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10 Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies: Why Marvel Movies Are So Awesome

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies
Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies - Inspiring Symbolic Heros

First of all, you don’t need any reason to watch Marvel movies. And trust me when I say this, because I grew up watching Spider-Man 1,2,3, Spider-Man The Animated Series, X-men, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and literally every Marvel content, and they have made me who I am now. Watching these superheroes makes one feel like a part of them. Children often end up dreaming of being like their favorite superheroes, saving the world, and finding bad guys. And I am glad that Marvel is a major part of my life.

I can count a million reasons to watch Marvel movies and why they are so awesome. Out of them, we’ll discuss 10 Reasons (because I can’t go on writing a million reasons), and all of them are based on my 15 years of watching Marvel. One of them being the Characters, they are the heart of Marvel movies and the most important reason to watch Marvel movies, and that’s why I have talked about them throughout the list. This is going to be an epic one. Sit tight as we take you through the Greatest of Marvel.

Here are 10 Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies:

1. Relatable Characters: You Are Not Alone

Relatable characters are the reason why our hearts are so connected to Marvel movies. If you can’t relate to a particular character, then you won’t care what happens to them, and ultimately you won’t be interested in that movie. Even though some of them are Gods, billionaires, aliens, or Groot, Marvel keeps them grounded to their core. Like, Thor is a God, but after losing his entire family, he starts drinking to escape the reality – that’s what most people do. When these characters act like us, it makes them more connected to us, we can empathize with them, and it feels as if they are our friends.

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – Relatable Characters

The most relatable Marvel character is our friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man. He is a superhero, but he still makes mistakes, he is a superhero, but he still has to work to pay his rent. He is a superhero, but he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Characters of X-Men have shown how difficult it is to live in a society if you are or look different—always thrown to the side, making them feel as if they are from a different planet and that they don’t belong among the normal.

Always making them feel as if it was a mistake being born that way and that they need to be cured. This is what makes X-Men relatable, in a way showing what people of different race or ethnicity have to face while living among the usual. And these Marvel characters make us feel that we are not alone in this world. They are superhero not because of their powers, but because of what they represent and what is within them. And that we can too become superheroes like them.

2. Inspiring Symbolic Heroes: I’m Gonna Put Some Dirt In Your Eyes

Even though Marvel characters are fictional, they are an inspiration and symbolic to many of us. While Black Panthers acts as a symbol of freedom to all the Black people, characters like Captain Marvel and Black Widow act as a symbol of power and self-independence to girls. Even though they aren’t present in this real world, they are present in our hearts because of the things they do and the sacrifices they make. Sometimes they teach us lessons that not even our education system is able to.

The character that inspires me the most is Bully Maguire. He is a true representation of the word Greatness. He inspires me to put dirt in everyone’s eyes, use violence instead of words, don’t think much and stretch your feet on your boss’ desk, dance all around the town in a black suit showing off your moves, bring over an even hotter girl to make your ex jealous, bully your best friend over his daddy issues, and finally give the rent only when that damn door is fixed.

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – Inspiring Heros

Okay jokes aside, again, I’ll talk about Spider-Man over here and how inspiring he is. Peter didn’t choose to be Spider-Man, but now he needs to be Spider-Man. Initially, he tried to use his powers for himself, but it resulted in Uncle Ben’s death, making him realize that it was given to him for others. And the quote, “With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility,” stuck with him till the end, and literally every Marvel fan knows and is inspired by this quote. We have learned a great number of things from Spider-Man, like “Sometimes you have to sacrifice your dream to do the right thing”, and “There’s a hero in all of us, we just need find it”. Even though when villains kill his dear ones, he forgives them in the end. And its characters like Spider-Man that remind us to be a better person every single day.

3. Epic Moments: AND I… AM…… IRONMAN

Epic moments, where should I start. It’s these epic moments that make the entire movie memorable, and there are a lot of them in Marvel movies. Don’t tell me you didn’t scream when Captain America lifted Thor’s hammer, don’t tell me you didn’t scream when he said the final AVENGERS… ASSEMBLE. And hell, don’t you dare tell me you didn’t scream when Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire came back, and all three Spider-Men were swinging together around the Statue of Liberty. Even I being an introvert, went crazy in front of strangers seeing them swing together, and I don’t think I can get that high ever again (prove me wrong, Marvel).

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – AND I… AM…… IRONMAN

And then there are classic moments like when Yondu sacrificed himself for Peter Quill, when Spider-Man stopped the train and saved everyone in Spider-Man 2, when Loki died protecting Thor, when Peter dusted away in Tony’s arms and when Tony Stark snapped saying AND I… AM…… IRONMAN, then LOVE YOU 3000, totally felt that. And these are moments when we transition from being a Marvel watcher to a Marvel Fan. Marvel knows what the fans want, so they deliver. They know how to play with our hearts. I’m sure there are a lot more moments that are going to amaze us in the future. And this is one of the reasons to watch Marvel movies.

4. Characters Arc: From Being A Spider-Boy To Being A Spider-Man

So how do you define a character arc in Marvel Movies? When Thor starts as an ignorant brute and ends as a wise man with respect for his fellow mates, that’s a character arc. When Captain America goes from an optimistic patriot to a man untrusting of the government that he risked his life for, that’s a character arc. When Tony Stark goes from an egotistical playboy to a more humble man who deeply cares about doing the right thing for the people, that’s a character arc. And the good thing that Marvel does about these character arcs is that it just shows how that particular character would naturally react to a certain event and grow as if they were real. Marvel (to be specific; MCU) doesn’t forcefully change them.

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – He Became The Spider-Man

Marvel character arc that I find most intriguing is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. He went from being a cringe Spider-Boy at the beginning of Homecoming to really becoming self-sacrificial Spider-Man by the end of No Way Home. He was a high school kid, but after fighting amongst the Avengers in Civil War, he felt like he could do every dangerous thing on his own. This led to making childish mistakes in Homecoming, but he improved. In Far From Home, he learned to believe in himself and that people can use your goodness. Finally, in Now Way Home, he becomes Spider-Man by learning that sometimes we have to sacrifice our dear ones for their own good. The whole MCU trilogy felt like an origin story for Tom’s Spider-Man.

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5. Classy Villains: Norman’s On Sabbatical Honey

Okay, we don’t have Joker in Marvel Universe, but we do have classy villains like Thanos, Loki, and “Normans On Sabbatical Honey,” aka Green Freaking Goblin. Its Villains are equally important as its heroes and are also the very reason you should watch Marvel movies. We have villains like Green Goblin, who is the true representation of pure evil and crazyness. He just wants to kill people for fun and bring Spider-Man to his breaking point in order to make him evil too. On the other hand, we have villains like Thanos. He isn’t truly a villain, he wanted to bring peace and balance to the universe, but his methods were wrong, and he ended up fading in despair.

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – Normans On Sabbatical Honey

And then there is a villain or antihero like Loki who does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. One time he was on a mission of killing his brother Thor and destroying Earth for Thanos, the other time, he sacrificed himself to save Thor’s life from Thanos. And that’s the reason we all adore him, making him everyone’s favorite Marvel villain. There are times when we connect with the villains more than the hero because even if they are on the wrong side, they don’t hide their real faces under a mask. They are always who they are.

6. Humor: I’ll Do You One Better, Why Is Gamora…?

I can bet Humor is the main reason why most people watch Marvel Movies. I mean, why not? Everyone likes to laugh, and if Marvel is providing it alongside the Superhero stuff, then it is like a cherry on top/frosting on the cake; who doesn’t like that. Literally, every MCU movie has humor (except for The Incredible Hulk and Thor Dark World, act like these two didn’t happen), sometimes it feels cringy/childish, and Marvel should “Scooby-Doo That Crap” (also, why laugh at Dr. Octopus’ name, “He will peel the Flesh of your Bones”).

Why Is Gamora

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – Why Is Gamora…?

But when it is right… man, it really hits the spot, like when in The Avengers, Loki saying he was a God, and he won’t be bullied by… and then Hulk smashed him like a doll is f’inn hilarious, “Puny God”. Then that Guardian interaction with Ironman, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange, “I’ll do you one better, Why Is Gamora”. Watching all of these scenes again still feels funny.

7. Bonds & Relationships: We Won Mr Stark

Bonds and relationships are the reason these heroes fight for. They do ‘Whatever it Takes’ and take all the hits so that not only their loved ones but every single person can be safe. Marvel Characters’ relationships with each other, seeing them interact, laugh together, cry together and always be together for each other, is what makes these movies so wholesome. There are a lot of heartwarming bonds in Marvel Universe, like Steve, Sam and Bucky’s friendship, Rocket & Groot’s cute friendship, Thor and Loki’s on and off brotherhood, Tony and Peter’s Mentor-Protege relationship.

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – We Won Mr. Stark

Tony and Peter’s relationship is my favorite one. It’s not just a Mentor-Protege relationship but also a Father-Son kind of relationship. Tony was the only closest thing to a father that Peter had, and Tony always wanted to be there for Peter, trying to do what his own father didn’t do. Their bond was so strong that when Peter dusted away in Tony’s arms in Infinity war, everyone felt that scene. And Peter was the reason why Tony started to work in Endgame to bring everyone back. Tony supported him, scolded him, cared for him, and most importantly, always believed in him. He died peacefully, knowing Peter was there, ready to step up and protect everyone.

8. Connected Universe: Avengers Assemble

Before MCU, every Marvel franchise had its own limited universe be it Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other stand-alone movies. And this was due to Marvel Character rights being scattered all over the industry. But in 2008, MCU was started, and it was literally the beginning of a revolution for Cinematic universes. Now everyone is trying to build their own cinematic universe. Before MCU, who would have thought we would see Spider-Man interacting with The Avengers, especially Ironman. Witnessing all these Marvel characters together gives us a sense of completeness and wholesomeness. When everyone was Assembled in Endgame to fight Thanos, it was epic.

Avengers Assemble

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – Avengers Assemble

9. Marvel Fanbase: Pick Your Side

Marvel Fanbase is definitely one of the reasons to watch Marvel Movies. First of this fanbase isn’t toxic like the other fandoms, who only think their movie/series are the best no matter what (I’m talking about you My Hero Academia). Without a doubt, it is one of the biggest fanbases right now, and it is these people that make the experience of Marvel more enjoyable. Watching a Marvel Movie in a theater filled with fans is totally crazy. Even though we are strangers, experiencing together feels like we are all connected somehow. Witnessing epic moments and screaming together like it’s the end of the world is so fulfilling.

The best part about this fandom is there’s always someone to talk to. We discuss crazy theories, leaks, Easter eggs, take sides (#TeamIronman), try to act like them, can share what you feel, and eventually make friends. Literally, all my friends were made because of initially talking about Marvel. Believe me, you can talk for hours about Marvel, and you won’t even notice how time passed by.

Cap Lifts Thor's Hammer

Reasons To Watch Marvel Movies – Cap Lifts Thor’s Hammer

10. Build-Up To A Major Moment: Cap Lifts Thor’s Hammer

A build-up is very important for any major scene to work. If the build-up isn’t good, then even if that moment was supposed to be epic, it will result in mediocrity. And Marvel is good at building up and hyping up a moment. They were building up Thano’s arrival for eight years, and when he finally showed up in Infinity War, you know what happened after that. Then building up Captain America to lift Thor’s hammer since Age of Ultron. First, they showed us how worthy he was though out his journey, and when he finally lifted the hammer, the entire fandom went crazy over it.

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