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In Which Episode Does Neji Die? The Final Push For Naruto

Neji Death
Neji Death

Neji Hyuga is a Shinobi of Konohagakure’s Hyuga Clan. He is fair and has long black hair and white eyes with a lavender tint.  A prodigal kid as he was, his visual prowess was amongst the most powerful in the Hyuga clan. However, he was a member of the clan’s branch house. According to the Hyuga family tree, Hyuga clan is divided into two categories: the main house and the branch house. Members of the Branch house are sworn to protect the members of the main house. He, no matter how skilled he became, he was sworn to protect the members of the main house. His forehead was branded with a customary cursed seal by his uncle, Hiashi Hyuga to serve the main branch. Neji was even forbidden to learn the Clan’s advanced techniques.

As a child, Neji Hyuga was kind, caring, and outgoing. He valued his bond with the main family, precisely his uncle, and Hinata. However, when he learned that his father was forced to die by his uncle, he turned cold and heartless. He started believing that everybody’s fate is pre-decided and they cannot escape it. His anger resulted in him placing himself above all others he considered to be weak.

Neji and Hinata

Neji and Hinata

Neji was a close-range specialist. He has outstanding speed and physical strength. Having the Byakugan, he has an almost 360 degree vision with only one blind spot behind his neck. The Byakugan also gives him powers to identify chakra points in a person’s body and block them restricting their chakra flow. He is also adept in Tai Jutsu because of his training sessions with his teacher and teammates.

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Neji Hyuga, as a natural talent, was forced to accept his fate and was resented by his uncle, Hiashi. He used to train together with Hinata, the heir to the main Hyuga clan. His anger for not being able to do greater things he was meant for would often manifest subconsciously and he would harm Hinata. As a result, Hiashi would activate his cursed seal inflicting pain upon him. After he met Naruto, he realized he is what he choose to be and not what fate had destined him to be. Naruto helped him release his inner darkness. He set a goal for himself to never be defeated again and cultivated his natural talent and became one of the strongest Shinobi of Konohagakure. Besides, he started valuing his bond with Hinata and started to protect her out of his own free will.

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When does Neji Die?

Neji dies in episode 364, “The Ties That Bind”. It takes place during the ‘fourth shinobi war: climax’ arc. The unwanted death left the fans devastated.

Neji in war

Neji Hyuga

As the ten tail becomes difficult to control, the allied headquarters is destroyed. In order for Madara to become a Jinchuriki to get a better hold of ten tails, he would require Obito  to perform a forbidden technique to revive Madara completely. Madara and Obito for now control ten tails. It launches a destructive bean capable of blowing down the whole village. The intelligence team comprising Shikamaru and Ino’s father gets hit and acts upon the last plan to defeat Madara and Obito before dying. Obito fires numerous wooden spikes at the Shinobi Allied Forces trying to get them and Naruto at the same time. Naruto activates sage mode and manages to stop a few attacks. Meanwhile, he manages to stop more coming attacks with rasen shuriken completely drowning his energy. Naruto collapses and seeks the opportunity, the ten tails attack naruto and hinata comes and stands in front of him in order to protect him. However, Neji barges in, activating his Byakugan and taking a million spikes into his body.

Neji Death

Neji Death

Neji, as he succumbs to his wounds, tells Naruto that Hinata was willing to die for him and so are many other people. All their lives and Hinata’s life is in his hands. Naruto asks Neji why did he sacrifice his life for him and Neji finally die his last words to Naruto being ‘because you called me a genius.’

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