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Whom Did Wednesday Addams End Up With In Wednesday?

Tyler, Wednesday, Xavier
Tyler, Wednesday, Xavier (From Right to Left)

As expected, the highly anticipated Netflix Original Series, Wednesday, became one of the most talked about series in the year 2022 after its release. The reprised version of The Addams Family (1991) caught the viewer hearts with its beautiful portrayal of the cinematic experience.

Therefore, the fans of the TV show are intrigued to know the person Wednesday ends up with at the end of the series. Understandably so, the love triangle in the show generated a buzz regarding the various ships in it.

Before we get into it, how well do you know about the show? Well, if you do not know, here are a few elements that you should know about your favorite show. The Netflix show Wednesday is solely focused on the teen drama of one of the most popular characters of Charles Addams’s artistry, namely, Wednesday Addams.

It is a reprised version of the popular movie, The Addams Family (1991). Jenna Ortega plays the role of Wednesday in the show. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwendoline Christie, and Luis Guzman play significant roles in the whole series.

The star-studded cast produced a phenomenal acting performance along with a praiseworthy cinematic experience as a whole. Funnily, this series was supposed to be an animated one. However, the pandemic changed its plans, and Netflix wanted a live-action series on it later on.

The soundtrack, comedy bits, and the whole setting of a gothic environment were probably the most amazing features present in the series, well, Jenna Ortega being the most important feature for her outstanding performance.

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What Did We See In Season 1 Of Wednesday?

Well, season 1 was indeed a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions, fun, and the combination of modern-day values with the old ones. We never really got to see Addams Family in a modern world, and well, there you have it! It did not disappoint at all. Here is a non-spoiler recap of the first season –

Wednesday got expelled from her high school for attempted murder and joined the school where her parents are alumni. After that, she meets Tyler, one of the people in the love triangle. She gets visions regarding the death of Rowan, and he dies.

Shot From Wednesday

Shot From Wednesday (Google Images)

However, he doesn’t, and that surprises her, and things get mysterious in the high school full of outcasts of society. Wednesday looks around for clues and finds out a deep secret. After that, Xavier enters the fray and tries to get Wednesday on the Nightshades Society.

Wednesday digs deeper into the secrets of the mysterious town and finds out surprising information regarding Rowan and others. Xavier and Wednesday share a vision of a monster, and things get chaotic.

Eugene approaches Wednesday, but she rejects him. Thing sets its own plan in motion by setting up Wednesday and Tyler for a dance. The monster terrorizes more people in the town. The other outcasts discover their supernatural powers. Wednesday keeps getting visions of certain unrelated situations and tries to connect them.

The fiasco happens when the Mayor dies, and Tyler gets attacked by the monster. Wednesday nearly gets expelled from her school, but a mysterious person leaves the Mayor in a coma. She looks for clues and goes after a suspicious person, and finds out more about the monster.

Tyler and Wednesday get romantic together, and she ends up kissing him. She finds out a deep secret and a threat that is looming over her life and the city and finally confronts it. However, it doesn’t go as she had planned.

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Wednesday Ends Up With Tyler or Xavier? What We Know So Far

The complicated nature of this question deserves a clear answer. You know, we get the big reveal at the end stages of the series that Tyler Galpin is the main antagonist of the whole story so far. On the other side, Xavier Thorpe is a charming psych from Nevermore who can manifest pieces of art.

Interestingly, Wednesday gets close physically to Tyler, but Xavier remains a comfortable space for her. Although, as the story goes on, Wednesday and Tyler’s chemistry is phenomenal, to say at least, and Wednesday has a soft corner for Xavier because she misjudges him completely.

Therefore, we might see them getting close soon enough as well. Then again, Wednesday and Tyler are the most probable couple who can end up together as of now.

Wednesday and Xavier

Wednesday. (L to R) Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Therefore, to answer your question, Wednesday does not end up with either Tyler or Xavier in the first season. She saves Xavier from getting killed, and that scene indeed creates a much more romantic bond relishing between them.

The dark horse in the whole triangle is Enid Sinclair, who is probably the only sane character and a contrasted one on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see where Enid and Wednesday go from here on.

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