Top 6 Adult K-Dramas Suitable For The Mature Audience!

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Adult K-dramas
Adult K-dramas

If you were under the impression that K-Dramas are supposed to be all rainbows and sparkles, let us introduce you to a whole new world you might not be aware of! Breaking the usual norms, some shows are made only for a certain community who wants to break free from the lovey-dovey rom-coms with righteous and admirable characters and wants to see a stirred-up K-drama love story. While adult K-Dramas are rather rare in the K-Drama industry, it doesn’t imply they don’t exist! It just needs a little bit of effort, and you can get a whole list of 18+ K-Dramas. Here we are to make your tedious work easy with the top 6 best K-Dramas for the adult audience.

While teenagers or viewers in their early 20s might not be a fan of such genre in the Korean entertainment industry because of their idealistic approach to life, violence, profanity, steamy love scenes, a bit of angst and turmoil add the much-needed spice to a show that a mature person would enjoy watching. We have shortlisted the best ones from different timelines among a whole lot. Let’s drop the formalities and begin with them!

6. The World of the Married (2020)

Director: Mo Wan Il
Screenwriter: Joo Hyun
Starring: Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, Han So Hee, Park Sun Young, Kim Young Min, Chae Gook Hee
Total Number of Episodes: 16
Where to Watch: Netflix, We TV

Strictly for the mature audience looking for an adult K-Drama, ‘The World of the Married’ is the South Korean adaptation of the BBC One TV series ‘Doctor Foster’ that centers on the seemingly perfect life of a successful family doctor and director, Ji Sun Woo, with her husband, Lee Tae Oh and teenage son, Joon Young. However, upon discovering the extramarital affair of her husband and the fact that their mutual friends have supported him in this, the image of her happy family completely shatters.

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The World of the Married
The World of the Married

She immediately picks up the broken pieces of her heart and sets out on a mission to take revenge for the betrayal in a society that encourages maintaining the disguise while concealing the ugly truth. The show targets an audience above the age of 21, not only because of the sexual references in the show but also the inspiring characters.

5. My Secret Romance (2017)

Director: Kang Cheol Woo
Starring: Sung Hoon, Song Ji Eun, Kim Jae Young, Jung Da Sol, Lee Hae In, Baek Seung Heon
Total Number of Episodes: 14
Where to Watch: Viki, Netflix

‘My Secret Romance’ is a classic Korean rom-com with somewhat shallow characters and the least convoluted plot. However, it works well for the mature audience who are looking for some passionate and racy scenes. The story revolves around a rich chaebol named Cha Jin Wook, whose family runs a large company. While he only sticks to short-term love relationships, he establishes a different feeling for a nutritionist named Lee Yoo Mi. However, instead of going for a proper relationship where people form a meaningful connection that lets them express their true feelings, the two have a one-night stand.

My Secret Romance
My Secret Romance

The next morning, while the girl disappears altogether, Jin Wook cannot seem to let go of her from his mind. The two cross paths again three years later, which gives Jin Wook a chance to get what he wants from her. An unstable push-pull romance between them kicks off till they eventually fall in love.

4. My Name (2021)

Director: Kim Jin Min
Screenwriter: Kim Ba Da
Cast: Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon, Lee Hak Joo, Kim Sang Ho, Jang Yool
Total Number of Episodes: 8
Where to Watch: Netflix

While Han So Hee was criticized for her poor acting in ‘Nevertheless,’ she managed to turn the tables with her portrayal of the strong and determined Yoon Ji Woo in the revenge-driven K-drama ‘My Name’! In spite of having a rookie status in the action series, the 27-year-old South Koren beauty amazed the spectators with her stunning fighting skills and chemistry with her co-star, Ahn Bo Hyun.

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My Name
My Name

The story tells Ji Woo’s tale of vengeance for her father’s murder as a member of a powerful crime ring who turns into an undercover agent under Choi Moo Jin, a mighty crime boss and the leader of the biggest drug ring in South Korea. She gets partnered with a fair-minded police detective named Jeon Pil Do, who serves as a Drug Investigation officer. Traversing through the deepest pits of the underworld, loaded with brutality and viciousness, the series showcases the impact of violent revenge on the avenger itself.

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3. Love Affairs In The Afternoon (2019)

Director: Kim Jung Min
Screenwriter: Yoo So Jung
Starring: Lee Sang Yeob, Park Ha Sun, Ye Ji Won, Jo Dong Hyuk, Jung Sang Hoon, Choi Byung Mo
Total Number of Episodes: 16

Suitable for the mature audience, ‘Love Affairs In The Afternoon’ is a remake of the 2014 Japanese drama series ‘Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon’. It revolves around a sincere and quiet housewife named Son Ji Eun working part-time at a mart. Owing to insufficient love and attention from her husband, who remains busy most of the time, Son Ji Eun feels stuck in her lonely and unhappy married life. However, when she meets Yoon Jung Woo, a biology teacher by profession, her life turns upside down. Her heart starts beating once again despite knowing both of them are married, and they inevitably start a love affair.

Adult K-dramas - Love Affairs In The Afternoon
Love Affairs In The Afternoon

Although they know that their actions will only be an invitation to ruins, they cannot help but get involved with each other romantically. Considered an underrated gem with a realistic and absorbing plotline, the show gives a glance at the forbidden view of life. The presence of the core topic of a love affair that will forever remain an open debate makes it an adult K-drama.

2. Can We Get Married (2012)

Screenwriter: Ha Myung Hee
Director: Kim Yoon Cheol
Starring: Jung So Min, Sung Joon, Hwang Jae Won, Lee Mi Sook, Han Groo, Kim Young Kwang
Total Number of Episodes: 20
Where to Watch: Viki

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If you are under the impression that the show is a romantic comedy K-drama because of the title, you are barking up the wrong tree! As an adult K-drama, it targets a specific community of audience who relates to the problems prevailing over a relationship. ‘Can We Get Married’ revolves around three couples coming from different backgrounds who experience their own share of complexities in their lives. Deul Ja is a domineering and meddling mother with two daughters, Hye Joon and Hye Jin.

Adult K-dramas - Can We Get Married
Can We Get Married

While Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon sincerely want to marry each other, their mothers object to their decision. Hye Yoon tries to prepare for the wedding and live her life, but their family conflict starts to tear apart the relationship between the two lovers. On the other hand, Hye Jin is a nurse who marries an already-married doctor named Do Hyun when he gets her pregnant. However, soon she discovers that her husband has shown his true colors and has cheated on her too. She decides to end her marriage and file for a divorce.

1. Mistress (2018)

Director: Han Ji Seung
Screenwriter: Ko Jung Woon
Starring: Han Ga In, Shin Hyun Bin, Choi Hee Seo, Gu Jae Yi, Lee Hee Joon, Lee Sang Hee
Total Number of Episodes: 12
Where to Watch: Viki

Another South Korean adaptation of the UK show ‘Mistresses,’ the series breaks the mold of traditional Korean shows and serves as one of the best adult K-dramas that maintains the level of quality throughout the series despite the explicit scenes. As a dark and mysterious series, it revolves around the scandalous lives of four best friends in their 30s who take on their respective turbulent journeys together on their path of self-discovery. Jan Se Yeon’s husband had passed away in a car accident, but his body was never discovered.

Adult K-dramas - Mistress

The drama begins with the four of them— Se Yeon, Eun Soo, Jung Won, and Hwa Young discovering the corpse of a dead man unexpectedly. Soon, Se Yeon begins to receive mysterious phone calls and observes strange things happening around her. While every second-moment hints at the murder of the person found dead committed by either of the four men in their lives, the story remains unpredictable till the very end.

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