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Female Kdrama Characters That Could Easily Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Kdrama Female Leads That Could Survive An Apocalypse

After the coronavirus pandemic gave us a little too real idea of what a zombie apocalypse would look like, the wheels in the head of kdrama fans have been churning. Although Kdramas have a very dark past of female leads being an utter disappointment. The number of times we have seen a female lead cry like a child in a kdrama where she waits for the male lead to save her is unimaginable.

However, over the past few years, the Kdrama industry has upped its game. From giving us strong female leads that put everything on the line to protect their country or take down a group of goons like it’s a piece of cake, the kdrama industry has beautifully made up for its past mistakes. With such badass female leads in the picture, fans have been wondering which female kdrama characters would be able to survive a zombie apocalypse.

We have compiled a list of female kdrama characters that we think have the right survival skills to make it through an apocalypse. Furthermore, all the female kdrama characters that have been added to the list are due to their physical abilities, street smart thinking, and courage. If Squid Game ever got a zombie remake then these female kdrama characters will have no trouble making it to the finale.

Female Kdrama Characters That Would Survive An Apocalypse

1. Yoon Sae Bom From Happiness

Coming in number one on this list for very obvious reasons is Sae Bom from the zombie apocalypse kdrama, Happiness. If the word badass could have a picture in the dictionary then it would be her. Her quick thinking, fearlessness, and ability to kick butts make her the most likely character to survive an apocalypse. Moreover, Yoon Sae Bom has not only already survived one zombie apocalypse but also saved dozens of people no matter how selfish and greedy they were.

Kdrama Female Characters That Could Survive An Apocalypse

Yoon Sae Beom from Happiness cr:tvN

For those of you who do not know, Yoon Sae Bom is a special agent played by the beautiful Han Hyo Joo (W: Two Worlds, Shining Inheritance, Dong Yi). She moves into a new apartment complex for civil servants by fake marrying her best friend. However, Yoon Sae Bom’s house warming party was put on hold because of a deathly virus outbreak that had people turning into zombies. With the whole quarantine situation, the drama hits very close to the heart. Happiness is directed by the genius behind Memories Of Alhambra and Record Of Youth, Ahn Gil Ho. The brilliant screenplay of this drama is written by Han Sang Woon (The Good Wife, WATCHER). Added bonus: Park Hyung Sik is the main lead in this drama. You can watch it on Rakuten Viki with subtitles in various languages.

2. Seo Bi From Kingdom

The 2019 South Korean drama, Kingdom, is the perfect cup of tea for the viewers who like an intense watch. It is no ordinary period drama, which is obvious considering the fact that there are zombies. But the series brilliantly mixes politics, horror, and thrill. The kdrama is brilliantly directed by the talented Kim Eun Hi (Once In A Sumeer, Signal). Every second of the show will make you feel like you are watching a blockbuster movie. Furthermore, all the characters of the show left a lasting mark on the audience. The most remarkable however was Joon Ji Hoon as the Crown Prince and Bae Doona as the physician’s assistant, Seo Bi.

Kdrama Female Characters That Could Survive An Apocalypse

Seo Bi from Kingdom cr: Netflix

In the series, her determination to find the cure to the deathly virus is amazing. The fact that she is a character in a period drama makes it even better. She helps the Crown Prince figure out what the absurd problem is. And also ends up finding the herb that could cure the dead bodies. Yet another spending performance by Bae Doona. Although not mentioned on the list, Bae Doona’s The Silent Sea character, Song Ji An could also easily survive a zombie apocalypse. Her quick thinking and rational conclusions would be of a lot of help. You can watch Kingdom on Netflix.

3. Do Bong Soon From Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

It is impossible to make a list of strong kdrama female characters and not include everyone’s favorite girl Do Bong Soon. The kdrama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon after releasing on jTBC in February of 2017 easily slid onto everyone’s list of favorite kdrama. Additionally, the plot of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon revolves around a cute girl named Do Bong Soo, who is a well, very strong woman. Usually, physical strength is an attribute that is mainly associated with men. But in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the females in her family are blessed with supernatural strength. Moreover, the drama has one of the most hilarious take whole ‘male lead carrying the female lead in his arms’ scene with a 4 feet tall Do Bong Soon carrying a 6 feet tall Ahn Min Hyuk effortlessly in her arms.

Kdramas like A Business Proposal

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Furthermore, Do Bong Soon checks all the boxes required to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Although she is kind and goes out of her way to help those in need, she is absolutely brutal towards the people who hurt others. The amount of times she has sent gangs of ruthless goons to the hospital is proof of this fact. Do Bong Soon is also extremely clever and does not let anyone treat her like dirt. If you have not watched this hilarious and sweet kdrama, then you are truly missing out. You can watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon with subtitles in various languages on Netflix.

4. Jang Man Wol From Hotel Del Luna

The 2019 supernatural kdrama starring the nation’s little sister IU and the handsome Yeo Jin Goo, has a special place in all our hearts. For those of you who do not know, Hotel Del Luna is written by the well-known Hong Sisters. They are masterminds behind brilliant kdramas such as The Mater’s Sun, A Korean Odyssey, and My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. What is cooler is the fact that they wrote the entire kdrama with IU in mind and were ready to shelve it had she not agreed to the role. And boy did IU eat this role up! Clips of her yelling ‘Go Chan Sung!’ at the top of her lungs, live in our heads rent-free.

Kdrama Female Characters That Could Survive An Apocalypse

Jang Man Wol from Hotel Del Luna cr: Rakuten Viki

In Hotel Del Luna, IU plays the role of Jang Man Wol who runs Hotel Del Luna where the souls come to rest before departing to the afterlife. The irony is that Jang Man Wol although the CEO of the hotel, cannot go to the afterlife. Her soul has been attached to the hotel and she has been running it for over a thousand years. The only way to make it to the afterlife is if she lets go of her resentment. Jang Man Wol, we believe, would not even break a sweat during a zombie apocalypse. She is intimidating, fearless, and also has supernatural powers.

Not to mention her trusted manager Go Chan Sung, is highly intelligent and never leaves her side. If there had to be presidential elections during an apocalypse, then Jang Man Wol could definitely win. You can watch her in all her badass glory with subtitles in the language of your choice on Rakuten Viki.

5. Yoon Ji Woo From My Name

One of the most praise-worthy performances in 2021 was given by Han So Hee in Netflix’s thriller series ‘My Name’. In the series, Han So Hee’s character Yoon Ji Woo has the coolest job that anyone could think of. She is a member of the most wanted gangs in Korea while also being an underground cop. There is something so thrilling to watching Han So Hee break bones and kick butts after watching her play the stereotypical damsel in distress female roles in the past.

Additionally, the actress also had to go through very difficult muscle training in order to fit this role. Yoon Ji Woo’s father used to be a gangster, and on the day of her birthday, she witnessed him get brutally murdered right in front of their doorstep. Her father was the only family that she had, in order to avenge his death, Yoon Ji Woo joined hands with Choi Min Joon. One of the key reasons that Yoon Ji Woo could easily survive the apocalypse is that she trusts no one. And the fact that she rose from the ashes to avenge her father’s death is also a testament to her great survival skills. You can check and decide for yourself by watching My Name on Netflix.

My Name

Han So Hee in My Name cr: Netflix

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