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How To Check If Your Tiktok Account Data Is Compromised?

Want to know if your Tiktok account data is compromised? Well, Yes! On 6 September, the Cyber Security department found that the data of this Chinese entertainment application of almost 2 billion users had been breached. That is more likely to contain the personal details of the users too. It’s quite a transparent platform but is difficult to ascertain if the account is being hacked.

Several Cyber security analysts have announced on Twitter and warned others. Have you not heard of BeeHive Cyber Security? It has posted, “This is your forewarning. #TikTok has reportedly suffered a #data #breach, and if true, there may be fallout from it in the coming days.” There are certain things that you must know to understand if your Tiktok account data has been compromised. Also, we shall cover some of the ways following which you can save it from getting hacked. Let’s dive in! 

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Checking If Tiktok Account Data Is Compromised

1. The foremost thing is to check if your Tiktok account has got anything posted on its feed that isn’t uploaded by you. 

2. You should also check the last activity on the Tiktok account. Also, you will get a notification if it has been opened from any other device. 

3. Make sure to check the login history of your Tiktok account. Doing this will notify you of everything that has been done on the occasion of it getting compromised or hacked by someone else. 

Tiktok Account Data Getting Compromised

Tiktok Account Data Getting Compromised

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How To Resolve This Issue?

Every problem has its solution! It’s just that we have to find it and do it in the right way. Isn’t it so? 

If you find your Tiktok account data has been compromised, you should follow certain points to resolve this big issue. 

1. The most significant thing is to change the password. If you aren’t aware of how to do this, follow the steps. 

• Open the Tiktok account on your device. 

• Tap on the ‘Me’ section to open your profile and go to ‘Settings’. 

• Select ‘Password’ under the ‘Manage My Account section. Doing this, the application will send an OTP either to the registered mobile number or by mail, whichever you choose. 

• Typing that OTP will further ask you to create a new password. 

• Click on ‘Next’. Now, it’s done! 

2. Enable the Two Factor Authentication on your Tiktok account. If you aren’t aware of this, it helps you to understand if your account has been logged in by someone else or from any other device by sending you a code on your mobile. How to enable it? Follow the easy steps! 

• Tap ‘Security’ under the ‘Settings’ section of the Tiktok account.

• Scroll down and toggle the feature on. All set!

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