arc was announced, but its release date details are yet to be announced. Looking at Muzan Kibutsuji Facts from the anime, it looks like there are a few things that you might have missed out on. 

So we will soon look at everything you need to know about Muzan Kibutsuji from Demon Slayer. We should expect this franchise to gain more popularity even if the manga no longer releases new chapters. 

So instead, those who cannot wait to see what happens in swordsmith village will have to refer to the manga. This explains the recent Demon Slayer manga sales trend even if no new chapters are released. Looking back at the subject of the day, we all know that Demon Slayer is all about Muzan and his demon’s faction. 

So he has been moving around looking for strong candidates that could inherit his blood and will be capable of using his blood demon art. Usually, an ordinary citizen would die upon infusion from Muzan’s blood because it would be too powerful for them. 

But those who survive this ordeal become demons and gain all the advantages and disadvantages. And depending on how much of that blood they can withstand, then their ranks are determined, and at the moment, we know that Michikatsu is the strongest of Muzan’s demons and would only come second to him. Michikatsu is Yorrichi’s twin brother and is a very formidable swordsman. So at the moment, he is also a Demon Slayer’s worst nightmare.

1. Muzan Has The Ability to Alter His Appearance

Muzan’s abilities are countless, and we cannot see most of them in the anime. He hasn’t appeared that much in the anime. So those who know most things about him get it from the manga, with the swordsmith arc following soon. We still will not get to see the best of Muzan as that is left for later. 

Demon Slayer


Each season, he has made a few appearances, and we have seen him in different forms. Muzan Kibutsuji has appeared in different appearances each time. He seems to have the ability to shapeshift as we have seen him as a young family man, a young boy, and sometimes a woman. 

2. He Can View Memories of Those He Touches

Muzan operates through his 12 upper-rank demons with servants to have a functional system. But at the top, there are times when he gets on the move himself and gathers information instead of relying on his upper-rank demons. 

Muzan has the special ability to absorb people and even view all of their memories. This was evident when he absorbed Tamayo’s body, and luckily, Tamayo has a trained mental strength strong enough to resist this at first. But Muzan ended up resorting to his final measures that would end up with her dead. 

3. Sunlight Seems To Be His Only Weakness

As someone who has survived for over a millennium, Muzan has adapted to most things, and his body has also developed immunity to any form of poisons or weaknesses. Not even a demon slayer sword can cut through his neck, so in the end, he could not be killed by ordinary means. 

The only weakness that he has shown throughout the series is Sunlight. This is common to all demons, and Muzan has been searching for the spider lily flower that would give him immunity to Sunlight. But in the end, the demon slayers managed to corner him and engage him all night until sunset. The Sunlight itself finally put an end to his seemingly immortal life. 

4. Muzan Kibutsuji Personality

Muzan appears to be an emotionless human with a very harsh personality. We have seen this several times from the way he treats his demons, especially if they fail to perform a task he has given them. Despite all that, he is very intelligent and intimidating.

Demon Slayer

Muzan & Upper Six

So far, we haven’t seen him exhibit any fearful emotion, and he is always calm even when he is annoyed. He is obsessed with perfection, and he would not hesitate to kill anyone should they annoy him. Even if it is a random stranger, he does not give it a second thought, especially if he believes they need to be punished.

5. How Muzan Became a Demon

Muzan was a normal person before becoming the demon he ended up being. While his mother was pregnant with him, he was diagnosed with a disease that would cause his heart to stop multiple times. After his birth, he did not show any signs of life and had no heartbeat. He was thought to be dead and was due for a cremation. 

But before that happened, he managed to have his first cry, but his condition did not improve. As he grew up, Muzan was diagnosed with another disease that would have him die by turning twenty. This developed fears within him, and he searched for a cure. He came across a doctor who gave him a medication that seemed to not have worked. But later, Muzan realized that the medicine had worked, but it had turned him into a demon.

6. His Demon Form Is a Sickness

At first, one would think that Muzan was born a demon. But as we have learned above, he was looking for a cure that would save his life as he had only until he was 20 years to live. On his quest for the perfect cure, a strange doctor offered him the medicine he took did not realize its effect. 

Demon Slayer

Muzan Demon Form

Enraged, Muzan Killed the doctor but realized the true powers of the medicine he took after killing the doctor. The medicine had cured his sicknesses, but he became a demon that would disintegrate under direct Sunlight as a side effect.

7. He can Turn People Into Demons.

Muzan learned that the spider lily flower could give him immunity to Sunlight. So this would make him the perfect immortal being. To speed things up, he decided to turn more people into demons to serve him to find the spider lily faster.

When he came to a cross, Michikatsu, a demon slayer searching for more power. So as Muzan injected his blood into Michikatsu, he became a demon and the first servant that Muzan would respect. And then later, Muzan would move to create more powerful demons that would serve under him.

8. He Is Only Scared of Yoriichi

As the search for the Spider Lily continues, Muzan comes across Yoriichi, a powerful demon slayer and Michikatsu’s twin brother. As the inventor of the breathing styles that demon slayers use, he has mastered the sun breathing techniques that would make a great deal of damage to Muzan and would render his healing abilities obsolete. 

Demon Slayer


Yoriichi managed to subdue Muzan to a point where he could defeat him. And Muzan only managed to defeat Yoriichi thanks to a tag tea with Michikatsu and old age that had finally got the best of Yoriichi. Yoriichi managed to leave behind the hanafuda earrings that would become an heirloom to those who would defeat Muzan later after many generations.

9. Muzan is The One Who Slaughtered Tanjiro’s Family

When demon slayer anime made its debut, we learned that Tanjiro’s entire family was slaughtered one night while he was out. Nezuko was the only survivor, but as a result, she became a demon due to Muzan’s attack. But as the story develops, more information comes to light. 

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro’s Family

We learned more about the demon slayers’ world and thought it might be one of Muzan’s demons that attacked Tanjiro’s family. But after learning about the hanafuda’s earings and where they came from, Muzan had to personally make sure that he extinguished any chances of a sun breather demon slayer resurfacing. So he targeted those with Hanafuda earings as it is Yoriichi, the sun breather’s lineage. 

10. He Founded The Twelve Kizuki

Muzan has managed to establish his society of demons after living for more than a thousand years. At first, he founded the twelve strongest demons that would withstand higher amounts of his blood when he injected them. So the amount of blood they had in their system would determine how powerful they would become in the end. 

Muzan Kibutsuji Facts

Twelve Kizuki

The twelve Kizuku all run under Muzan’s command and are divided into upper and lower ranks. They have a number engraved in their eyes, and Muzan can replace or kill them just from his own will. So far, the known upper ranks demon are Kokushiboo, Doma, Akaza, Hantengu, Gyokko, Daki, and Gyutaro, whom we have just seen in the entertainment district arc.

11. With His Abilities, He Can Do Almost Anything

Muzan Kibutsuji’s abilities seemed unlimited in anime and manga, and he could do almost anything. This starts from absorbing things, and he has also planned to absorb Nezuko so he can gain her immunity to Sunlight.

He was so powerful to a point where even the demon slayers’ swords could not slice his throat. And as an individual with multiple hearts and brains, it would be very difficult to kill him. Even drugs don’t work as he managed to survive, even when he turns demons back into humans and later gains immunity to it. 

12. Muzan is Over 1000 Years Old

Muzan’s age is known to be over 1000 years old. Most demons in the series are averagely ranked and have lived for only a few hundred years. His demon powers prevent him from aging, and with his shapeshifting ability, he can take the form of anything he likes. 

Muzan Kibutsuji Facts

Muzan Aging

His true age is not fully revealed in the manga as well. And since he has been searching for a cure for his weaknesses for a long time. This has made him obsessed with immortality. His fear of death began when he was still young and did not want to die young. But in the end, he wanted to live forever and would do anything to make that happen. 

13. He Is Immortal

Those who have battled Muzan tried different ways to kill him, but none worked. This was evident from Muzan’s first defeat when he faced Yochiiro, who could not find a way to kill him. So whatever part of his body gets destroyed, it just grows back, and it’s back to square one for those fighting him. 

The only known way and one that managed to finally kill him is exposure to Sunlight. The demon slayers combined forces and cornered Muzan in a battle that lasted an entire night before the morning sunlight would eventually kill him. After seeing this, Muzan switched his strategy to finding Nezuko and consuming her as she has immunity to Sunlight. 

14. He Has A Normal Family With Wife and Daughter

When the series began, Muzan was seen as a normal man who lived a good life with his wife and kids. But Tanjiro knew by then that Muzan might have been misleading his wife and kids, which would mean that they were in danger. Muzan would usually blend into the human society and operate within the shadows.

Demon Slayer

Muzan’s Family

Muzan’s wife is known as Tsukahiro, but not much was revealed about his family. Knowing Muzan, he only lived for himself and had probably killed his family to hide his tracks. 

15. Muzan Has Over Five Known Forms

His ability to shapeshift made it almost impossible for the demon slayers to find and confront him. So throughout the series, Muzan has appeared several times with different appearances. So it is difficult to tell whether the person appearing is Muzan or not until the scenes deem it so. Below are the several forms he has appeared in, manga and anime. 

i. Muzan’s Tsukihiko Form

Originally Muzan appeared as Tsukihiko, a man in his twenties and had pale skin. He still has his wavy black hair, short in this form. He still has his red cat-like-looking eyes and a white hat. Muzan lives the life of a young rich man with a western fashion common for rich Japanese men during the Taisho era; He uses the alias Tsukihiko while in this form and has a family.

Muzan Kibutsuji Facts

Muzan’s Tsukihiko Form

He used this form when Tanjiro met him for the first time in the middle of town in the early episodes of the anime. Tanjiro had picked up the same scent he smelled when his family was killed.

ii. Female Form

Muzan appeared as in this form after the lower moon 5, Rui was defeated. Muzan called a meeting within the infinity castle and killed all the remaining lower moons due to his rage. He only left Enmu the lower moon one as the only lower moon alive. 

Muzan looks the same as his Tsukihiko but more feminine in this female form. His lips appear redder and slightly more rounded face, and her hair is longer though it is tied at the back. He also has a black Kimono with flower patterns. He also ties his hair in a round bun tied with gold ornaments and tassels at both sides, and her fangs are also more prominent in this form.

Muzan Kibutsuji Facts

Muzan’s Female Form

iii. Toshikuni Form

Muzan appears as a young boy known as Toshikuni, who a wealthy family adopts. He always appeared reading books, and his parents know him as a genius. He wears a white collared shirt, black shorts, socks, and shoes. His short hair is brushed towards one side, and his foster mother also understands that he has a condition that doesn’t allow him to be exposed to Sunlight.

His eyes appear normal at first and would change his appearance a bit. When Akaza reported to him, his sharp demon eyes came into appearance. Later after the defeat of the upper moons 4 and 5, he appeared in his child form again. And when Hatengu went to report to him about Nezuko’s resistance to the sun, Muzan shifted back to his Tsukihiko form after killing his foster family.

iv. Muzan Demon Form

When Muzan killed Kagaya, the leader of the demon slayers, he received a lot of damage from the Hashira attacking him at once. Tanjiro and Tamayo teamed up, and he escaped by taking everyone with him to the infinite castle. While his demons distracted everyone else, he went into a cocoon hiding within his castle. 

Demon Slayer

Muzan Demon Form

Using the demos slayer corps member as means to recover faster, he appeared in his final form, with his hair appearing white with his body filled with demon markings from the waist down. He also had black spikes like protrusions over his body and more maws filled with teeth appearing over his arms and legs.

v. Baby Form

When the fight to finally take down Muzan took place towards the end of the manga, Tanjiro and his fellow demon slayers pushed Muzan to the limits as his defeat was near. But in the last effort, he transformed into his giant baby form. He used this form to try and escape Sunlight which was his only weakness. 

16. Muzan is The Progenitor of All Demons

Muzan is the first demon and can turn more people into demons by injecting them with his blood. This gives them regenerative abilities and greater physical abilities as well. If a suitable candidate is found, they can use powerful techniques like the blood demon arts. 

He can also use his blood to boost the already existing demons, and as a weapon, he can use it to kill his enemies by forcibly causing rapid cell growth. This also gives him complete control over all the demons. And the only exception was Tamayo and Nezuko, but other demons have used several abilities, including the ones below:

17. Muzan Demon Control Abilities

Telepathic Link – Muzan can use this ability to read the demon’s thoughts, as we have seen in the assembly of the lower moon demons. He can also telepathically communicate with any other demon. We had seen this ability when the upper moon 1 Kokushibo, in the final battle, used this ability with Muzan. He also has shared a vision through this ability when he found out about Nezuko’s immunity to Sunlight.

Muzan Kibutsuji Facts

Muzan’s Abilities

Curses – Muzan can create demons with his blood, and it also acts as his monitoring in all the demons. He has also used this ability to safeguard his privacy, and once a demon says his name, they will instantly die. We saw this with Susumaru when she unintentionally mentioned his name and had devastating effects.

Takeover – In the final battle within the infinity castle when Yushiro was able to take over the Nakime. When he tries to manipulate the Biwa demon’s mind, Muzan retaliates by using this ability when Yushiro is almost absorbed back but manages to get away.

18. Muzan Has Seven Hearts and Five Brains

We already know that demons have special abilities that far surpass humans’. They can instantly recover any damage they take, and we also know that Muzan, as the head of all demons, is very special. Muzan’s body is way more different from that of an average demon.

Muzan has seven hearts and five brains, and his extra neral and circulatory organs also account for his superhuman speeds, agility, and responses. We managed to see this when Yoriichi used his transparent ability and looked at him, and it was visible where each of these organs is located.

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