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  • What is Devil Fruit's Awakening

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    One Piece: What is Devil Fruit’s Awakening

    Today we will be discussing the awakening in One Piece. This is a topic which is not fully understood and not explained a lot in the series, let’s start off with what does awakening mean? In our daily life, you might have heard of awakening in yoga. Awakening is not becoming more powerful, unbeatable or […]

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    Is It Possible To Have Water Devil Fruit?

    In this segment, we will be discussing the possibilities of someone yielding the Water Devil Fruit power. The answer is both yes and no, let’s head into it and start off with why this is a good possibility.   Well first off, we need to understand the cycle of the Devil Fruits and their counterparts. […]

  • Monkey D Dragon Real Power


    Monkey D. Dragon’s True Power – Theory

    Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father is the head of the Revolutionary army. He is also known by the marines “World’s Most Wanted Man.” Here are 3 instances that proves a theory that Monkey D. Dragon’s true power is to do something with wind and weather.   It all started back in Loguetown, Captain Smoker was […]

  • Strongest Blackbeard Pirates

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    Top 10 Strongest Pirates From Blackbeard Pirates – Ranked

    Blackbeard Pirates are taking the stage right now  in One Piece and this is a list of the Strongest Pirates from Blackbeard Pirates. This list is from the weakest to the strongest in my opinion with what I’ve seen from the Anime and manga. Top 10 Strongest Pirates From Blackbeard Pirates – Weakest To Strongest […]

  • One Piece Live-action release date

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    One Piece Is Getting A Live-Action TV Series Adaption

    In the celebration of legendary manga One Piece’s 20th anniversary, One Piece is getting a live-action TV adaption, it will not be a Japanese One Piece Live-Action adaption but a foreign one. The Straw Hat Crew will be turning into reality with the upcoming live-action TV Series. Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief, Nakano Hiroyuki announced the […]