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What Happened To Ruby Patterson In Death In Paradise?

What Happened To Ruby Patterson In Death In Paradise ?
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It’s been a trending topic regarding what happened to Ruby Patterson from the crime comedy-drama TV show ‘Death In Paradise’ as the most recent season, which is season no 12, started broadcasting in the UK on the 6th of January,2023.

Ever since its premiere, Death in Paradise has had strong viewership numbers and overwhelmingly positive critical response, resulting in numerous restorations. Ruby Patterson, a newly graduated cop & Commissioner Patterson’s niece, joins the force in Season 8, Episode 2 to substitute for Officer Dwayne Myers.

She is overjoyed and pleased to engage in her 1st case assisting in a murder investigation work with classmates. Officer JP Hooper, her coworker, was immediately irritated by her behavior while on duty but has now come to understand her passion and willingness to perform the duty.

Patterson also contributes to JP and gives him advice when he learns that his spouse, Rosey Fabrice, is expecting. Robert Thorogood developed the National crime comic tv drama show Death in Paradise, which starred Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, Ardal O’Hanlon, and Ralf Little.

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What Was ‘Death In Paradise’ All About?

Detective Superintendent Richard Poole of the Metropolitan Police in London is dispatched towards the fictionalized Caribbean island known as Saint Marie to learn more about the death of a British law enforcement officer.

Eventually, He comes upon the killer, and he is instructed by his superiors to substitute the situation and proceed as the area’s investigative inspector (DI), much more to his disdain, handling new crimes as they arise and becoming the subject of several Head-up jokes. 

Poole is assassinated at the opening of Season 3, and awkward London investigator Humphrey Goodman enters to solve the killing of his cynical counterpart. When his wife notifies him that she is divorcing him, he continues on that island forever as the replacement investigator.

In the closing stages of Season 6, he needs to resign so in order to begin a fresh start in London alongside his love Martha Lloyd, whom he met whilst she was on vacation at Saint Marie.

In Death in Paradise, What Happened To Ruby Patterson?

So when BBC confirmed that Ruby Patterson, performed by Shyko Amos, is not going to be coming again with the Saint Marie Police Force, people were upset. The effervescent Cop has been assisting in criminal cases for the past two years; however, artist Shyko has already explained why she put up her uniform and badge.

Shyko’s departure from the character of Ruby was revealed just two years ago.”After two years of serving justice, harmony, and entertainment to Saint Marie’s neighborhoods, we’re grieved to say goodbye to Ruby Patterson, who’s already had such a profound impact within such a short space of time!” said the announcement.

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“DS Madeleine Dumas is also leaving!” Saint Marie’s bright coastlines, and we’d like to praise Shyko Amos & Audeline Legastelois-Bidé for taking Ruby as well as Madeleine to reality & wishing them the absolute best of luck for the future”.

On her Channel on Youtube, the actress admitted that she checked all of the comments on the internet in relation to her persona Ruby as well as acknowledged the cop may be “irritating” on occasions. She did, nevertheless, thank her followers for their support. “It was incredibly tense.

Goodbye video click from Shyko Ames

Goodbye video from Shyko Ames (credit – Youtube)

Prior to officially appearing, following Danny,” she said (John Jules). “This role was my first important role, and I’d zero notion of what I was presenting on the cameras at the duration.”

Ruby departs the squad following Season 9, following Commissioner Patterson announcing in Season 10, Part 1 that Madeleine has gained Ruby a work placement to Paris, although Ruby afterward claims will be “open-ended.”

Who Is Shyyko Ames?

Shyko Amos is a British actress who came to people’s attention after landing the role of Ruby Patterson in the series Death in Paradise. Prior to coming on the show, Shyko had appeared in some cameos. She had also grown engaged in many programs for The National Theatre of Great Britain and Even the New York Theatre Workshop, in addition to numerous performances, brunches, and events for EST.

Shyko Amos, who hailed from the United Kingdom, holds a BA Hons. And Politics education from the Queen Mary’s University of London, with an MA in Musical Theatre from The Guilford School of Drama, and has a graduate of Bill Esper’s two-year drama school.

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