TWICE Members Sana And Momo Celebrating Their 10 Years Of Friendship

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TWICE Sana and Momo celebrating their 10 years of friendship

Recently, TWICE members Sana and Momo celebrated their 10 years of friendship. With the rising Kpop industry, there is so much pressure on k-artists. Therefore, usually, idols get busy with training and chasing after their dream. Hence, it becomes difficult to maintain a long-lasting friendship. However, Sana and Momo have strengthened their bond over the years. From being strangers to trainees and lastly turning best friends, Momo and Sana have made it so far after going through various ups and downs!

Both TWICE members Sana and Momo are part of the TWICE Japan Line with their third member Mina. Momo and Sana left their homes early and made it to a foreign country full of strangers. It was not easy to live among foreigners away from their home country, but somehow both girls became each other’s support. From overcoming their language barrier, and the endless training to finally the pressure of debut, Sana and Momo stayed by each other’s side.

Their friendship grew stronger with each passing year, and before they could blink, ten years had passed. It has been ten years since they became best friends and soulmates. It shows how much they treasure their bond. Therefore, it’s not surprising that even fans admire their beautiful friendship, which has lasted a decade and hopefully will continue to do so!

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TWICE Members Sana And Momo Celebrating Their 10 Years Of Friendship

As we mentioned, recently, Sana and Momo celebrated their 10 years of friendship. Both girls showed off their beautiful bond on Instagram on 13 April 2022, where Sana posted a picture with Momo with the caption- ‘During these 10 years, you’ve worked hard, my best friend. So let’s continue to have fun Momo-rin!’ Later, Momo wrote a sweet comment on the same post- ‘Congrats on the 10th anniversary! Let’s have fun for the rest of our lives.’ Such sweethearts they are! During these 10 years, both girls had a fair share of happiness and sorrow. However, no matter what obstacles they faced, their friendship continued growing stronger! Therefore, we present different shades of Sana and Momo’s beautiful friendship!

TWICE Sana and Momo celebrating their 10 years of friendship
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The Name Of TWICE Sana and Momo’s Friendship

Many times Kpop fans love to name their favorite pair within the group. For instance, ARMY calls Kim Taehyung (V) and Park Jimin’s friendship VMin, which is a combination of their names. And TWICE’s Sana and Momo are no exception. After all, how can they not when Sana and Momo treasure their long-lasting friendship so much. Therefore, ONCE calls Sana and Momo’s friendship SaMo! SaMo is a mixture of Sana and Momo’s first two alphabets. Such a cute ship name has fans given for Sana and Momo’s friendship!

Friendship Trips

Be it a decade-long bonding or a newly formed friendship, friends love to travel together. No matter where we head, every trip becomes more enjoyable when we’re with the person who has been with us through all thicks and thins. And here, TWICE’s Momo and Sana are no different! The playful duo loves traveling around the world. It’s not even a hidden secret. For instance, their Paju and Hawaii trips are some of the most popular trips.

Back in 2018, Momo had posted a small clip of their Paju Date trip on Sana’s birthday, making fans jealous of their sweet friendship. The clip showed how the girls enjoyed the date like any ordinary girlfriend. For instance, they were walking together through the busy street of the mall, recording V sign videos, and doing little shopping here and there. Their second friendship trip happened in 2020 as Sana and Momo traveled to Hawaii. The girls even filmed their Hawaii vacation vlog showing how they love spending time together. That vlog is another example portraying how dynamic their bonding is.

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Dance Parties Are Part Of Their Night Routine

Being a member of a kpop girl group, one must know how to dance. However, there is a different charm when you get time to have fun with your buddy. Something similar has happened with Momo and Sana. Even after having a hectic day, Sana and Momo blessed ONCE with an exciting night dance party on 16 January 2021. Both girls did 2 hours long Vlive with their fans while showing off their excellent dancing moves. They covered multiple kpop artists, including songs from 2PM, BTS, Miss A, Girls’ Generation, and many more.

TWICE Sana and Momo celebrating their 10 years of friendship

Wearing casual clothes, black glasses, and bucket hats, Sana and Momo were killing each and every cover with their smooth body roll. That Vlive was truly one of the legends knowing both girls had a blast for the straight two hours! Undoubtedly Momo and Sana must have more such moments off-the-camera, which we may not. Hopefully, ONCE may get to watch more such Vlives!

Each Other’s Happy Pill

After spending a decade together, Momo and Sana have become each other’s happy pill. Often, fans have seen the duo playing together regardless of place. Whether they are on stage, off stage, or on-camera, off-camera, Sana and Momo have shown us an unbreakable bond of their friendship! Even during their concerts, Sana and Momo never fail to entertain each other. For instance, during TWICE 4th World Tour, fans caught Sana kneeing Momo in the butt bringing a blast of laughter to ONCE.

Momo and Sana don’t have to do anything grand to make each other happy. Those are just small things that matter much more to them, such as twinning, sharing candies, giving warm hugs, leading shoulders after a rough training day, and many more. These little things bring beautiful smiles to their faces. It makes their friendship more precious that fans can’t help but admire this adorable SaMo ship.

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Twinning Is Sana And Momo’s Thing

Twinning refers to two people wearing the same or very similar outfits. And here we are talking about TWICE’s two mischievous members, Sana and Momo, who have often seen twinning. It is understandable that the girls can have similar fashion preferences after spending years together. Most of the time ONCE has captured Sana and Momo’s cute twinning. Once, they were wearing the matching shape glasses, while the other time, they were found in the same white print t-shirts making fans gaga over their twinning.

TWICE Sana and Momo celebrating their 10 years of friendship

However, the most memorable time was their early years. Many fans used to ask if they were twins since both came from Japan and due to similar fashion tastes. One time, both girls had worn the same tracksuit with similar round glasses on, appearing as if both were twin sisters. No wonder even ONCE gets confused because of their twinning!

Sharing Secrets Is Must

If you and your bestie don’t share secrets, will you even call it friendship? We share secrets with the people knowing they’ll keep them. Sana and Momo also share the same trust bond. They trust each and know that their secrets will not be revealed to outsiders. There are various moments when Sana has talked about Momo’s stories that could be counted as little secrets. Sana has also bragged many times that she knows her bestie. Although some secrets she might have told others, they must not be anything serious but something funny and cute incidences. Therefore, no matter what others say, there must be many secrets Sana and Momo know about each other. However, the duo keeps them hidden, considering their strong friendship!

Becomes Strong Pillar For Each Other

TWICE’s Sana and Momo’s friendship doesn’t only revolve around twinning, being each other’s happy pill, or being partners in crime! They are more than that. Sana and Momo have become strong pillars to support one another during their tough times. In 2019, Sana was overwhelmed with emotions before the Music Bank rehearsal. It’s expectable many times kpop idols have to endure a great amount of pressure to be on the stage, and Sana might have gone through a similar experience. Some fans had even speculated the same.

Momo, Sana and Nayeon
Momo, Sana and Nayeon

But after seeing Momo and Nayeon right by her side, fans’ concern had lessened. Numerous pictures had captured how strongly Momo and Nayeon had held Sana as she was going through her breakdown. It also shows how strong their bonding is where Sana doesn’t mind showing her vulnerable side. No wonder Sana and Momo’s friendship can warm anyone’s heart. Hopefully, we will continue witnessing how their beautiful bond becomes stronger and unbreakable!

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