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What is Mario’s Net Worth? ‘Get Back’ Singer’s Earnings & Career

Here, we shall discuss what Mario’s Net Worth is. What do we know about the infamous singer’s notable career leading him to a massive monetary accumulation? Starting from the basics, he is originally known as Mario Dewar Barrett. Some of his famous singles are- Crying Out For Me, Just A Friend, Get Back, Music For Love, Thinkin’ About You, Dancing Shadows, Rewrite It, Goes Like That, and many more. Not to forget to mention that Mario has also worked in a few films, one of which is Rent: Live, released in 2009. Also, he played the leading role in Empire Season 6. His acting skills are incredible just like his voice and has earned quite an appreciation from the audience.

Knowing his versatility in both his music and acting career, fans are curious to learn how much has he earned in terms of money to date. Well, you must have understood that both of his professions have served as the major sources for the same. However, a part is also believed to have been earned from the stock ownership and brand endorsement deals made to date. Without further ado, let’s dive into this article to learn more about Mario’s Net Worth.

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Mario’s Net Worth: The Singer’s Earnings

Talking about his monetary accumulation, Mario’s Net Worth is estimated to be a whopping $14 million. As mentioned earlier, he has made the most of it by being a versatile singer and an actor. Following the sources of every other celebrity, Mario’s income sources, more precisely the secondary ones are assumed and discussed earlier. His annual salary is reported to be $5 million. He is not just wealthy but is also a very kind person, associated with charitable trusts. He has started The Mario Do Right Foundation which focuses on educating and inspiring kids, suffering from the ramifications of the drug addictions of their guardians.

Mario's Net Worth


Mario is believed to have invested in various real estate properties and also the one where he lives appears to be very luxurious. The house is huge and covers a huge area on the spot. It is still not made to the public how much has he purchased it. We are trying to update it for you, as soon as it is possible. On the other hand, at various events, the star is spotted with his luxurious branded big cars which are quite obvious to be expensive. The list of Mario’s cars shall be made it for you, quite soon. In short, we may say that Mario is worthy of everything that he has achieved to date. As a celebrity, he has always prioritized and worked for prestige and respect over money. He has successfully made it to various accolades, which we shall discuss shortly.

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Besides knowing the details of Mario’s Net Worth, fans are curious to learn more about his works. Considering you as a die-hard fan of Mario, you must already be following him on his Instagram account, having more than 1.4 million followers.

Mario's Net Worth


Moving on with his works, some of Mario’s hit musical creations are- Close To Mars, Pain is the New Pleasure, Fatal Distraction, Boom, Here I Go Again, Turning Point, and many more. Since he starred in the world famous dance film, Step Up, it is very much proved that Mario excels in that as well. We saw him playing the role of Miles Darby. Also, in 2008, he participated in Dancing With The Stars. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to the top and finally got eliminated in eighth place. Mario also starred in Love That Girl!. He is the recipient of the Billboard Music Awards. Noting has he earned overnight but it required his immense effort. If Mario continues the same, he is more likely to achieve more in the next few years.

Best Wishes to Mario for his next releases. We are eagerly waiting to come across more of his great works.

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