Top 13 Shoei Baro Facts From Blue Lock

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Awakened Shoei Baro
Awakened Shoei Baro (Credits: 8bit)

Blue Lock” is a Japanese manga and anime series written and drawn by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura. The plot follows Yoichi Isagi, a promising high school football player who is scouted to attend a unique training program called “Blue Lock.”

By placing 300 skilled forwards against one another in a battle royale-style contest, the program hopes to produce the world’s best striker. The story takes place in a fictional world where football has taken the top spot as the most popular sport, and the players are under extreme pressure to perform well.

While Yoichi and his teammates seek to become the greatest striker and win the program, the comic covers themes of competitiveness, collaboration, and personal growth. Because of its unique perspective on the sports genre and powerful writing, the series has earned appreciation among football fanatics and manga readers alike.

“Shoei Baro” is a character from the previously explained manga and anime series “Blue Lock.” He is a striker and one of the players participating in the Blue Lock program.

Baro has a distinct and unusual personality, frequently using the third person to address himself and projecting confidence. He is also a talented player with a solid kick and superb ball control, making him a deadly opponent on the pitch. He does, however, struggle with teamwork and can become excessively focused on his self-interests.

Blue Lock's Shoei Baro
Blue Lock’s Shoei Baro (Credits: 8bit)

During the series, Baro is shown to improve his skills and work on his weaknesses as he competes in the Blue Lock program. His character progression goes with the concepts of individuality vs. teamwork, as well as the difficulties of aligning self-interest with group needs.

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Must Know Facts About Shoei Baro

1. Known As King

In the manga series, Shoei Baro is referred to be the “King” of Blue Lock. This nickname shows his exceptional abilities, confidence, and dominance on the field. Baro’s excellent talents make him one of the program’s most fearsome players, and his innate charisma and temperament frequently pull others to him.

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He even said that for him, the ball isn’t his friend or any nonsense like that. It’s just a spherical servant that exists solely so he can shine on the field. He is the king.

Blue Lock's Baro
Blue Lock’s Baro (Credits: 8bit)

However, his tendency to put his own goals over group goals can lead to disputes, and his character arc addresses the difficulties of reconciling personal interests with collective interests.

2. Often Speaks In 3rd Person

Shoei Baro is notable for speaking in the third person in the manga series “Blue Lock.” This eccentricity is part of his distinct and unusual personality, which is defined by his Ego and individuality.

Baro’s tendency to refer to himself in the third person can be interpreted as a manner of highlighting his own significance and status as Blue Lock’s “King.”

Shoei Baro
Shoei Baro (Credits: 8bit)

However, as he improves in his ability to collaborate with his teammates and become a more excellent team player, he begins to lose some of his individualistic traits and incorporate a more coordinated approach.

3. Baro’s Personality

According to his image of himself as “the King,” Baro has an imperious demeanor, considering himself as superior to others while being arrogant and selfish. Initially, He saw everyone else on the pitch as supporting characters, moving for the sake of his own goals, with himself as the main character on the stage.

He is preoccupied with pursuing his own football career, although he does not like or have a passion for it. He is driven by the desire to confront other football players and use his goals to push them out of the main character’s seat and replace them.

He feels that the pleasure acquired through this is exclusive to the strong. He is the type of player that refuses to pass the ball and attempts to steal it back or score a goal whenever he loses possession.

Baro Breaking Through
Baro Breaking Through (Credits: 8bit)

He adopted a more villainous attitude to his own ideology after his symbolic defeat to Isagi, in which he thought he had lost his place as the main actor. He is now prepared to play the “villain” character in order to reclaim his status.

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4. Baro’s Position

Presently, he is a center forward for Italy’s Ubers in the Neo Egoist League. He is a selfish and egotistical forward whose main objective is to be the center of attention at all times while aspiring to be the world’s best striker.

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Blue Lock- Shoei Baro
Blue Lock- Shoei Baro (Credits: 8bit)

5. Ego Regarded Him As A Joker During U-20 Match

During the U-20 match, Ego regards Shoei Baro as the “Joker.” The nickname “Joker” refers to Baro’s unexpected and unusual playing style, which has the ability to catch opponents off guard. Baro’s personality and individuality also add to his standing on the pitch as a wildcard, making him a difficult player to predict or manage.

The nickname “Joker” also refers to Baro’s distinct and eccentric attitude, which distinguishes him from other players and makes him a fan favorite among series followers.

Blue Lock- Baro
Blue Lock- Baro (Credits: 8bit)

As seen during the Second Selection and by Ego directing Baro to disregard the team’s strategy and focus on devouring Isagi against the Japan U-20, Baro is often granted the freedom to play and devour anybody he wants on the pitch.

6. Baro’s Rank

He was ranked #250 when he first entered the Blue Lock. Currently, he is ranked #1 in the Blue Lock as he scored a hat trick while playing for Italy’s Ubers during the Neo Egoist League.

Baro (Credits: 8bit)

7. Baro’s Worth

Barou Shouei scored a hat trick in the Italy VS Spain match during the Neo Egoist League and was offered 100 million yen by Italy’s Ubers, making him the most valued Blue Lock player.

Baro Agitated
Baro Agitated (Credits: 8bit)

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8. Baro’s Ideology

Shoei Baro’s ideology in the “Blue Lock” manga series is based on individuality and confidence. He believes that in order to be the best player, one must put their own personal ambitions and interests first.

Baro prioritizes personal goals and recognition over team success, frequently clashing with his teammates who value cooperation and working together. He even told Isagi that there was already one true king on the field.

Blue Lock's King
Blue Lock’s King (Credits: 8bit)

After his symbolic defeat to Isagi, in which he believed he had lost his place as the main actor, Baro took a more evil approach to his own ideology. He is now prepared to play the “villain” character in order to reclaim his status.

9. His Greatest Rival

Shoei Baro regards Yoichi Isagi as his biggest rival. This is due in part to Isagi being one of the few players in the program capable of challenging Baro’s individualistic style of play and pushing him to develop his teaming and collaborative abilities.

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In Baro’s opinion, Isagi’s innate leadership characteristics and ability to bring out the best in his teammates make him a difficult opponent. Despite their animosity, Baro and Isagi come to appreciate one another as they collaborate to enhance their abilities and strive for a position on the national team.

Blue Lock- King
Blue Lock- King (Credits: 8bit)

Their competition eventually becomes fuel for their personal growth and development, assisting them in becoming better players and teammates.

10. Called Retard By Isagi

In volume 8, chapter 64 of Blue Lock, Baro, being intimidated, unconsciously passes the ball to Isagi Youichi and realizes that he was just a supporting character that was dragged off the stage. After scoring that goal, isagi mocked him and said, “Pretty decent pass, retard”.

Fallen King
Fallen King (Credits: 8bit)

Later in the game, he thinks if he passes again, then everything will end, and then he will forever be a loser, and he doesn’t want to live through that. Then he awakened and scored a goal by using Isagi as bait.

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11. Is A Clean Freak

When it comes to controlling his surroundings and routine, Baro is a perfectionist. He maintains constant order in his surroundings, cleaning and organizing his Blue Lock living space and becoming enraged at others who do not.

Tensed Barou
Tensed Barou (Credits: 8bit)

This also includes controlling how people act in the bathroom. Baro’s dedication extends even to his training, where he is persistent and stern.

12. Baro’s Weapons

Baro’s size allows him to physically battle opposing players while controlling the ball. His ability to charge allows him to dribble and create opportunities for himself. His shooting and villainous approach allow him to execute team moves by devouring teammates. Baro has one of the greatest physiques in Blue Lock, as well as one of the best skills in Japan for his age.

Baro's Awakening
Baro’s Awakening (Credits: 8bit)

His main weapons are-

  • Physique
  • Charging Skill
  • Middle Shot
  • Chop Feints
  • Flow State

13. Baro’s Voice Actor

Junichi Suwabe is a voice actor from Tokyo, Japan. Some of his popular roles include Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen, Yami Sukehiro in Black Clover, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in Bleach, Freed Justine in Fairy Tail, Archer in Fate/stay the Night, Undertaker in Black Butler, Daiki Aomine in Kuroko’s Basketball, Jurota Shishida and Shōta Aizawa in My Hero Academia and Shoei Barou in Blue Lock.

Baro Running Through Isagi and Nagi
Baro Running Through Isagi and Nagi (Credits: 8bit)

He was nominated for Best Singing at the 6th Seiyu Awards and won Best Supporting Actor at the 7th Seiyu Awards.

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