Here’s what we know about Maisie Peters’ boyfriend? Well, we all know that Maisie at a very young age achieved a lot that anyone could wish for. Over the years, she released so many single albums. Begin with Maisie’s first single album Place We Were Made and Birthday which was released in 2017. But unluckily she didn’t recognize by many at that time. Later when she signed a contract with Atlantic Records UK and released her another single Worst of You, which is still her most streamed song.

And after this, she also started getting offers to make duets with very famous singers such as Ed Sheeran and many more. As I mentioned Ed Sheeran, let me tell you in 2021, she also released an album titled You Signed Up for This under Ed Sheeran’s label Gingerbread Man Records. And when the album was released which was undoubtedly liked by millions of people, she started getting more and more attention. Because of working with one of the most popular singers Ed Sheeran.

Maisie’s bond with Ed Sheeran

On the other hand, fans also started rumoring about her relationship with Ed Sheeran. And people are still confused that whether there is any love angle between Maisie and Ed Sheeran. Fans are curious to know the truth about whether something is going on between them or not. Let me tell you the truth, Ed Sheeran and Maisie are the only co-singers who have done an album together. Other than that there is no such love angle between them.

Maisie Peters and Ed Sheeran
Is Ed Sheeran Maisie Peters’ boyfriend?

Moreover, in an interview, Maisie also revealed that she is obsessed with his voice since his first album She Says. She always knew one day she will definitely work with him. And it happened and at present they both are friends. Moreover, she also said that sometimes she still wonders if it’s all dream. On the other hand, when they both met for the first time Ed Sheeran was so impressed with Maisie that he also praised her by saying that she is a very special artist.

And her way of pushing her storytelling in different directions is just amazing and she should continue it as well. This clears that Ed Sheeran and Maisie are only friends and co-singers. Which indicated that he is not Maisie Peters’ boyfriend as of now. For further updates you can also check Maisie Peters’ Instagram handle given below:

Maisie Peters: @maisiehpeters

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Maisie Peters’ boyfriend revealed

Now moving to a most asked question about Maisie Peters’ that is about her love life. Fans are curious to know whether she is dating someone or not. If yes, then who is Maisie Peters’ boyfriend. Who is the guy who stole this amazing singer’s heart? So continue reading the article and you will know whether she is seeing anyone or not.

Maisie Peters

As we all know about her professional life, but a few of you know about her personal life. Especially about her love life. Now it’s time to reveal the most asked question that who is Maisie Peters’ boyfriend in 2022. When Maisie’s other music video Adore You has released fans got so excited after watching the video. And Maisie’s social media back then was spammed with messages asking about the Maisie Peters’ mannequin boyfriend.

Since then people are assuming she is also dating the guy with the same face and personality in real life also. But when she knew everyone is passing assumptions about the mannequin boyfriend, she replied to the questions and clear out everything that there is nothing like that. And without taking it personally, she replied publically in a very funny that she is no longer dating her mannequin boyfriend and she only dated him for the video.

Apart from that, when we talk about her real-life boyfriend. As far as we know Maisie Peters is single most probably. She is not in any kind of love angle. Instead, she is only focusing on her career as it is the beginning of her career. It seems that she doesn’t want any distractions right now. And when it comes to her past relationships. We are also unsure about Maisie Peters’ ex-boyfriends. As she never mentioned her love life in any of her interviews.

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