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Kang Soo Yeon Passed Away: Dramas & Movies To Remember Her Best Work

Kang Soo Yeon
Kang Soo Yeon Dramas and Movies List

Here we have made the list of the best Kang Soo Yeon dramas and movies to show you her best work! Unfortunately, such a dazzling star is not among us anymore. On 7 May 2022, veteran South Korean actress Kang Soo Yeon passed away due to a cardiac arrest. It’s our loss that we lost such a gem. Although she is not with us, Kang Soo Yeo has left us with numerous excellent dramas and movies that reveal her top-notch acting skills. From 1969 to 2022, Kang Soo Yeon actively worked as an actress and made her name with her remarkable acting performances.

The South Korean actress Kang Soo Yeon debuted as a child actor in the 1970s. Therefore there are more than 40 dramas and movies under her name. She was also the recipient of various awards such as the 36th Baeksang Arts Best Actress Award, 3rd Chunsa Film Art Best Actress Award, 13th Blue Dragon Film Best Leading Actress Award, and Moscow International Film Festival Best Actress Award, etc.

There is no doubt that Kang Soo Yeon had delivered some of the best characters that would make anyone fall in love with her acting. Although Kang Soo Yeon has passed away, her acting performances will always be remembered. Therefore, we have selected some dramas and movies to reveal different shades of her acting and to remember her best work!

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7. Moon Hee

The weekend family series Moon Hee has made it on the best Kang Soo Yeon dramas list! The story revolves around two mothers, Jang Han Na and Moon Hee. Moon Hee was forced to leave her child since she was at the young age of eighteen when she gave birth. She could have everything, such as a marriage with the man she loves, success, and a vengeance. However, everything fades away when she is awakened to the love she bears for her lost child.

Kang Soo Yeon Passed Away

Therefore, the drama reveals the mother’s love for her child, the sacrifices that love needs, and the truth that motherly love is not an inherent quality. Also, the series shows Kang Soo Yeon’s excellent performance as a mother. She delivered every emotion flawlessly, showing how motherly love must be cultivated and learned from at the same time, much like a child growing up.

  • Starring- Kang Soo Yeon, Park Sang Myeon, Lee Jung Kil, Kim Young Ran & Jung Woong In
  • Episodes- 50
  • Watch On- MBC, Wavve

6. The Road To Racetrack

The romance melodrama The Road to the Racetrack follows the story of R and J. The story begins with R returning to South Korea after studying in France for five and a half years. There, he encounters J, his lover in France with who he has been together for three and a half years. However, the meeting doesn’t go as per his will as he senses that they are drifting apart. Therefore, R decides to move to his parent’s house in Taegu.

Kang Soo Yeon Passed Away

However, after living with his parents, he faces the harsh reality of his responsibility to his aged parents and family. Meanwhile, J has her own intention and thus occasionally meets R only to discover later that he was being used. The Road to Racetrack is adapted from a novel that narrates the tale of two people in a relationship with different beliefs. It is another workpiece that shows a new side of the actress acting and thus deserves to be on the list of the top Kang Soo Yeon movies and dramas to watch!

  • Starring- Kang Soo Yeon & Moon Sung Geun
  • Duration- 138 minutes

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5. Hanji

The film Hanji has made it on the list of the best Kang Soo Yeon dramas and movies to watch. Hanji is a tale of a man who discovers the beauty of making Korean traditional paper and his team of devotees. The film revolves around Pil Yong, a lowly public official. He wants to be promoted before he retires. Therefore, after learning that his new boss is interested in Hanji (Korean traditional paper), he transfers to the hanji department. There he meets filmmaker Ji Won. Meanwhile, his wife Hyo Kyung notices changes in her husband. While working together, Pil Yong and Ji Won start something that would entrap everyone’s fate in a mess of confusion.

Here Kang Soo Yeon plays the role of Ji Won, another devotee, and filmmaker who travels throughout the country with Pil Yong. Scooping Up the Moonlight (Hanji) is a melodrama revealing different sides of relationships, be it married couples or nameless feelings.

  • Starring- Ye Ji Won, Park Joong Hoon & Kang Soo Yeon
  • Duration- 118 minutes

4. The Surrogate Woman

The historical romance film The Surrogate Woman narrates the story of a married couple and a surrogate woman. The movie is set in Joseon Dynasty. It follows the noble birth of Shin Sang Gyu and his wife, Yun. Since the couple is concerned that they have no child to succeed the family name, Sang Gyu’s mother and uncle Shin Chi Ho bring Ok Nyeo. So she can be a surrogate mother for the couple.

Kang Soo Yeon Passed Away

However, the table turns when Shin Sang Gyu and Ok Nyeo fall for each other. Eventually, their love is discovered by Yun. Despite receiving punishment, the two continue to meet. In the end, Ok Nyeo conceives an heir for Shin Sang Gyu but has to give her son to Yun’s arms. And thus leaving death as the only option for her misfortune. Although the storyline is nothing new, the shades of characters highlight the film. This movie should be on your watchlist to watch Kang Soo Yeon’s top-notch acting!

  • Starring- Kang Soo Yeon, Lee Gu Sun & Yun Yang Ha
  • Duration- 100 minutes

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3. Come, Come, Come Upward

The life drama film Come, Come, Come Upward has made it on the list of best Kang Soo Yeon dramas and movies! It follows the tale of two young nuns, Sun Nyog and Jin Song. Due to lack of discipline, Sun Nyog is sent to a Buddhist temple as a nun, but she struggles after joining there. Unexpectedly, one day she crosses path with an alcoholic and tries to save him, who eventually sexually harm her.

Kang Soo Yeon Dramas List

Meanwhile, Jin Song, another nun, does well at the temple. When she goes to the mountains to do a long retreat in a cave, a brutal old monk is set to harass her. Therefore, Come Come Come Upward explores the lives of two young women connected by their affiliation with a Buddhist temple. So Come Come Come Upward is another film revealing Kang Soo Yeon’s outstanding acting skills!

  • Starring- Kang Soo Yeon, Choi Jong Won, Yoo In Chon & Jeon Moo Song
  • Duration- 134 minutes

2. All That Falls Has Wings

The tragic love story All That Falls Has Wings has made it to the second position of the best Kang Soo Yeon movies to watch! The film revolves around Kim Hyung Bin and Yoon Joo. Kim Hyung Bin is a responsible law student from a small village. Meanwhile, Yoon Joo is a reckless girl who works in bars in Itaewon and the US. One day, both crossed paths, and the boy falls in love with her. However, not every love story has a happy ending.

Kang Soo Yeon Dramas List

Unfortunately, Kim Hyung Bin and Yoon Joo’s relationship ends in tragedy with the man shooting the woman and her confessing her true love before taking the last breath. Therefore, the youth romance All That Falls Has Wings tells Kang Soo Yeon did a wonderful job portraying the irresponsible girl who eventually learns to love!

  • Starring- Son Chang Min & Kang Soo Yeon
  • Duration- 122 minutes

1. Ladies of the Palace

Finally, the historical series Ladies of the Palace has topped the list of the best Kang Soo Yeon dramas to watch! This historical drama narrates the tale of women from the 16th century. It mainly focuses on how the power struggle among palace ladies can lead to a downfall. Therefore, the story depicts the in-fighting between palace women from the reign of Jung Jong to In Jong. It features the power struggle between Queen Mun Jung and her sister-in-law, Jung Nan Jung.

 Dramas List

In this drama, Kang Soo Yeon plays Jung Nan Jung character, who fights with Queen Mun Jung to hold her power. Another masterpiece depicts how historical figures pulled the strings behind the scenes for their power play. Also, a must-watch drama for historical political kdrama buff!

  • Starring- Kang Soo Yeon, Jeon In Hwa, Lee Bo Hee, Park Joo Mi, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Deok Hwa & Park Sang Min
  • Episodes- 151
  • Duration- 70 minutes
  • Watch On- SBS, Wavve

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