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Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film In The Upcoming Phase 5

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film
Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film - Sentry

Almost all of the main characters from Marvel Comics are included in feature films or television shows by this point, and the Marvel Universe still contains plenty of famous characters who might still find their way to live-action cinema. With an ever-expanding slate of spinoffs and reboots, the MCU, including its Fox and Sony counterparts, has produced blockbuster films for the Avengers, X-Men, and different Spider-People. There are, however, many renowned Marvel characters who might carry their own film; some have only been seen in a live-action setting, and others have still not been heard of at all.

Heroes like Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor were popular among comic book fans, but they paled in comparison to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Despite this, the MCU was unable to develop films for those characters due to rights concerns. After acquiring 21st Century Fox, Disney was able to get the rights to numerous fan-favorite Marvel characters. While the MCU has already established films for legacy characters, numerous popular characters have yet to be given their due inside Feige’s universe. These are some of the key characters who have yet to be added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So Here Are The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film:

10. Darkhawk

Darkhawk is among the less popular Marvel characters on this list, but he was quite popular in the 1990s. He even had a 50-issue series of his own. Christopher Powell, the same as Peter Parker, was a teen from Queens, New York. He discovered an artifact that allowed him to switch bodies with a powerful extraterrestrial android body with massive metal wings, which he could control with his mind. He also possessed claws like Wolverine, yeah, this kind o characters were popular in the 1990s.

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – Darkhawk

Darkhawk was a member of the New Warriors and, for a brief time, the Avengers. Marvel Comics just announced a new Darkhawk miniseries with a new young hero. Connor Young was a top athlete who had recently been diagnosed with MS. When he discovers the necklace, he not only has to deal with his new medical reality, but he also needs to become a superhero. The original Darkhawk comic book wasn’t very memorable, but the ingredients for a live-action version of this modern Darkhawk — the origin, the outfit, and the powers — are ideal.

9. Cloak & Dagger

Cloak & Dagger are a superpowered pair with interdimensional talents, capable of teleporting between worlds and generating strong telepathic weapons to paralyze their opponents. Cloak & Dagger were first introduced in the Spectacular Spider-Man #64. Cloak, a mysterious creature with an insatiable desire for energy, is symbiotically linked to Dagger, whose incredible abilities would otherwise overpower and consume her.

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – Cloak And Dagger

Despite their flaws, the pair has contributed to a number of storylines, including Civil War and Secret Invasion, making them quite essential. Because of their physical and psychological interdependence, they are vulnerable to manipulation, which many opponents have abused in the past. Cloak & Dagger are pushed into defeating Doctor Strange himself in The New Mutants, which may be the greatest approach to introduce the characters into the bigger MCU — making them excellent gateway characters, so providing a more urgent, obvious risk to the Avengers.

8. Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew is far from being a female Spider-Man replica, despite her name. Spider-Woman was created in the 1970s and had her own continuous comic for over 50 issues, as well as a short-lived Saturday morning animation series. Jessica Drew’s parents were researchers who mistakenly granted her arachnid-based powers when she was a youngster, according to the comics. The abilities came as a result of their efforts to heal a fatal childhood illness. Her origin story has been changed several times, although she has always had ties to both SHIELD & HYDRA in whatever form.


Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – Spider-Woman

For whatever unknown reason, Marvel placed her on hold for nearly two decades. In the chapters of New Avengers in 2004, Brian Michael Bendis introduced Jessica as Spider-Woman. Since then, she’s remained a part of the Marvel Universe. With her ties both to SHIELD as well as the Avengers, she’s a natural fit for the MCU, whether in film or on television. Sony has revealed that Olivia Wilde will direct a Spider-Woman film. At the time, it is uncertain who will play Spider-Woman. We hope both Sony & Marvel Studios can collaborate to welcome Jessica into the MCU, where Jessica belongs.

7. Ka-Zar

Just on the surface, Ka-Zar appears to be a rip-off of Tarzan. He is the grandson of a British Lord who was abandoned as a child in an exotic rainforest area. Locals then take him in after his father dies. Lord Kevin Plunder is no longer his name; instead, he adopts the title Ka-Zar. Does this ring a bell? So, how is this any different from a dollar-store Tarzan? Ka-Zar lives inside the Savage Land, a secret primeval world in the Antarctic, rather than in a real-world locale like Africa. H humanoid mutates, Dinosaurs, and Ka-Zar’s sabretooth tiger Zabu exist in the Savage Land. It was the setting for several Uncanny X-Men adventures in the comics. For a period, it even served as Magneto’s headquarters of operations.

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – Ka-Zar

X-Men: The Animated Series fans will recognize several episodes situated in this location from their childhood. To be fair, the Savage Land environment is far cooler than Ka-Zar, but he might serve as the star of a fantastic Savage Land series or film. With a well-received comic book series in the 1990s, this Marvel hero, his lover and adventure partner Sheena, and his tiger Zabu had a brief moment in the spotlight, but Ka-Zar has largely faded from view since then. However, given Marvel’s ongoing efforts to explore different genres within the context of superhero films, Ka-Zar could be an excellent pick.

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6. Wonder Man

Another long-time member of the Avengers, Nathan Fillion was speculated to be playing Wonder Man (Simon Williams) in a brief role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Regrettably, all references to Wonder Man were removed. Even so, we still wholeheartedly recommend Fillion for the part if it comes up again. Wonder Man had “ionic” abilities in the comics. Strength, speed, and energy blasts were among them, earning him a career as a superhero as well as a Movie star and stuntman. In any case, Simon is likely Marvel’s most renowned and longest-serving superhero who has never appeared on screen in the MCU.

Wonder Man

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – Wonder Man

In the comics, Wonder Man has a habit of dying and returning. In a live-action version of this character, this could be a wonderful running gag. Wonder Man, a self-centered, ego-driven superhero, was a natural fit for Nathan Fillion. So, if Marvel decides to introduce Wonder Man in the future, hopefully, Fillion will be considered. Many fans expected Wonder Man to appear in WandaVision, but he did not appear. It’s past time for this long-serving Avenger to join the rest of them. Hopefully, he’ll also bring his cool red jacket.

5. Captain Britain

Since the mid-’70s, Captain Britain has always been a member of the Marvel Universe. However, he initially appeared in Marvel UK comic books. Captain Britain made his official debut in Captain Britain Weekly #1. Brian Braddock was the bookish heir of an old noble British family in the comics. In a lab incident, he suffered a serious injury and was on the brink of death. Brian was soon approached by the wizard Merlyn, who offered him the chance to be the United Kingdom’s supernatural champion. Captain Britain is thus born.

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – Captain Britain

For years, Captain Britain had his own comic in the United Kingdom, and in North American comics, he teamed up with Spider-Man and Captain America. He later became the leader of Excalibur, a British X-Men spinoff squad. Betsy Braddock, better known as the X-Man Psylocke, is his sister. As Marvel Studios introduces mutants to the MCU, all of these characteristics of his character might provide great plot material. Superman Henry Cavill has expressed interest in playing Captain Britain, and fans have been begging for him to do it. We can’t say we disagree with that decision.

Captain Britain, as a non-American superhero, has the potential to significantly expand the MCU, allowing for tales to take place outside of the United States. Aside from that, the character has clashed with everyone from Spider-Man to Jessica Jones in the past and comes with several mythological elements – such as the Holy Grail, Merlin, Camelot, the Black Knight – and plenty of others, not to mention the entire MI-13 backstory, which would make for a fantastic origins film.

4. X-23

With Disney taking up Fox Studios’ X-Men series, it’s difficult to believe we’ll ever see another brutal superhero film like Logan. That’s a shame, because Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, is deserving of her own continuation. Hugh Jackman’s final X-Men movie explores a fascinating futuristic universe that deserves to be revisited. Who better to concentrate on than this independent-minded and tough-as-nails mutant? Logan gave X-23 a lot of screen time, but the movie was mainly about Wolverine. Fans appear to have enjoyed the youthful character, and Dafne Keen has expressed interest in reprising her part in her own film.


Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – X-23

X-23 is a Wolverine clone who has been brainwashed and programmed by a secret government entity to carry out a variety of dark tasks, including assassinations, one of which involves a presidential contender. Later, the character would join the X-Men in an attempt to redeem herself. The character’s individuality should be preserved if a movie is made — a lost child conditioned to commit horrific actions redeemed as a superhero with a tragic past and a whole slew of foes, some of whom are deeply intertwined with her former criminal activities. There are a lot of options with this character, including teaming her up with the Winter Soldier, which makes her an excellent contender for the MCU.

3. Hercules

Hercules is a longstanding resident of the Marvel Universe in the comics, initially appearing in the chapters of The Mighty Thor in the 1960s before becoming a member of the Avengers. He is the Godson of Zeus from Greek mythology. Herc’s role as an Avenger changed over the years, and he usually filled in for the team’s other most famous mythical figure when Odinson Thor was unavailable.



The ‘Prince of Power’ is just like Avengers: Endgame’s ‘Bro Thor,’ but without the self-doubt, and while Thor seemed to regain his mojo at the end of the movie, the MCU still has room for yet another hard-partying, powerful hero who rejoices in being a powerhouse hero, especially with the God of Thunder apparently favoring space travel to Earth these days.

There doesn’t appear to be much of a need for Hercules when Thor is present. That was most probably why he hasn’t made an appearance in the MCU yet. But Chris Hemsworth will think of leaving these movies at some point, and Herc may be the ideal buff, battle-loving God to take his place. Plus, Greek mythology is fascinating. Herc seemed like a perfect fit for the Eternals, but he didn’t quite make the cut. Still, if they wanted to, they could utilize the Eternal’s mythology to reveal him later.

2. Sentry

With their limited energy set, Avengers like Iron Man & Captain America did well, but they’re no match for Sentry. Sentry, who is essentially a Marvel version of Superman, is a powerful figure who has yet to receive his own feature in the MCU. Sentry’s power set is very comparable to Superman’s, but his morals aren’t quite the same. A Sentry solo movie, along with the unknown source of his abilities known as The Void, may be exciting. Ryan Hurst, an actor, has even expressed interest in taking up the role of Sentry if it ever makes it to the big screen.



Sentry has become an off-and-on element of Marvel reality in the years since his complex retcon origin story, almost as often presenting as a straight-up villain (typically under the control of a bigger danger) than a hero. Although Sentry’s comic book past is unclear, the concept that he can be both a hero and a villain is interesting, and his power level is dangerous. While the Sentry’s forgotten-hero-who-changes-everything story is similar to Carol Danvers’ MCU origins, he has some unique and interesting characteristics (such as being his own arch-nemesis) that might make him an interesting inclusion.

1. Namor

Namor the Sub-Mariner, the ruler of Atlantis, is undoubtedly the most important Marvel character on our list who has yet to make a live-action debut, and his absence from the MCU thus far is more likely due to his rights being held by other studios than anything else. Clearly, something is preventing Namor from bringing him to the big screen.


Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film – Namor

However, given that DC’s Aquaman is now a smash movie, a Namor film may be unnecessary given how similar the two characters are. Both are half-breed kings of Atlantis’ undersea empire, and both are frequently depicted as arrogant jerks who don’t get along with others. The only significant distinction between Aquaman and Namor was once that one was a brunette and the other was a blonde. Even that isn’t different now that Jason Momoa is playing Aquaman.

Even if Namor doesn’t get his own movies, Marvel Studios should make a live-action version of him soon. In Phase IV, he may be a part of the Avengers, or he could be a part of the Invaders, a WWII-era super squad. In a 1940s period film, we’d see him battling alongside Captain America. Namor is expected to feature in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, according to rumors. Namor is far too important to the larger Marvel mythology to be left out of the MCU anymore, regardless of his place in that film.

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