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One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1053 Raw Scans: The New Emperors!

One Piece Chapter 153 Raw Scans - Emperors
One Piece Chapter 153 Raw Scans

One of the most anticipated chapters of the One Piece that is Chapter 1053 is out with the first raw scans. Boy, the chapters came with a twist and twist. We are far from leaving Wano anytime soon as the One Piece Chapter 1053 suggested. Eichiro Oda took all the fan theories about Ryokugyu and burnt them as he was playing with our feelings. Nonetheless, this chapter will put a smile on your face when you will read it. We did not discuss this chapter in the spoilers this week so we will go into the details of the new chapter. We will also provide you with the raw scans that are available thanks to the online community of One Piece.

This Chapter was brilliant but left us on an exciting only to wait four weeks for the new chapter. Yes, if you remember correctly, One Piece is on a going break of 4 weeks starting at the end of June. Well, that we will discuss some other time again. Here we bring the fresh raw scans from One Piece Chapter 1053.

One Piece Chapter 1053 Raw Scans

One Piece’s new film that is One Piece Film Red’s Poster will feature in the 29th issue of the weekly shonen jump. Furthermore, we also have a hand-drawn and colored image of One Piece’s new game, One Piece Odyssey by Oda as well. Check that out below.

One Piece 1053 Cover Page

Cover Page

The title of One Piece Chapter 1053 is “The New Emperors”. The chapter begins in mary geoise where one of the five elders is raging on the marines about the picture that is used for Luffy’s new bounty. As well as the mention of the name D. The long-awaited Morgan was seen doing his duty of distributing the news of Wano everywhere. The news speaks about the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom by the three new generation captains. Due to this government has placed an expected¬† bounty on the three of them. That is 3 Billion Berries each. Yeah, we all thought Luffy’s bounty will be higher than the others but I guess Oda has something planned. To be honest, Luffy’s bounty not raising significantly to more than 4 Billion is a good sign. Why? We will discuss that in a new article.

One Piece 1053 Raw Scans - Bounties

New Bounties

Wano country is having the biggest festival they could ever. After all, they deserve this. The straw hats have a special banquet ready for them but only Jinbei is present and the rest of them are having fun in the flower capital. One of the main highlights of One Piece Chapter 1053 is Robin looking at the poneglyph. In the basement of the capital, Hitetsu reveals to Robin that he is the father of Kozuki Oden the former Shogun of Wano, Kozuki Sukiyaki. Robin asks him if the ancient weapon is Pluton is here. To that Kozuki Sukiyaki says Yes!

New Admiral And New Emporers

We go into Prisoner Mine Udon, where Ryokugyu is literally defeating the commanders of the Beast Pirates single-handedly. With his devil fruit, he is sucking the nutrients from King And Queen. He says that a marine at his level cannot effort to lose to mere commanders. Then we have a full panel of Ryokugyu and his name is Aramaki. Interestingly, he also has a tattoo on his chest that says “Shikawashinju”. It is a Japanese tattoo that can be translated as “a suicide pact at the river of death”. Usually, lovers get this kind of tattoo. Ryokugyu is far more interesting than we thought. His reason to be in the Wano is so that he can kill Luffy and be praised by Akainu.

Ryokugyu (Aramika)

Ryokugyu (Aramaki)

We are back at the Flower Capital where Luffy is cheering for the victory and says this should not be stopped till the Dawn. Momo reminisces about Luffy telling him that don’t tell anyone in Wano about him. Kid comes raging at Luffy with the intention of killing him. However, Luffy put his arm around him and enjoys the fireworks. Kid tells him that he is here to party but to kill him. He further states that they have announced the name of the four new emperors. The Emperors are Shanks, Marshal D Teach, Monkey D Luffy, and most unexpected, Buggy “The bombastic clown”. Ryokugyu proceeds to approach Wano.

One Piece 1053 - raw scans

Four Emperors

Read One Piece Chapter 1053 Online

One Piece chapter 1053 will release on Sunday, June 19th, 2022. You can read on VIZ for free once it is released.

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