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Will My Liberation Notes Season 2 Be Released?

my liberation notes season 2
My Liberation Notes season 2. cr: Otakukart

My Liberation Notes is absolutely one of the top-most dramas one can watch in 2022. Sure, this drama might “lack” the usual fanfare that other Korean dramas have, like a mother trying to pay off her son’s girlfriend or some major memory loss, but My Liberation Notes has something that all these other dramas do not have, and that is the factor of reliability. My Liberation Notes is a drama that has slowly grown on people, and due to that fact, many fans of this drama are wondering if My Liberation Notes Season 2 will be released or not.

My Liberation Notes is a beautiful drama that is calm, serene, and sublime since it deals with the humdrum of everyday life. Mi Jeong, the character played by Kim Ji Won, has to deal with the cripplingly long commutes while tackling an abusive boss. However, this just seems to be the harsh reality many Koreans have to deal with, and this sort of reality has been addressed in My Liberation Notes. Therefore, owing to the immense love fans and netizens have for this show, many are asking the question – will My Liberation Notes Season 2 be released or not.

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My Liberation Notes Plot

There is a contrast in the first season of My Liberation Notes. On the one hand, we have the bustling metro city of Seoul, and on the other hand, we have the boring yet picturesque town where the Yeom siblings live.

The protagonist (and sometimes a narrator) is Yeom Mi Jeong, played by Kim Ji Won, who is unhappy and not satisfied with her life. She is an introvert and is the youngest daughter of the three. Yeom Ki Jeong is played by Lee El. She is the eldest daughter, and while she can be haughty and hot-tempered, she also has a very fragile side to her that she rarely shows to anybody else. Ki Jeong is also lonely and desperate to find love. Finally, we have Yeom Chang Hee, who is played by Lee Min Ki. Titled the “black sheep” of the family, he wants to leave Sanpo and wants to live in Seoul as a rich man. He has big dreams, but circumstances do not allow him to achieve these dreams and so, he, just like his sisters, is frustrated.

my liberation notes season 2

Mi Jeong and Mr. Gu. cr: JTBC

The catalyst for change is a stranger, Mr. Gu, who arrives at Sanpo. He drinks too much and seems like a nasty man, but Mi Jeong decides to approach him, and this leads to change in everybody’s lives.

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Will My Liberation Notes Season 2 Be Released?

Presently, JTBC has not made any plans to renew My Liberation Notes for another season. Given the respectable ratings over the weeks, it will be interesting to see if they actually do renew this K-Drama for a follow-up. The ratings began with a rather small 2.9% share nationwide but since then have been increasing every week, with rates now up to around 4.5% average. Episode 12 is actually the highest thus far, with rates reaching 4.9%.

My Liberation Notes season 2

My Liberation Notes cast- Yeom Mi Jung, Yeom Ki Jung, and Yeom Chang Hee. cr: JTBC

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But we also need to keep in mind that most Korean dramas wrap up their storylines within a single season. So, relatively poor ratings for My Liberation Notes and a general lack of Korean dramas having more than one season makes us think that My Liberation Notes season 2 will be a distant and unattainable hope.

But, there are some Netflix TV shows such as Love ft. Marriage and Divorce and Hospital Playlist, which actually do have multiple seasons. We hope that My Liberation Notes can have a spin-off series, just like the Reply series. We can watch Mr. Gu’s past or even jump into the future to see how our siblings have been getting on.

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