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What Happened To Willie Nelson? A Life Filled With Controversies, Illnesses & Death Hoaxes

American music
What Happened To Willie Nelson?

What Happened To Willie Nelson? Fans of the star are still wondering about his health and have only one question where is he now? Owing to the multiple death hoaxes he has encountered with is not shocking to see people wondering about his whereabouts.

We will reveal everything we know about the American country music singer and what he is up to now. The songs Stardust or Red Headed Stranger made Willie Nelson famous in his native country of the United States.

Nelson, one of the most well-known songwriters in the category, developed a love for singing at a young age and composed his first song when he was just seven years old. After performing for various groups, he eventually obtained a recording contract with Liberty Recordings in the early 1960s.

Then, in 1962, Nelson issued his self-titled debut album. After his debut studio album was a commercial success, he quickly signed a deal with RCA Victor and joined the Grand Ole Opry in early 1965. The country star has released more than sixty albums and over 99 singles throughout his multidecade career!

Willie Nelson: The Achievements

And over the years, W. Nelson has accumulated a sizable collection of honors and accolades. He has won nearly ten Grammy Awards, around six American Music Music Awards, two Music City News Awards, over eight CMA Awards, over four Academy of Country Music Awards, and a few others since he entered the entertainment field back in the late 1960s.

The CMA named the “Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award,” granted to people who have achieved the highest level of acclaim in songs, after Nelson in early 2012. He is a respected figure in the American music industry.

where is Willie Nelson now


A popular mag Magazine named him “One of the top 100 Singers of all time in 2008. Nelson is a well-known musician and a seasoned performer who often dabbles in acting. When he appeared as a celebrity guest on the crime drama The Rockford Files, he made his debut appearance.

The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James, Once Upon a Texas Train, Breaking Out of the Ice, Adventures in Wonderland, The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, and Nash Bridges, among countless others, are just a few of his past acting roles.

where is Willie Nelson now


Nelson has also performed musically on many American talk shows, including The Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Show hosted by David Letterman, to mention a few.

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What Happened To Willie Nelson?

Nelson has endured a few health complications. According to multiple sources, the country singer had a particularly trying year in 2004 since his illness deteriorated, so he canceled a performance in Las Vegas midway through. Although he was able to take up his guitar again, his battle with the issue has been a lengthy one.

where is Willie Nelson now


The discomfort was so bad that he had to postpone two months’ worth of gigs to get his carpal tunnel syndrome surgically fixed. His lung gave up in early 1981 while surfing in Maui, and in late 2012, he postponed a show in Denver owing to “issues related to the high elevation and emphysema.”

The veteran marijuana and cigarette user revealed in 2012 that he stopped smoking tobacco after contracting two or three instances of pneumonia. In 2015, he received stem-cell therapy to help his lungs. He postponed a summer tour in 2019 due to reoccurring lung issues.

He tweeted on the tour’s cancellation: Sorry to disappoint my followers, but I must postpone my tour because I need to see a doctor about a lung issue. I’ll return Love, Willie. He revealed that he had eventually stopped using marijuana to San Antonio affiliate KSAT later that year.

where is Willie Nelson now


Nelson remarked, “I used to abuse my lungs quite a bit, so inhaling is a little harder now, and I’ll be cautious. I no longer smoke and take better care of myself. Nelson seems to be in good health and is super content now that it is over.

By investing time with families, he began his quarantine. He advised followers to do the same after receiving his COVID vaccination in January 2021.

Willie Nelson’s Struggles With Politics

Willie Nelson owned Willie’s Secret cannabis line of products. Esquire reports that in 1981, the Red-Headed Stranger smoked a joint on the White House’s rooftop. He is very well known to support gay marriage, environmental factors, and, obviously, the legalizing of a particular plant.

where is Willie Nelson now


He also has penned an anti-Trump protest song. Despite this, Nelson continued to stir trouble in late 2018 when his supporters learned he was endorsing Democratic senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke. When Nelson welcomed O’Rourke backstage at a performance and even promised to lead a rally for the campaign, conservative country supporters were incensed.

Eventually, several of Nelson’s pro-Republican fans began airing their frustration and outrage on social media, saying they could no longer appreciate the performer and even making offers to sell seats they had purchased for his concerts. Nelson responded coolly to the uproar, noting that he’s never tried to hide his support for Democrats. 

Willie Nelson and his several separations

Willie Nelson has been through three divorces, and none have been amicable. His first wife reportedly left him due to his heavy drinking and left him with the parting present of “tying him in a blanket & beating him with a brush,” according to many sources.

where is Willie Nelson now


Much more famously, his new wife opened a message about a baby that was Nelson’s, yet unquestionably not hers, and discovered that he was expecting his third child. Nelson continues to be unrepentant about his numerous failed marriages and has been quoted saying that divorce cases cost a lot of money because they’re worthwhile.

Notwithstanding this, he will not vilify or consider his ex-wives to be “ex-wives.” The country music singer claims, “You pick up wives and children along the route, and you are in charge of them. You don’t throw them away. There are just extra spouses; there are no ex-wives.”

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Willie Nelson’s son’s death shook him to the core.

One of Willie Nelson’s toughest days was Xmas Day in 1991. Billy, the star’s 33-year-old son and a musician, was discovered dead at his famous Tennessee house that day. He reportedly hanged himself with a rope, according to sources.

Billy Nelson had already been battling alcohol addiction for a while. He had spent time in treatment in 1990 and had been convicted for driving drunk no plus or minus four times. Sadly, he didn’t get sober and was legally drunk from the night he passed.

where is Willie Nelson now


Billy and Nelson remained in touch, and Nelson gave him money. Nelson had acknowledged that he was frequently on the road when Billy was a child, and a close family member implied strongly that Billy’s life had not been entirely tranquil.

Nelson was wholly and completely devastated by Billy’s passing. He remarked of the catastrophe, “I’ve never seen anything more horrible in my life.

Willie Nelson was criticized for his infidel personality

In the 1970s, Nelson’s spouse Shirley Collie received an envelope with the bill again for the birth of a child named Paula Carlene Nelson, which is one especially dreadful instance of the singer’s adultery having a detrimental impact on his married life.

where is Willie Nelson now

Willie during concerts.

Everything seemed great, but there was one small problem: Collie hadn’t lately gotten pregnant with a kid. The hospital accidentally billed the wrong person when the mum was Connie Koepke. It should go without saying that Nelson and Collie’s wedding didn’t last very long after that.

Willie Nelson’s Struggled With His finances.

Whenever the IRS learned that Nelson — or indeed, as the musician alleged, his accountancy firm Price Waterhouse — had been utilizing tax shelter assets to claim some substantial deduction, Nelson’s protracted financial nightmare began.

Nelson quickly filed a lawsuit against the accounting company, but the harm was already done. An enormous tax statement from the IRS, along with various fines and interest charges, including a second tax bill, plummeted the musician into a financial hole from which arguably the best county performers in the world could not escape.

where is Willie Nelson now


Nelson’s debt continued to grow because he needed help to make sizable payments over time. Nelson’s tax problems peaked when he owed the IRS an absurd $31 million. The singer’s huge tax obligation ultimately got to the IRS on November 9, 1990.

Federal investigators seized pretty about everything the artist owned to clear the score, including his six different houses, master recordings, platinum, and golden records, clothing, and even wardrobe. After a while, things became so terrible that Nelson was afraid the taxman might confiscate his door receipts, and he wouldn’t even dare sing live.

Where Is Nelson Willie Now?

Nelson is still an activist in favor of legalizing marijuana. He served as cohost of the Luck Summit: Planting the Seed in late April 2021. “To educate and encourage cannabis subculture in a fun and educational way” was the stated goal of this four-day online festival.

where is Willie Nelson now

What happened to Nelson?

He even keeps experimenting with different genres and working with unexpected musicians. He collaborated with Karen O, the lead singer of the  Yeahs, to release a version of David B’s “Under Pressure” in early October 2020.

In February 2021, he additionally published That’s Life, his 71st studio album, by himself. It is a tribute album to Frank Sinatra. He went on tour once more in 2022, albeit some of the shows had to be postponed because of COVID-19 safety measures. But let’s hope he makes another appearance on stage.

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