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Most Searched Male K-Pop Idol on the Internet

Most Searched Male K-Pop Idol on the Internet
Most Searched Male K-Pop Idol on the Internet

With a huge rise in the K-Pop industry, fans are curious to know who is the most searched male k-pop idol on the internet. Thus, we decided to break down the entire information for you guys. Kim Tae-Hyung, also known as V among fans, is the most searched male pop idol on the internet right now. He has origins in South Korea and is a member of the band called BTS. Apart from the music which the band releases regularly, V has personally released three solo tracks under BTS. The first one is Stigma, the second is Singularity, and the third is Inner Child.

All of these three tracks, upon their release in respective years, were a part of South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. An independent song was finally released by the artist back in 2019. It is titled Scenery. The music is a self-composed track. Since the huge success that BTS is seeing all over the world, V has started living in Hannam Dong in Seoul, South Korea. He shares the place with his friends and bandmates, the members of BTS. Back in July of 2019, news media outlets reported that V has now bought an apartment that is more than 4.5 million dollars worth.

Kim Tae-Hyung is a very influential artist. He, along with his bandmates, has now developed a huge following called Army all over the world. The Army is made up of BTS Stans who absolutely adore the boy band. During one of the fan meets back in 2016, it was Kim Tae-Hyung who said the phrase, “I Purple You” which became truly famous. This made the color purple to purple heart emoticons as a symbol of BTS and is widely used by their fans. It got so famous that even UNICEF stepped in to use the phrase and the color for their anti-bullying campaign, which was in a collaboration with BTS. Now, to understand more about him being the most searched male pop idol on the internet, here is the brief.

Most Searched Male K-Pop Idol on the Internet

V from BTS

Most Searched Male Kpop Idol

Kim Tae-Hyung is the most searched K-Pop Idol right now. He has been one of the most searched entities for almost a decade now. Back in 2018, analytical research was conducted on Google search trends. This was related to the KPop industry, and the results were obvious. V ranked number 1 on the charts yet again. This meant that this keyword was searched the most for the past 5 years in South Korea. V’s popularity comes in many forms He has been named as the 4th most preferred idol in 2019. Later in 2021, Kim Tae-Hyung has also named the most popular Korean celebrity in Japan as well for more than 3 months.

As of right now, V holds two Guinness World Records. These were both awarded to him in 2021. The first one is because V became the celebrity to reach 1 million followers on Instagram in the shortest period of time. Then in the same year, V was also awarded for being the celebrity who reached 10 million followers on Instagram in the shortest span of time. V has been spotted in a variety of projects in the film and television industry as well.

V in Korean Drama

Recently in 2022, we have seen him as a cast member with the In the Soop: Friendcation. This is a reality TV series. The show serves as a spinoff to the original reality TV show called In The Soop, which had all the members of BTS and Seventeen. With the spinoff, we see a few of the BTS members returning on the screen, such as V. Other cast members are Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and Park Hyung Sik.

We also have Peakboy on the cast list. All these 5 men get together and go on a trip as they vacation at a very beautiful spot. The season is divided into episodes that feature the four days that the group is set on vacation. As of right now, fans, if they wish to watch the series, can go over to Disney Plus in order to watch the same. All four episodes are available on the platform at a very low cost.

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