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15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered

Anime Main Character

It is rare to find the main character getting overpowered by their opponents. The main characters are known for dominating their opponents or villains. However, they train hard to become stronger and surpass their limits when they get overpowered during the battle. Have you ever experienced that your favorite anime main character is overpowered? Sometimes you might feel that they are weak to face the villains and save everyone. But many anime reveal a powerful main character. This post details the anime where the main character is overpowered.

Animes have become popular, and they are in demand every year. The number of the produced animes has increased every year with many amazing main characters. Anime has been entertaining and around for a long time, but it is rare to see superhuman strength and the villains who give the main characters a hard time. Most of the battles ended quickly, with the main characters defeating the villains easily. But we expect more since the main characters face tough struggles and battles. We will also talk about incidents that led to the main characters getting overpowered.

We all know that the main character must bring peace, but other characters also support it since the main characters might fail to carry out the duty alone. Anime’s main characters are well-known for possessing special abilities and powers which make them do things beyond normal humans.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered

This makes the anime worth watching since one will expect more from the main character, and there are many great animes one can rely on. We have seen many characters getting overpowered in various animes. This is the list anyone can rely on and learn more about the main character and how they were overpowered.

Dragon Ball Super Heroes: Goku vs. Broly

Broly has been a challenge to Goku for a long time. The two have been enemies, and Broly always wanted to erase the Saiyans at any cost. We have seen Broly go toe to toe with Goku, and to Goku’s surprise, Broly keeps on improving as the battle goes on. Broly always overpowers Goku and makes Goku surpass his limit. The battle between Broly and Goku started way back, and Broly proved that he was a challenge to Goku.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered

Goku vs. Broly

We have also seen Broly taking on both Goku and Vetega in their Saiyan form even when they have entered Super Saiyan Fusion. Broly also overwhelmed God Gogeta. However, Goku always finds a way to beat Broly despite being overwhelmed. But Broly always returns in many scenes to battle with Goku or Vegeta because they defeated him but did not kill him. Goku vs. Broly is one of the best Saiyan battles.

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One Punch Man: Saitama vs. Boros

We all know that most of Saitama’s battle ends with a single blow. But Boros gave Saitama a tough battle. Saitama appears in battle after the villains begin to cause havoc. His battle with Boros was interesting since it lasted longer than Saitama expected. Boros also landed massive blows during the battle that overwhelmed Saitama. This is one of the battles that entertained Saitama since he gets bored when he always finishes the battle quickly.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered


Despite getting overwhelmed, Saitama surpassed his limit and showed Boros that One Puch Man’s title is not a child’s play. Saitama’s one-punch always finishes the battle. Like Saitama, most of the main characters always find a way to end the battle after surpassing their limits, even though they might get overwhelmed during the battle.

Black Clover: Asta vs. Dante

Dante was the first Supreme Devil to show Asta that the Magic Knights’ Training was insufficient to fight with the Supreme Devils. Dante surprised Asta and Yami since he punished them during the battle. Dante was too powerful, leading Asta and Dante to take him on 2v1. But Dante has proved that he is the top-ranked Supreme Devil.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered


This battle was overwhelming for both Yami and Asta. Dante dominated the two and even takedown Asta. Asta was overpowered, and he watched the likes of Dante leaving with Yami since he failed to defeat them even in his Devil form. After the battle, Asta decided to train hard and avenge his friends since the Supreme Devils conquered them.

Blue Exorcist: Rin vs. Satan

Rin never knew his father, but Fujimoto, a famous exorcist, raised him as his father. However, when he argues with Fujimoto, Rin learns the truth about his bloodline. He couldn’t believe that the blood of Satan ruins in his veins. That made him angry, and he decided to takedown Satana and the demons.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered


The demons and Satan were tough for Rin to handle, but courage made him find a way to battle them. After entering True Cross Academy, he vowed to defeat Satan to become an exorcist. Satan and the Demons are Rin’s toughest opponents. But his father’s blade is the key to defeating the demons and Satan.

Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas vs. Demon King

This is one of the best battles between the father and Son. The Demon King was on another level when he faced Meliodas and the rest of the crew. The Demon King has been defeating many foes for a long time, and no one could ever escape the Demon Realm. But Meliodas has no choice and decides to fight his father for his beloved Elizabeth.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered


We have seen the Demon King dominating Meliodas and his friends. But through teamwork, Meliodas success and managed to send the Demon King to hell after a long fierce battle. Meliodas was also overpowered in this battle, but he managed.

That Time I Got Reincarnated: Rimuru vs. Clayman

This battle has caused Rimuru to become the Demon Lord after losing his people. Rimuru lost his people when the enemies invaded his territory. He works with other kingdoms, and after he becomes the Demon Lord, he restores people’s lives. Clayman was a tough challenge for Rimuru because he had all the aces to defeat Rimuru.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered


Despite that, Rimuru gained amazing powers after becoming the Demon King. This battle was the one to remember in Rimuru’s era since he faced different monsters and ended up fighting with Clayman, who was a worthy opponent.

One Piece: Kaido vs. Luffy

Everyone is familiar with the duele between Kaido and Luffy. This is one of the anime’s interesting battles since Luffy has faced Kaido after reaching Wano. In the first battle, Luffy was defeated with a single blow. After receiving a massive blow from Kaido, Luffy wakes up inside the prison since he was unconscious after getting beaten by Kaido.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered

Luffy vs. Kaido

Luffy vs. Kaido is far from over after Luffy trained hard inside the prison and managed to escape. This helped Luffy improve, and he is now battling Kaido, who has also received massive strikes that surprised him. Kaido is a tough challenge for Luffy as the battle continues.

Attack on Titan: Eren vs. Reiner

Eren and Reiner’s rivalry has been going on for years because Eren never agrees with Reiner’s ideas. The two have different ideas, and Reiner is the only guy that can defeat Eren. Reiner and other enemies chase Eren for many years, but Eren keeps escaping. The two wield different Titans when they battle, and their battle has shaken many nations.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered

Eren and Reiner

Eren has his way of thinking, but everyone thinks Eren has died after getting dominated. A mysterious incident happened, and Eren managed to attain his Titan form and continued with the battle. This is an interesting Titans’ battle in history.

My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya vs. Villains

Izuku Midoriya is the main character of My Hero Academia. Midoriya has been facing countless villains ever since he joined the academy. Most of the villains gave him and the heroes hard times. He has been looking for All For One and Tomura Shigaraki to erase them. This has made Midoriya take things into his hands since he wants to leave in a world where everyone is safe.

15 Anime Where Main Character Is Overpowered


We have seen many battles where Midoriya struggles in battle. But his friends helped him finish the battle no matter how strong the villain was. Midoriya’s battles with the villains are entertaining, and they always make him surpass his limits.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Anos vs. Demon King

Anos is known for his power and that no one would ever match him in battle. He appeared in another world and finds that the world has changed. After joining the academy, everyone thought that he was weak. Anos knew that there were powerful foes that lied, claiming that they were the Demon King. When he faced the fake Demon King, a tough battle made him use his powers at 100%.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy


After defeating the fake one, this battle revealed that Anos is the Demon King. Before fighting with the fake Demon King, Anos also deal with other strong enemies that make him sweat during the battle.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations: Boruto vs Momoshiki

Momoshiki caused many problems that led Sasuke and Naruto to join the battle. Boruto had no match alone against Momoshiki, and they were forced to fight him on 3v1. But Momoshiki was tough for them to defeat, and Boruto had to destruct him during the battle. This is one of the best battles in Boruto, and he learned a lot from this.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations


Boruto and Sasuke helped Naruto escape Momoshiki’s trap, but their teamwork made them defeat Momoshiki. Boruto would have never won the alone battle fighting in the form he was in because Momoshiki was something different.

Hellsing Ultimate: Fairbrook Wates vs. The Dead

Fairbrook Wates Hellsing formed an army to combat the dead after knowing that they were killing people. She vowed to defeat the supernatural forces with the help of her organization. Fairbrook faced the dead every night since they showed up during dark hours. She is one overpowered character, but her army also helps her.

Hellsing Ultimate


Different enemies like vampires and monsters rise to take down the organization during the battle. Still, the group gains new powers to defeat anyone who wants to stop the organization from succeeding.

So, I’m a Spider. So, What?: Kumoko vs. Demon Army

Kumoko has faced many battles as a weak spider within the Lybrnth. She was sent to another world after a mysterious incident happened at her school. Kumoko knew that she was not strong enough to fave the demon army or the demon lord, but after defeating the monsters within the labyrinth, she gained new powers to face the foes.

So, I'm a Spider. So, What?


We see Kumoko in her spider form taking on the demon army that gave her a tough battle, and the demon lord also joined the battle. She was scared for her life, but she had no choice except to fight until the battle ended.

To Your Eternity: Fushi vs. Hayase

Fushi has faced death countless times and lost most of his precious friends during his battles with the monsters. But he has also defeated many enemies that stand in his path. Hayase has been chasing Fushi from the beginning of the story, and she has killed many of Fushi’s friends. Fushi also entered a competition to free the world, but Hayase was interested when Fushi defeated everyone.

To Your Eternity

Fushi & Hayase

Hayase managed to defeat Fushi and imprisoned him belive that Fushi was her puppet. But Fushi managed to escape with a strange girl’s help and fought with Hayase. Hayase tried everything to win Fushi, but Fushi had a different goal.

Noblesse: Raizel vs. Erga Kenesis

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel possesses mysterious powers that made him hold the title Noblesse. Erga Kenesis has been a challenge to Raizel after getting permission from the Lord to stop Raizel. Erga tried to execute Gejutel, which started the battle between Raizel and Erga. Raizel faced many foes and even when the Lord’s territory for challenged.



He proved to the Lord and everyone who wanted to stop him that they had no match for him. He has also revealed his motives. After Raizel woke up in deep slumber, this was an entertaining battle because he had slept for many years.

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