Justice League Snyder Cut Ending Explained: Is Darkseid Coming?

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All The Plot Twists Explained
Justice League Snyder Cut

Know more about Justice League Snyder Cut Ending Explained. Warner Bros gave fans the biggest don’t in the form of the unfinished Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League. After a prolonged wait, the movies made their way into the streaming platform HBO Max, and the four-hour watch was surely worth the wait. As Darkseid decides to take matters into his hand, the plot for a possible sequel has been made, which fans might never see after all. This is partly because the studio giant has no active plans to restore Snyder’s vision for future DC movies. Moreover, some of the characters are not reprising their roles for any of the future films. 

The movie was all about an alternate universe, powerful villains, and a team that even saw two arch-nemesis join hands for a greater cause. While the movie follows a similar plot of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince rounding up a powerful team to stop Steppenwolf from uniting three Mother Boxes, it is the epilogue of the movie that everyone is talking about! Let us take a look at all the details about Justice League Snyder Cut Ending Explained. 

Justice League Snyder Cut Ending Explained

While the movie ended with Justice League emerging victorious, the focal point came in the form of an epilogue that gave DC fans a clear picture of what are these superheroes headed to after the battle. We also saw the survivors from yet another trip from the timeline, and fans were surprised to see the Clown Prince also returning as one of the survivors. The end also comes to an emotional point as Ray Fisher’s Cyborg is seen listening to the tapes his father left behind before his sacrifice. The Flash saves the day as he runs fast enough while undoing the devastation and saving mankind.

Ending Explained
Justice League Snyder Cut

We also saw that The Flash saves the say as he manipulates time and resets the clock briefly to just before the Boxes united. The powerful scene between Cyborg and the Mother boxes is also worth a mention as they try to manipulate him by showing Cyborg his family. However, he resists the temptation and ends up pulling the Mother Boxes apart with an assist from Superman. We still have questions about Cyborg’s imagination that might imply Superman holding Lois, and her death is what makes him succumb to the Anti-Life Equation.

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Is Darkseid Going To Return For The Anti-Life Equation?

The looming danger is not over yet as Martian Manhunter was seen warning Batman that Darkseid is not finished with Earth and will be back for the Anti-Life Equation. While this is something that might be focused on in a possible sequel movie, but it seems like the director has no such plans as of now. If you haven’t already seen the exclusive new release, have a look at the official trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Zack Snyder has revealed that he has no plan to continue this world despite his original plan for more movies as he has got a lot going on. However, Snyder gave us a glimpse of a possible scenario where Darkseid comes to Earth, in the movie that we might never see where the armies of Earth all unite again, as they did before. 

Zack Snyder Opens Up About Batman Joining Forces With The Joker.

While the movie has come up with way too many surprises and twists along the way, the biggest twist was that of how Batman turns to the Clown Prince for help. However, even though Joker killed Robin, or is soon revealed that when Harley died, Batman was there when she died. Snyder has addressed this newfound equation saying that the new sequence will open doors.

What Happened To The Joker?
The Joker

The director further said that while he never got to explore this key relationship, he wanted to include it for this new version. Zack Snyder also threw light on the fact that somehow Joker has helped Batman fix the world, and it is all part of this post-apocalyptic nightmare reality that they were gunning toward in the second and third movies.

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