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My Liberation Notes Ending Explained: Will Everyone Have A Happy Ending?

my liberation notes ending
My Liberation Notes. cr: Otakukart

My Liberation Notes is a revolutionary drama. It taught us how to be more humane and kind while showing different facets of the Korean corporate world. This drama handles everything related to familial relationships and budding romantic relationships with a lot of care. My Liberation Notes has aired 14 episodes today, and fans are itching to know how this drama will end. Keep on reading to know My Liberation Notes ending will take place.

Concurrently, time is flying by so quickly. My Liberation Notes is a drama that feels slow-paced but also heartwarming at the same time. Some people say that this JTBC drama is not like other dramas that have been aired. It lacks the fantasy component, but it does make up for that by being unapologetically realistic. My Liberation Notes is a drama by the people, for the people, and it makes it that much greater to watch. Keep on reading to know My Liberation Notes ending.

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My Liberation Notes Plot

My Liberation Notes follows the lives of three siblings – Yeom Mi Jeong, Yeom Ki Jeong, and Yeom Chang Hee, played by Kim Ji Won, Lee El, and Lee Min Ki, respectively. The three siblings are stuck in life. They feel as if nothing is going their way, and more importantly, their family dynamics are also messed up. With a father who does not talk and a mother who talks too much to fill in the silences, the siblings’ lives are all sorts of messed up.

Yeom Mi Jeong wishes to be “liberated” from her doubts, fears, and insecurities. But more so, she wishes to be liberated from a loan and debts that had fallen to her head when she took out a hefty loan on behalf of her boyfriend. This drama is relatable for many on various levels since it features an unbreakable camaraderie between the siblings. At the same time, it also features after-work gossip, like talking about different lipstick shades and how to go about a gel manicure.

My Liberation Notes episode 16

Mi Jeong sports white and brown outfits to meet Gu. cr: JTBC

Everything in these siblings’ lives is about to change since a stranger named Mr. Gu is here to act as a catalyst for change. He is a stranger, and more so, he is also about to unknowingly change the Yeom siblings’ lives. The writer takes a very nuanced and gentle approach as to why people are introverts, and instead of treating it like a disease, it is shown with a lot of reverence.

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My Liberation Notes Ending Explained

Things seem to be much better for the Yeom siblings’ in Episode 14 of My Liberation Notes. While all of them do reside in Seoul now, there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up before we can understand the ending of My Liberation Notes.

Mi Jeong finds that her boss, who is abusive to her, is cheating on his wife with some other co-worker. What will Mi Jeong do when everything comes to a head in the final couple of episodes? Chang Hee is also clueless and aimless as to what he can do in the future – he misses Gu a lot and even goes to parking lots, hoping that Gu shows up. This leaves us with another hope – will Chang Hee finally be able to live up to his full potential? Things take a sad turn when their mother dies. Ki Jeong is heartbroken and confused, so she asks Tae Eun to marry her, and he agrees. But will this choice prove to be the correct choice?

my liberation notes ending

Chang Hee and Mi Jeong at their mother’s funeral. cr: JTBC

In the last couple of moments, we also see Gu mustering up his courage to ask Mi Jeong out. Of course, Mi Jeong is confused, and she initially denies meeting with him, but then she relents and agrees to meet with him. Both of them see each other after a long time, with new looks, and so, while things are initially awkward between them, it does not take them long to laugh and engage in fun conversations.

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