Where Is Aquaman Filmed? All The Production Locations For the 2018 Superhero Film

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Where Is Aquaman 1 Filmed?
Aquaman 1

Many of us are eagerly waiting for the second installment of Aquaman to come. But if you haven’t watched the first part, then you won’t understand The Lost Kingdom. To understand the superhero film better, you should know all the filming locations of the first installment! Distributed by Warner Bros, Aquaman is the sixth film of the DC Universe. The story is written by Geoff Johns and Will Beall and directed by James WanJason Momoa founded his true potential after playing the role of Arthur Curry(Aquaman). The premiere date of the American film is in December 2018. It is, by all means, one of the best superhero films DC Universe has executed! After watching Aquaman 1, the first thing which the audience said was that Momoa was born to play the role.

Aquaman 1 is not only a superhit in the eyes of the people but also a financial success. Its beautiful cinematography and editing made it an experience to remember! With the cinematography experience of Burgess and the editing skills of Kirk Morri, the Atlantis ocean looked so beautiful! With a faint budget of $200 Million, James Wan and the team earned over a Billion Dollars! Yes, Aquaman 1 grossed over $1.5 Billion worldwide! 

Aquaman is a DC Comics Character just like Superman and Batman. But bringing a Superhero inside the ocean is not child’s play! The visual effects got a lot of appreciation because of that reason. Produced by Peter Safran, the filming locations of Aquaman 1 is easily one of the most talked-about topics till today. James Momoa & Amber Heard coordinated with pure perfection to make them both an overnight success! let’s dive into the filming locations of Aquaman 1!

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Superhero film Aquaman 1 Filming locations
The Aquaman

Aquaman 1: All the Filming Locations of the DCEU Superhero Film

The movie ran for two hours, twenty-three mins. When a superhero film runs for so long, especially Aquaman, you can imagine how many filming locations there might be! Aquaman 1 got a great response because of its visual effects and its film sites. The team got to spend a lot of their time in Australia, in different places. The main reason is that the Village Roadshow Studio of Aquaman 1 is in there. Most of the parts got filmed inside the studio. It is on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

In the beaches where Arthur Curry trains, most of them are fake. But the producers utilized Currumbin Beach to make it look much realistic. Let’s come to Arthur Curry’s splashy home that has a view of the lighthouse. It is in Hasting PointNew south wales. The other filming locations in Australia are North Stradbroke Island, Amity Point, and South Port.

Aquaman 1 also got filmed in Morocco. The Superhero film did not spend much time there, shooting only in two locations- Merzouga & Erfoud. Just like Morocco, the producers went to Canada, but for very little time. The filming locations in Canada were Labrador and Newfoundland. Now we realize how James Wan managed to complete Aquaman 1 on such a small budget!! 

Now we are coming to the most important site that is Atlantis! It is actually in Palm Dubai! The beautiful city of Atlantis submerged many years back. That’s the truth. Today’s advanced tech lets us see marine life in a whole new manner. Its the Dubai’s famous hotel- Atlantis, The Palm Hotel. There we can see 65,000 underwater marine animals in front of our eyes! Much of the shooting got done there. 

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Sicily, Italy

Plot Explained- Synopsis (In-Brief):

Aquaman 1 starts off showing Arthur Curry as a different child (Scene where he controls the Great White.) His mother was the Queen (mermaid) of Atlantis, while his father was just a normal human being. After they both fell in love, Arthur Curry was born. But his mother was forced back into the deep waters of Atlantis. She got believed to get killed. Many years pass by, Arthur becomes a strong man whose first scene is to rescue the people in the submarine. He is the Aquaman. The Atlantean Demi-god, hybrid son of Tom Curry and Atlantean QueenMera, the mermaid, wants Arthur’s help to find the lost Trident

Arthur gets caught and gets blamed by his half-brother for Atlanna’s death. Orm(Half-brother) and Arthur fight one-on-one for a death battle. Mera intervenes and escapes with Arthur to the Fallen Kingdon of the Deserters hidden under the Sahara. There, they learn about the location of the Trident. Orm goes to the surface and hires David, giving his team the suit needed to kill Arthur. David, aka Black Manta, ambushes Arthur. Aquaman defeats him but gets injured. Mera treats his wounds.

Arthur & Mera reach the given location but get attacked by deadly monsters. They repel the creatures and dive into the ocean, inside a wormhole! Arthur and Mera get transported into the center of the earth. Arthur learns everything about the Trident and Orm’s plans. Then the final battle happens. Aquaman beats Orm but spares his life. Orm’s allies treat Arthur as their new king. Aquaman 1 is full of actions and emotions. We are excited to know what will happen in its second installment! 

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