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Will Kaido Fight GreenBull? Strongest Beast Vs New Admiral!

Will Kaido Fight GreenBull?
Will Kaido Fight GreenBull?

Will Kaido Fight GreenBull Ryokugyu? Ever since the introduction of one of the most anticipated characters in One Piece which is GreenBull Ryokogyu who is approaching the land of Wano, there came a lot of One Piece theories. Some say that he might be Zoro’s Father. Or Some say he is related to Wano alongside Fujitora and he is one of the previous Daimyo of Wano. Amidst of theories, there also came a single theory that might be most related and that is Kaido Vs GreenBull Ryokugyu or also known by his real name Aramaki. So for this post, we shall go into depth into this theory.

The theory about Aramaki being related to Wano is lessened after his proper reveal in the One Piece Chapter 1053 where he seemed a lot different than what people expected. Everyone thought he will also be like Fujitora who was concerned about the ways of the world and the pirates. However, from a few panels of One Piece Chapter 1053, it seemed like he was just here to kill everyone to please the Fleet Admiral Sakazuki. This unexpected turn gave rise to “Will Kaido Fight GreenBull” even more. So, let’s try to speculate in detail how exactly and why Kaido will fight and stop or try to stop Greenbull.

Caution: This is just a theory and does not state that the below-mentioned event will take place. We may or may not see them in new One Piece Chapters.

Will Kaido Fight GreenBull?

As the way One Piece is headed, we may get to see Kaido Fight GreenBull. It is not just because Greenbull entered Wano unannounced.  There is more than one aspect on why Kaido will fight Greenbull. First and foremost, as we saw in the latest chapter of One Piece before it went on a month’s break, Ryokugyu has a purpose in Wano. And that is to take Luffy’s head. Before he even got to Luffy he has already shown his power and his terror.

Greenbull Fight Kaido

Aramaki showing terror

The remains of Beast Pirates were nothing for him and he single-handedly defeated all of them including the top commanders King and Queen. This is more than a reason for Kaido to Fight Greenbull and save his comrades because as we have seen, he has a close relationship with them. Well, at least King. The second reason might be because Kaido wants to save Luffy from the new terror because, believe it or not, Kaido definitely wants to see Luffy become the King Of Pirates. I know, the words that I just wrote now are very sensitive but hear me out.

Why Would Kaido want to see Luffy become the King Of Pirates and fight against an admiral GreenBull to save Luffy?

As we saw Kaido was always a rebellious person who hated the ways of the government just as Luffy does. The latter and former always wanted to be free from this chained-up world. However, somewhere along the way, we saw Kaido become the epitome of the person who has chained up the world himself. And we believe, that is the very flaw in Kaido’s character. It may have been related to his journey on Rocks crew or somewhere along the way.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Release Date Details

Greenbull from One Piece Chapter 1053

However, Luffy and Kaido are both very similar and are looking for freedom. The way the mysterious figure Joyboy has been narrated in the story of One Piece, Joyboy seems to be the person who is free, and as King thought Kaido is Joyboy. However, Kaido said Joyboy will be the person who will defeat him. And as we saw Luffy’s Gear Five and awakening resemble JoyBoy. Kaido’s defeat may have freed him from his long-lost adventure and now in Luffy, he might see the dream of making this world free come true. As we saw in Dressrosa when the straws hat were getting off the Island Fujitora was attacking them but he was being held up by the alliance. We may see the same thing at the end of the Wano when Kaido might hold up against Admiral Aramaki and his Battleship while our straw hats embark on a new journey. All of this depends on whether Kaido is alive or not.

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