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Namor vs. Aquaman: Who Is The Real King Of Atlantis?

Aquaman vs Namor
Aquaman vs Namor

Aquaman, the king of Atlantis versus Namor, The Feathered Serpent God. Who is the more powerful ruler of the Seas. I will be breaking down each character’s strengths and weaknesses to determine who the more powerful combatant is and who would win in an epic all-out brawl. We will be discussing the movie version, so we will not be referencing any comic book material unless that material is canned into the movies.

We’re also going to be equalizing speed for this battle, as the DC Extended Universe still consistently clears the speed of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And finally, I know this is going to upset many of you, but again we’re using the theatrical cut of Justice League to scale Aquaman. It’s the current canon in the universe unless something changes. Also, it’s a little stronger than the Snyder cut, if I’m being honest.

How Powerful Is Aquaman In DCU?

Let’s begin with the DC Extended Universe’s Aquaman. Being a royal Atlantean, Arthur is imbued with Incredible strength and durability. This strength and durability come from an evolutionary advantage of increased muscle density that allows him to survive the crushing depths of the ocean. All Atlanteans were created through forced evolution by the power held within Atlan’s Trident. Arthur being part Atlantian shares his physiology.

How Powerful Is Aquaman In DCU

How Powerful Is Aquaman In DCU

In terms of total strength, Aquaman is relative to Wonder Woman, which is important to keep in mind as we move along. Let’s take the example of Superman; he shifted a tectonic plate to prevent an earthquake. Now keep in mind that the average tectonic plate weighs approximately 24 Quintillion tons, and converting the feet into attack potency, we get 24.2 Teratotons of force or country level.

So Superman being the starting point, we can compare other characters who are relative to him and his accomplishments. Wonder Woman is directly comparable to this version of Superman and bringing this full circle back to Aquaman, he and Diana performed similarly during the events of Steppenwolf’s second invasion.

In DCEU’s Justice League, Aquaman endures punches from enraged Superman, strikes from Steppenwolf, and even pierces the new god with his Trident. Of course, he doesn’t scale to either of these characters in overall power. It’s clear that Superman and Steppenwolf are above the rest of the heroes. However, it shows that he can hold his own. But this isn’t the peak of his power.

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Aquaman With Atlan’s Trident

After retrieving Atlan’s Trident, Aquaman’s power is Amplified by the magical Relic, which was crafted from Poseidon steel. And as we have seen previously, Arthur was inferior to his brother Orm, who broke Atlanna’s Trident, which could endure multiple strikes from Steppenwolf, who fought the original Doomsday. Doomsday is a being capable of shattering moons as well as Zeus, who could create Islands with just a fraction of his power and who broke the mother box unity.

After donning Atlan’s armor and his kingly Trident, Aquaman rematches Orm and shatters Orvax’s Trident with a single strike, which again ORM uses to shatter Atlanna’s Trident. Giving Aquaman a weapon more powerful than the new Gods, a weapon likely wielded by the old god Poseidon before being reforged.

Aquaman rematches Orm and shatters Orvaxs Trident with a single strike

Aquaman rematches Orm and shatters Orvaxs Trident with a single strike

So, in summary, Aquaman would be outputting at minimum Moon shattering power with his Trident. But Arthur’s Trident isn’t just a melee weapon, and it’s able to fire blasts of incredible Energy to Great distances.

And the special features of the Aquaman Blu-ray show that Orvax’s trident has an effective range of 100 yards underwater. The king’s Trident is Superior in every way, so it should also have a similar range if not better. This means he could stand at one end of a football field and snipe someone all the way to the other end zone.

Aquaman’s Trident is also able to imbue him with additional powers and abilities as he learns to master the weapon. Using his mother’s Trident, Aquaman has limited hydrokinesis as he was able to hold off a wave of water during Justice League. However, with Atlan’s Trident combined with Vulko’s training, he’s able to create a magical shield of water that was impenetrable by Orm. So this water barrier is able to completely block a weapon more powerful than something that could pierce Steppenwolf.

Aquaman’s Combat Skills And Abilities

Now let’s get into Aquaman’s combat skills and abilities. So Arthur is an expert combatant with his Trident. He was trained in secret by the Royal Atlantean Vizier Vulko throughout the majority of his youth. Vulko trained Aquaman in the same ways that Orm was trained, so I think it’s safe to say that Aquaman is comparable in ability underwater, even though he did initially lose to Orm.

During the final battle, Arthur defeats his younger brother Orm who is the eighth dawn in zebblfu, and a five-time undefeated Trident Champion. If you’re confused about what any of this means, let me elaborate a bit for you. The dawn ranking system is used by many Japanese and Korean martial arts organizations to identify the rank and level of one’s ability within that specific martial art.

Aquaman vs Orm

Aquaman vs Orm

The highest rank is 10th Dawn. Only five living people hold the 10th Dawn in Judo and only about 35 worldwide have been promoted to the ranks since its Inception. While the highest ranks of the Dawn system for Zebelfu are unknown, it’s a safe assumption that 10 is likely the highest making Orm one of the most skilled practitioners of Zebulfu in the world. So Arthur defeating such a skilled opponent is a significant feat that shouldn’t be ignored.

Finally, Arthur has shown that he has aquatic telepathy. This is an ability unique to Arthur and not something that he shares with Mera or even his half-brother Orm. This is likely because Arthur is the true king of Atlantis and as we know after he takes Atlantis’s Trident for himself, his telepathy is amped to complete dominance and command of the sea.

With Atlan’s Trident, Aquaman is able to control the Trench, a group of devolved Atlantians said to be uncontrollable. Not to mention the massive sea Kaiju named the Kara Marathon, who was stated to be the most powerful creature on the planet and one who could shatter the Earth’s crust when traveling from the center of the planet, a feat requiring at least country levels of power to do at a minimum.

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How Powerful Is Namor In MCU?

As for Namor, the king of the Talokan, there isn’t quite as much to draw from, but still enough to take on DC’s King of the Seas. Namor is Talokan and is empowered by their sacred plant, which grants him superhuman strength, durability, and speed. However, he’s also the first mutant, which separated him from the rest of his people. He has pointed ears as well as wings on his feet which allow Namor to take to the skies.

He can breathe on both land and sea and his skin does not turn blue underwater. Additionally, his physical stats are far superior to his fellow Talokan people. Within the film, M’Baku claims that Namor is probably physically comparable to the Hulk. However, the director of Wakanda Forever goes on to explain that Namor is as strong as Thor normally and if he’s exposed to enough water he can reach Incredible Hulk levels of strength.

How Powerful Is Namor In MCU

How Powerful Is Namor In MCU

So in the MCU, the high end of power for most characters during the Infinity Saga is around the country level based on many various feats. But Phase 4 has really ramped up the power levels. The power increase is displayed perfectly in Wakanda Forever. As we see during Namor’s invasion, he is able to easily slice through the Wakanda airships and even The Black Panther’s armor. Compare this to Thanos, who with his Superior Uru blade merely chipped away at Captain America‘s pure Vibranium Shield.

This alone is enough evidence to show that Namor has exceeded the power of Thanos. So he must be more powerful than thor and the Hulk. But how strong is this new level of power? So as I just said, post endgame both Hulk and Thor have far exceeded the power of Thanos and they may be approaching Planet busting power within the MCU. If you have seen Hulk in action then you know Planet level potential really isn’t out of the question. But they may be even more powerful than this.

Namor Stronger Than Gods?

Now the following scaling that I’m going to cover is shaky and it has a lot of counterpoints. But it does show the potential of the universe moving forward and I think it’s it least worth mentioning. Within Thor Love And Thunder, Gor the God Butcher is traveling throughout the cosmos doing what he does best, butchering Gods. To stop this Thor intends to recruit the most powerful gods in the universe, those located in the omnipotent city which includes Ra, the strongest god of the Egyptian Pantheon.

If you are a geek like me then you’ll know how powerful the Egyptian Pantheon is. But for those not in the know, when amplified by the power of His Avatar, Konshu can manipulate the stars, to turn them back to the positions they were thousands of years ago. Even if we lowball Konshu is simply Moon level, as he is the god of the Moon, Ra the god of the sun would scale higher by default to Star level.

Namor Stronger Than Zeus

Namor Stronger Than Zeus

To support this further, there are Celestials present within the omnipotent city, beings who are powerful enough to survive the emergence and are shown on the screen creating Stars. Zeus the most powerful God and leader of the omnipotent city, is afraid of Gor because Gor wields the Necrosword. And Thor is able to fight Gor, exchange blows with him, and endure attacks from the Necrosword.

So at this point, Thor would at minimum be Star level, based on being relative to the Celestials and possibly higher if he exceeds the power of them as well as the Egyptian god Ra. So Namor is of course stated to be Thor level normally, but underwater he becomes even stronger, how much stronger is hard to say.

Namor’s Skills And Abilities

As for Namor’s other skills and abilities, he can fly with his winged feet and of course breathe underwater. Namor subjects have a siren song that can hypnotize the standard human, however, Namor never shows this ability so it’s probably unfair to assume that he can do this as well. His skill level in battle is sort of hard to determine. However, we can assume he’s more skilled than Atuma, who is relative to skill and Okoye. Okoye is stated to be Wakanda’s most skilled Warrior and an unrivaled master of Wakandaian martial arts, even at the time when T’Challa was alive.

To support this Sam Wilson advises U.S Agent that it would be better for him to fight Bucky than the Dora Milaje and Okoye wasn’t even there. T’Challa was relatively skilled in comparison to Captain America and Bucky, but Okoye would exceed this level and Namor should be similar in skill if we assume he’s more skilled than Atuma. But that might not actually be the case as we just detailed the protector of Wakanda was less skilled than his highest-ranked General.

Namor in Wakanda

Namor in Wakanda

So Namor could be in the same situation, especially if we consider how this fight was sure he went. Shuri isn’t unskilled but has never displayed skill on the level of her brother or you know the Dora Milaje. But Namor was significantly weakened when he battled Black Panther, so it’s tough to say for sure.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Aquaman And Namor?

So who wins this fight in a fight between Aquaman and Namor? Well, Aquaman has a massive advantage in his hacks abilities. His hydrokinesis would allow him many options in battle, he can create shields, toss pillars of water Namor, etc. He can summon hordes from the ocean to overwhelm Namor or utilize the Keratin. If you consider Namor a, you know, sea creature, maybe Aquaman could just command him with his Trident.

Arthur also seemingly has the advantage and skill, of someone who can defeat a well-documented and decorated martial artist. While the skill scaling for Namor is somewhat questionable. However, the hypothetical peak power of Namor would easily outscale anything displayed by the King of Atlantis, giving the first mutant the easy victory.

But without the questionable Star level scaling, both characters are more relative in strength, at least outside of the ocean. But within the waters, Namor’s power should increase to the point that Arthur could not overcome it. With Hulk overpowers Thor’s power, which clears Thanos at this point. Namor would be pushing planetary levels at full strength.

While Namor has a distinct weakness that Arthur doesn’t, I’m not sure that Arthur would be able to figure it out, let alone take advantage of it and unless he was able to fight Namor both on land and on the sea. So with all that being said, I think Namor takes the win more often than not at a very high level of difficulty. You could say maybe six times out of ten he would beat the king of Atlantis

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