Top 10 Facts About Wonder Woman 1984

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Wonder Woman 1984

As the sequel to the box-office hit “Wonder Woman”, The Wonder Woman 1984 was recently released.  Since its release, the movie was widely accepted by both DCEU fans and every Wonder Woman fan. Since every fan to know more about their favorite superhero, today we bring to you the Top 10 Facts About Wonder Woman 1984.

In this article, we will be covering the facts about the recently released movie. Among this information, some facts may be known by many, and some could be a new one! Along with the facts from WW84, we will also cover facts from the Original Wonder Woman movie and some from comics. After all, who doesn’t want to know more about this awesome superhero!

1. Steve Trevor was killed initially in the comic books itself

It was very heartbreaking to see Diana losing the love for her life, Steve Trevor. He sacrificed his life to save the world. Even though he returned in Wonder Woman 1984, Steve accepted dead in the first movie for a reason. But did you know that Steve Trevor was actually killed in the comic books because he was too “dull”?

Yes, it’s quite often that characters in the comics getting killed and revived and repeating the process, but removing a character, that too the lover of the protagonist doesn’t happen always. Steve was killed in the comics for the first time on Wonder Woman issue #80, where he was shot by the henchmen of Doctor Cyber. While explaining why he was killed, the artist of the comic, Mike Sekowsky, said in a letter column of Wonder Woman issue #195 as Steve Trevor’s character seemed too dull for him!

Wonder Woman 1984

It will be interesting to see if Mike will change his mind after watching Steve in the movies. As this Steve is indeed not dull but lovable and we all loved him and Diana while they spend their very less time together. We really miss you, Steve.

2. Patty Jenkins is part of the Wonder Woman 1984

For those who don’t know, The first movie of the Wonder Woman franchise, Wonder Woman, was directed by Patty Jenkins. And for this movie, the script was done by the team consisting of Allan Heinberg, Zack Snyder, and Jason Fuchs. While Patty got the director’s seat, she was still not able to be part of the story-making the team.

But for the second installment of the franchise, Along with continuing the director seat, Patty is also joining the scriptwriting team. Patty is not doing this alone. She will be joined by Geoff Johns and David Callaham. It’s always great to see a woman being part of the story about a lady Superhero. We hope more woman joining the crew for the next installment in the Wonder Woman franchise.

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3. There was an Evil Steve Trevor!

Yes! you read it right. There was an evil Steve Trevor, the same man who was the love of the life of Diana, the Wonder Woman. But this is not in any of the DCEU movies which have been released, if don’t know if there will be any evil Steve in the future Wonder Woman movies, but this evil Steve was seen in the Wonder Woman comics.

You could see the evil Steve Trevor in the Elseworlds story of Wonder Woman: Amazonia. In this, Steve is not the person we all loved for, but the exact opposite. He was a villain in this story who fooled the Amazonians. No doubts that this Steve Trevor was the exact opposite of what we loved. He appeared as a British Marine of the Royal Empire.

Wonder Woman 1984

After gaining the trust of the Amazonians, he betrayed them and begun to summon the marines while killing the Amazons. In this story, he even captured Diana. Not only that, he forced her to act out the religious propaganda for the villains. This villain, Steve, was ultimately stopped by Diana, as Diana killed him in the end. Thank goodness that this was not the main storyline of the Wonder Woman comics. We always want to see the good Steve and Diana together.

4. Diana’s Wardrobe choice resembles Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman

While looking at the costume selection of Diana, we see a Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman was wearing a dress similar to Linda Carter, who played the character of Diana princess. Even though this wasn’t intentional, as they were looking at the fashion trends of the ’70s and ’80s and decided to go with them, but it eventually becomes similar to the First Wonder Woman.

Even though it was by accident. It was still a great addition, and an indeed move to honor the first Wonder Woman with that bottom-down white shirt and blue down gray suit. Also, that wardrobe was a perfect match for the personality of Diana Prince. As we have said earlier, even though the similarity between the wardrobe choices of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to that of Linda Carter was an accident, We actually got the chance to see Linda Carter in the Wonder Woman 1984 movie. More on that later in this article.

5. The importance of Citrine throughout the story

When studying the wish-granting dream stone, Barbara mentions that this stone has the elements of Citrine, which is a member of the Quartz family. Although this doesn’t seem like very important information, it is not. This has much more importance to the theme of the story: desire, greed, and corruption than you think.

There is a superstition that Citrine is a symbol of prosperity. Well, it is true as the dream stone will grant our wish of whatever we want, but at a hefty price. The stone is also called the merchant stone, the money stone and also, the success stone. It is great to see that the scriptwriters add details like this. This will give them a space to think about what Citrine is and to explore more about it, thus making the movie more entertaining.

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6. The Golden color Tone

The movie Wonder Woman 1984 begins with the scene in Mascara, where young Diana is going through many obstacles and challenges through those tournaments. We but the not going deep in those scenes, but we are looking to those color tone used in that scenes.  It’s all warm and gold. Throughout the entire movie, we don’t see this pallet again until the final act.

Wonder Woman 1984

In this scene, we will see our wonder woman in a Golden Eagle armor of the Asterias. In her younger ages, her mother reached young Diana that No heroes are born from lies and made the Golden Hysteria her true ideal. By using warm and the golden pallet, the movie is showing how Diana goes on a full circle to understand the lessons for her life.  These scenes show how she learned that We won’t reach our goals through shortcuts but only with hard work, dedication and honesty. It is indeed a great message conveyed by Wonder Woman 1984.

7. The Nuclear Man Easter egg

The time during the story of the movie is taking place in the ’80s, and this wasn’t a great time for the superhero movies, except for Tim Berttons Batman and the Superman 2 movie. In fact, this was the age where they’re some of the worst adaptations of comic book superhero stories. Released in 1987, Superman 4: The quest for the piece was entitled to this title for being the worst superhero movie of that time.

In that movie, we saw Nuclear man, the villain of that movie. Because of the wonderful criticisms from fans and critiques, we never got to see this character again. But in WW84, there is a homage to this infamous villain.

In the movie, on the floor of the South Fields mall, we can see a sun-shaped symbol with eight triangles around it. A very resemblance to the emblem on the Nuclear man’s costume. The key difference to these designs is that there is not an “N” in the design of South Fields mall one. But that would be too much. Another fact is that both movies had a similar theme of Nuclear war, the design included in the movie may not be coincidental at all.

8. There was already a hint that the wish granted by using the wish stone will come at a price

In the movie, when they first discovered the stone, the lab worker used the stone to get a coffee. And, sure, his wish gets granted, but have you noticed a small part after that? After getting the coffee, we can hear the lab worker saying that the coffee was way too hot for him. he burns his mouth a little by drinking the coffee he got by the wishing stone. A price he had to pay by using the wising stone.

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By this scene, it showed that be it a big wish or a small one, there always will be a price to pay, Instead of showing this only for the after-effects of a big wish granted for the other characters, the movie gives importance to minute details like this.

9. The Remembrance of Retro brands nm

We all know the timeline where Wonder Woman’s 1984 is taking place. Being in the 80’s we also got the chance to see many old 80’s brands. One among them is specific to the Washington neighborhood of Georgetown. In the movie, we could see a couple see a bunch of kids shoplifting at the commander salamander. It was a punk boutique, which the crew set up for this movie.

During the mall set piece, if you notice, we could see a lot of deceased brands. This includes Chessking, Waldenbooks, and even Tapeworld. We could even see a timeout arcade where kids are playing Operation Wolf. In another scene where Steve Trevor saw the first modern Airline, we saw a TWA airline.

If you know, TWA was acquired by American Airlines in 2001. All this image was really a great trip showing us how times have changed. It also requires a great round of applause for the crew of Wonder Woman 1984 to work hard for adding the 80’s elements along with noticing details as adding the deceased brands. And they have succeeded in it.

10. The Asteria is still alive and can be seen in Wonder Woman 1984

We all know that the Amazons believed their savior Asteria died after she fell in a war and was never heard from her again. This assumption was again reinforced when Diana went on a mission to find the fallen warrior. But she was, as we all know, be able to get her hands on the Golden Eagle armor. And thanks to this Golden Eagle armor, she used this for her final face-off against Cheetah and max Lord.

But to all of them’s believe’s, we were able to see Asteria is still alive. For those who haven’t seen it, At the mid-credit scene of Wonder Woman 1984, we could see Asteria is still alive. She is leading her secret life among the normal human beings and saving the humans in crisis.

Although many may not recognize who is playing the role of Asteria. For those who don’t know, the role of Asteria is played by Lynda Carter. Back in the days, Carter made her name for herself by playing Diana Prince in the classic Wonder Woman Television series. This series was aired on ABC and CBS from the year 1975 to 1979.

Even though she had portrayed the role of Wonder Woman and become the lovable star of that time, Cartel still managed to dazzle new viewers in the present time. Since we have seen this wonderful actress again on the screens, it will be interesting to see what DC has planned for this iconic actress. We can be hopeful that we may be able to see more from this character beyond this brief appearance.

What do you think about our Top 10 Facts about Wonder Woman 1984? In this article, as we have promised, we included facts from the first Wonder Woman movie and even some facts from the comics. Were all the facts known to you? Which among them was your favorite one? What all were the facts you expected to see in here? We hope that we were able to surprise you with at least one fact about Wonder Woman. Do Let us know your thoughts!

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