What Hashtags Are Trending On Tiktok In January 2023?

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Trending Tiktok Hashtags

What are the trending hashtags on Tiktok in January 2023? People who are very much into social media often try to keep themselves updated with the ongoing slang, filters, and challenges. For using that, they end up adding hashtags to it. 

Despite getting banned in many countries, there is still prominent growth when it comes to Tiktok’s user number. Overall, it has garnered more than 1.5 billion users. Since the competition is high, it’s very much possible that your content will get lost in the content ocean, posted daily. So, to avoid that and become famous, apparently, trending hashtags are used. 

What’s the advantage of using hashtags? It’s simple. For example- if the “anime” filter is trending and one just posted anime content using the same filter with no hashtag, she won’t get as many likes and views compared to the one using the hashtag. Makes sense? Yes! Using it makes it more catchy to the audience on the platform. 

Also, adding hashtags will enable your video to show up while people search for that particular hashtag. So, this works more like a brownie to all Tiktok users! 

If you are looking for trending Tiktok hashtags for the sake of increasing views and likes on your videos, here are the details. 

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List Of Top 10 Trending Hashtags On Tiktok In January 2023 

Here is the list of some of the top trending Tiktok hashtags, especially in January 2023. 

1. #anime 

This is appropriate, mostly for anime lovers. Are you one of them? The #anime is well-suitable for the ones who are either talking about their favorite anime show or working on their liked cosplay. However, using the #anime can be traumatizing at times. Why? Well, people often end up posting some of the disturbing events of any anime series. 

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What Hashtags Are Trending On Tiktok

2. #greenscreen 

This hashtag is quite funny and playful. With the name itself, you must have understood how it works or what it is all about. Using the #greenscreen will enable the green screen video effect. It is undoubtedly very creative. How to use it? For this, you have to add any video from your device and stand in front. The background will automatically change once you opt for the green screen effect. 

3. #funny 

How can we not talk about the #funny, being one of the most trending ones on Tiktok in January 2023? The platform is not always for important, serious, or lesson-giving content. Then? We use social media mainly to get rid of the usual daily lifestyle.

Mostly for fun! Don’t you agree with this? People use #funny for uploading any content of the same genre. In addition to the usage, if your content is catchy and successfully makes people laugh out loud in the beginning, you have cracked it! 

4. #humor 

Don’t you like humorous people? Keeping that aside, don’t you like videos of such a genre? It’s quite hard to find the humor in a scary or a horror video. Still, it’s quite good to create one. Right? The #humor on Tiktok has earned more than 1 trillion views so far. 

5. #comedy 

The comedy hashtag is more like #funny and #humor. Both of them are for the content, which would eventually make one laugh out hard. For example- do you want to upload a clip of your favorite comedy show episode? Let’s say- Saturday Night Live! Do it using the #comedy. It will automatically get viral in a short period. 

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6. #duet 

One of the other most trending hashtags on Tiktok in January 2023 is the #duet. Do you think it needs an explanation? People have been doing it, especially with renowned celebrities on the platform. What for? They just have one motive.

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To get more likes! For example- you want to recreate a video, doing a duet with the famous Tiktok star, Addison Rae. To do this, select any of her videos from her post collection, and start dueting. Before posting it on your feed, make sure to tag her and also the #duet. 

What Hashtags Are Trending On Tiktok

7. #fyp 

You will be surprised to know that #fyp has garnered more than 35 trillion views globally on Tiktok. Don’t you remember the famous Tiktok star, Bella Poarch? Even she used this hashtag in one of her lip-syncing videos of the song “M to the B” by Millie B.

What Hashtags Are Trending On Tiktok

What does FYP stand for? Well, it means “For You Page.” People often use #fyp to their videos so that their videos show up on the “For You Page” of others. It acts more like the Tiktok page having several recommended content for the users. Well, the #fyp also boosts the number of likes and views of that particular content. 

8. #dance 

Not to forget to mention the #dance. These days, people end up showcasing their dancing skills on this Tiktok platform. Doing this also creates some dance trends. For example- the dance steps of Wednesday Addams on the song “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga.

That’s right from the Netflix series Wednesday. People have been creating the same look and following her steps on the song, using the #dance. It has become viral not just on Tiktok but also on other social media platforms. 

9. #meme 

This one is quite exceptional yet trending on Tiktok. However, it’s not just something new. People laugh to make memes (adding funny and relatable quotes) to the pictures of others. When we talk about relatability, the quote should match the facial expression. The outcome is the same. That is the others laughing out hard. 

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10. #art 

Are you good at drawing? You may showcase your art skills by posting videos of the same. Make sure to add #art before uploading it on your Tiktok feed. This way, others will also get influenced and try out your artwork. 

What Hashtags Are Trending On Tiktok

Talking about the trending hashtags on Tiktok in January 2023, the mentioned ones have been doing pretty well. Well, these are not the only ones. Other trending Tiktok hashtags are- #viral, #prank, #baby, #workout, #healthyrecipes, #motivation, #couplegoals, #beautyhacks, #lifetsyle, and many more. From the above-discussed ones, which Tiktok hashtag have you used so far? 

However, you can always be the trendsetter. Wait, what? Yes. Of course! Why not? The next time you create and upload a video, try to add hashtags in your own words. Doing this will not make your content creative but unique in any possible way. What are you waiting for? 

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