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5 Best Black Male Anime Characters To Exist

Best black male anime characters
Best black male anime characters

Anime has given us a lot of things to remember. Something memorable that anime has given the community is many characters of different skin tones. Most of the characters we see are fair-skinned, this is just because of the already accepted convention of the main character in an anime. It does not change the fact that some male characters of color are just as memorable as the other ones in anime. This difference might be due to the lack of diversity in Japan. But this did not stop many mangakas from creating some memorable black male characters, which is our topic of discussion today.

This is one of the best things about anime and what makes it so cool. The black male characters which we will be discussing today are based on power, personality, and popularity too. But this won’t mean that I won’t include some of the unknown good characters. You will find many characters you have already seen, and some might be new to you. Let us now take a look at the best black male anime characters.

Fourth Raikage, A – Naruto Shippuden

Hailing from the hidden cloud village, Fourth Raikage is probably the best black male anime character. Also known as A, he is one of the fastest characters in Naruto. Only Minato and Naruto are known to have been able to dodge the fourth Raikage at his maximum speed. The fourth Raikage is also one of the strongest characters in Naruto. I believe it is fair to say that he is even stronger than Naruto and Sasuke in terms of raw strength. While Naruto and Sasuke are powerful due to their number of skills, they don’t stand a chance if they are to fight against this guy in hand-to-hand combat without using any special powers. A is so fearless that he even attacked Sasuke when he was in his Susanoo that too covered with the Amaterasu. He even cut his arm off when it got covered by Amaterasu.

Best black male anime characters Fourth Raikage

The Fourth Raikage

Kilik Rung – Soul Eater

This man from Soul Eater is one of the best you will find around. Kilik is calm and rational almost all the time. Whenever in a time of distress, he does not panic and instead thinks calmly over what should be done. Don’t mistake Kilik Rung as someone totally calm all the time. He can be well aggressive when required. One might see him laughing and joking around with his friends, but he is not someone to be taken lightly.

Best black male anime characters kilik rung

Kilik Rung

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Mr. Popo – Dragon Ball

I think every anime fan has seen this character at least once, even if they have not watched Dragon Ball. Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball is insanely famous. You must have seen him either in the anime or in some or the other meme. He is very old, something we cannot see because to us, man never ages. Something we all remember about Mr. Popo is for training our beloved Goku. He has seen Goku from a simple kid to one of the strongest men in the universe. He helped Goku to sense Ki without using his vision and much more. In his free time, he spends his time in the butterfly garden he planted more than a thousand years ago.

Best black male anime characters mr popop

Mr. Popo

Mugen – Samurai Champloo

As I stated before that not many anime has black characters at their helm. Samurai Champloo is unlike these anime. Samurai Champloo is a hit, extremely good, and critically acclaimed anime. There are three protagonists in the anime, of which one is Mugen. He sets out with Jin and Fuu to help Fuu find a samurai who smells of sunflowers. Mugen is a reckless and erratic character but a very fun one to watch. This man here cannot be described as a hero at all. He is more of an anti-hero. Even the creators of Samurai Champloo admitted that they had the hardest time designing Mugen. It all paid off as all the Samurai Champloo fans love Mugen without a doubt. Mugen is shown as extremely competitive, we have seen this every time he is up against Jin, or be it, anyone.

Best black male anime characters Mugen


Darui – Naruto Shippuden

The current Raikage of the hidden cloud village. Darui has shown his impressive capability and skills every time he was asked for. We have seen how good he is during the Great Ninja War arc in Naruto Shippuden and the Momoshiki arc in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. After the time skip from Naruto to Boruto, Darui has buffed up. Our man has gained a good amount of muscle and now truly looks like a Raikage. I don’t think there is anything against Darui that can make anyone dislike him. He is just perfect and one of the best black male anime characters. Darui is also somewhat like Shikamaru, as Shikamaru is famous for his ‘mendokse’, Darui also finds many things boring.

Best black male anime characters darui


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