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Which ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Cast Members Are Struggling To Plan Their Wedding?

Welcome to wedding hell (1)
Welcome to wedding hell (1)

The ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ is a drama with a very simple story, and this is why it is very relatable. After watching a few episodes, we can say that the ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ cast has been chosen with keeping the characters in mind. The actors gave a splendid performance and made the drama even more enjoyable.

As for the story, it is about a young couple in their 30s who are planning to get married. However, the fairytale wedding they imagine having will not be an easy task. Once the couple starts planning their wedding, problems keep on arising in front of them.

‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Plot

The Kdrama ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ is a romantic drama about a couple in their 30s. Like every normal couple, Kim Na Eun and Seo Joon Hyung start as a normal couple. They are completely head over heels for each other. However, a relationship always leads to marriage, but it seems that Joon Hyung is not ready to commit. This raises questions in Na Eun’s mind as her friends show suspicion. They tell her not to bring up the topic of marriage herself. Post her friend’s advice, Kim Na Eun starts hinting at Seo Joon about her wish to get married. However, every time his reaction is heartbreaking.

Finally, she assumes that her boyfriend does not wish to get married to her, and this creates a weird situation. However, in the end, Joon Hyung clarifies that he loves Na Eun very much and that he will be the happiest man if she marries him. Everything seems to be going great until the couple has to actually plan their wedding. From meeting each other’s families to organizing the wedding, the fairytale turns into a nightmare. ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ might be one of the most relatable dramas for young couples ever produced.

Welcome to wedding hell (2)

Welcome to wedding hell (2)

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‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Cast

The Fairytale wedding couple Kim Na Eun and Seo Joon Hyung are the perfect couple, at least before they decide to get married. In ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ cast, the main character of to-be-bride Kim Na Eun is played by the actress Lee Yun Hee. The South Korean actress has been active in the industry since 2001 and has done many memorable projects. Some of the projects that she is best known for are East of Eden, Phantom, Miss Korea, and The Package. She started her career with SM Entertainment. Moreover, she was known as ‘The SM music video girl’ as she starred in many videos for boy bands.

The man of the hour in ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ is Lee jin Wook. The South Korean actor plays the character of Seo Joon Hyung. He is the groom to be who, after many hints, finally proposed to her girlfriend. Unlike in the drama, Lee Jin Wook has suffered many failed relationships. However, the actor is the most dedicated member of ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ cast. Lee Jin Wook has worked on diverse projects like Sci-Fi, romance, crime thriller, and horror. Some of his best works include Glass Castle, Nine, andΒ The Time We Were Not in Love.

The Supporting ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Cast

There are seven actors who are playing important supporting roles in ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ drama. It is their humor and acting skills that elevated the drama even more. The South Korean actors Kil Yong-woo and Yoon Yoo-sun play the characters of Jun-hyung’s parents. Whereas the actors Im Ha-ryong and Kim Mi-kyung are seen in the roles of Na-eun’s parents. These parents in the drama make it harder than make it easy for their children to get married. Some of the other important supporting actors are Hwang Seung-eon, Song Jin-woo, and Kim Ju-yeon.

welcome to wedding hell cast

Welcome to wedding hell cast

Watch ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ is a TV drama broadcast by the Daum Kakao channel. The first episode of the drama was released on 23rd May 2022, and the last episode is scheduled to air on 15th June 2022. People from South Korea can watch ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ upcoming episodes on the official channel, and for international fans, they can watch ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ cast work their magic on the international streaming website Netflix.

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